How it started, 2020:


Biden pledged to forgive $10,000 in student loan debt. Here’s what he’s done so far

When President-elect Joe Biden was asked whether student loan cancellation figured into his economic recovery plan, he declared, “It should be done immediately.”

“[Student debt is] holding people up,” Biden said on Nov. 16, 2020. “They’re in real trouble. They’re having to make choices between paying their student loan and paying the rent.”

On the campaign trail, Biden had pledged to cancel at least $10,000 of student debt per person.

How it’s going, 2021:

I’m still waiting for the kosher-left to do literally a single thing to a banker. Just one. Or maybe a billionaire. Just one thing to one billionaire.

Pic: Me waiting for kosher-left to win on Israel.

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  1. my wife ran up $150k in student loan debt and then left the country. her green card expired and she isn’t returning.

    that loan is not getting paid back.

  2. I remember debates between Vaush and Destiny over Sanders and viability. Vaush was sternly in support of Sanders and opposing Biden, while Destiny continued to argue that Sanders was ‘unelectable’. The same old neo-liberal language. Vausch eventually capitulated, as all of these so-called radlibs with a Marxist veneer always do. They have no ‘revolutionary spirit’. Vaush did his job, and dragged his audience to the Biden camp, and as we all predicted, they got nothing out of it.
    One of the biggest eye-openers into how this system truly functions is to see how both sides of this fake politic are coralled. The progressives are just as manipulated as the conservatives. They have their own layers of management and grifting. It’s more sophisticated, but with the same outcome of keeping these people inside a containment zone.

    On a related note regarding breadtube, Hasan Abi was banned on Twitch. He claims he was banned for ‘anti-white racism’. He used the ethnic slur ‘cracker’. I’m doubtful this is the case. Twitch barely gives a reason for its bans, and doesn’t publicize them, so only Hasan knows for sure. I wonder if he said something against Israel, and wont admit that is the reason. He and his audience are currently justifying the use of the slur, by denying the existence of White people.
    The Quartering is doing his usual conservitard response of laughing at people like Hasan getting a taste of their own medicine while denouncing Twitches action, and also stating that he has no problem with the usage of ‘Cracker’. Yet again, the grifting conservitard undermines the issue, denounces the policy used to crush his enemies, while being a disingenous cunt claiming it’s a slur, while also saying it doesn’t offend him. The mental hoops conservitards have to jump through are astounding. Couldn’t he have just said “You don’t get to attack White people”? The conservitard will always undermine White interests. Every, single, time.
    I’m extremely skeptic of this decision by Twitch. If it is the case, then I’m glad this is a policy being enforced, but I refuse to believe they banned Hasan for ‘anti-white racism’. There has to be another reason, and he’s not saying it. Only he truly knows.

  3. Leftists constantly go on about how leftists are totally different from “radlibs” and “shitlibs”, but in reality, a “shitlib” simply is a leftist who openly admits that he’s a Democrat.

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