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March Madness may be over, but the right-wing fury directed toward Bud Light and one of its partners during the annual NCAA basketball tournament is still simmering.

On Sunday, the day of the women’s final and the day before the men’s championship, transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, 26, shared a sponsored post on her Instagram account promoting Bud Light’s March Madness contest.

The instagram post won’t embed, so here are some pictures of this queen and he’s beautiful.

As glamorous and wonderous as he is in a still shot, he’s even more fantastic in motion. Here we can see his transition to his new life as a woman. And wouldn’t you know it, but he’s had to undergo some wacky hijinks!


Day 1 of being a girl and I had already cried 3 times. 

He did it Reddit! He did the women thing! Everyone knows that women are defined by having axe wounds in between their legs and also crying constantly. If only he threw some flowers in his hair and added a lisp he’d pretty much be the standard, well adjusted womxyn.

By the way, the intro frame makes it look like he’s necking himself. If that were the case I would most definitely watch again, Instagram. Promote those videos to me and I’ll happily sign up for Mark Zuckerberg’s shitty spyware site.

Backlash from conservatives, who have already made Mulvaney — best known for her “Days of Girlhood” TikTok series — one of their favorite targets, was swift, especially across social media. 

In the two days since Mulvaney’s post about Bud Light, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch, countless videos have been shared online showing consumers dumping their Bud Light products in trash bins and down sinks — and even violently destroying cans of the beer. 

Why must I share a world with trannyphobes of this magnitude? It’s unacceptable to not celebrate the achievements of the penis-women. It’s something else entirely to see these bigots being emboldened to speak out against such an oppressed group of child murderers. Kid Rock, the physical embodiment of cisheteronormative straight White male patriarchy, shot up some bud light, the beverage of champions, 

Good old Kid Rock. He and his wife’s Black son ain’t havin’ none of this troon shit.

They call me catboy,
I’m the singer in black
Now throw a finger in the air
Let me see where troons at
(Gay Gay)
Let me here where you’re at say
(Gay Gay)
I’m givin’ it back now say
(Gay Gay)
Show me some dilation
(Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay)

This is odd, because in addition to the above lyrics, Kid Rock ended his signature piece with the following refrain.

I’m an American Fatass, watch me kick
You can get with AIDS, or you can suck my dick
I’m a (gay) porno flick, I’m like Amazing Grace
I’m gonna fuck some troons after I rock this place

SuperAIDS, I like catboy maids
Lube up my hole, so Schlomo can roll
Full sack to share, concerned parents beware
Got the neo-penis swinging, dangling right there in the air 
Dilation stations, extra surgeries
See me live in pain, traumatic memories
I won’t live to tell, so if you do
Give the next generation a big “fuck you”
(NOTE: This actually works from the actual song)

Who knew I’d snuff it like David Carradine
41%, just cause you Goyim been mean
Smell the aroma, check my hits
I know it stinks in here ’cause I’m the shit

*I have a gaping axe wound where my penis used to be and it’s necrotizing flesh*

You can drop it with the tough guy act Mr. Rock. I know you have mulatto children. You can’t fool me with this Finklethink nonsense. 

Although his previous support of the AIDS community has done him no favours with the current iteration. 

“F— Bud Light and f— Anheuser-Busch,” he shouted, while wearing a “MAGA” hat, after shooting at cases of Bud Light with what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle. As of Wednesday afternoon, the video had over 1.2 million views and hundreds of comments, many of them praising the musician’s choice of target. 

That’s goddamn right. And that’s why we need more troons to murder children. Only fascists think that children are innocent. We in the troon community know them as “pre-bigots”. 

And really, who could possibly be against having more of this beautiful man shoved in their face?

Not me, that’s who.

Asked about its partnership with Mulvaney and the subsequent backlash, a spokesperson for the beer conglomerate said, “Anheuser-Busch works with hundreds of influencers across our brands as one of many ways to authentically connect with audiences across various demographics.”

Thanks, Caitlyn. It’s nice to see that you’re not the only voice of reason in your family. 

We need more girly faces fighting back against these troon monstrosities. More Caitlyn, less Dylan.

Despite the criticism, Mulvaney continues to share her journey. Last month, she celebrated her first anniversary of transitioning with a cabaret show, “Dylan Mulvaney’s Day 365 Live!” at New York City’s iconic Rainbow Room. The live-streamed event raised funds and awareness for The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people. 

I hope they’re unionized, because getting these troons to not kill themselves is like Halo 2 on legendary. Actually worse, as the latter is at least possible. 

Anyway, that’s big business for you. A totally rigged system where viscerally repulsive freaks get paid to promote products in market segments where the audience has absolutely zero desire to see them. Troons and beer go together like oil and water, and yet here we are. 

Don’t think the Anhauser-Busch conglomerate will stop doing this. They’re probably owned by Blackrock, which means that they’ll happily lose money until they go out of business, assuming that consubversatives can even be bothered to get their act together and actually boycott Bud Light, like they’re pretending to.  

Big business is totally fake and controlled.


Now he’s getting paid to market sports bras.

He must be very talented to get this role, considering that he doesn’t even have tits. 

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  1. The end is near, I fear, for beer.

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