Yesterday an evil tranny murdered three White children and three teachers at a Christian school in Nashville. Justice Report had the most complete coverage of the event, but there were some on the internet who took things into their own hands, whereby “own hands” I mean “made up random stuff for clicks.”

You see that? That’s the shooter’s room. We know it, because an anonymous twatter account said so. And if an anon says something, then it must be true.

Except for this one time when they stole a picture that had been on the internet for more than a year in order to get some e-followers on a long dead platform while potentially making serious people look stupid for being naive enough to repeat that disinformation.

Similarly I was forwarded this “leaked manifesto” by the anons on 4Chan. I’ve looked around, and can’t find anything that confirms this to be true. But would someone really do that? Lie on the internet?

As always Stonetoss has the best take of anyone in our thing, or at least adjacent.

And you can watch the video of this creep getting got below.

We don’t need to make up anything about Xir trannies, because their own words are damning enough. For starters,  how are the troons taking the recent news that one of their own is a child murdering terrorist?

Censored reddit post

They’re censoring anyone speaking the most common of sense. This was to be expected. In the meantime there’s no effort to take down product like this. 

Or else what, tranny? Are you going to murder more innocent children you evil mutant?

It’s been part of e-tranny behaviour for years to celebrate violence, and especially quasi-violence. Here we see another mentally ill troon giving us a helpful PSA that it’s okay to “bully trannyphobes,” by which they mean average everyday decent people.

And of course the uncensored e-revolutionaries are downplaying the murder. After all, it’s moderately bad when innocent children are murdered, but troonphobia is the real crime.

Also, consubversatives don’t – you know what I’m not even going to get into the Finklethink. This speaks for itself. 

The cult of victimhood springs eternal for the crybullies. The reality is captured below.

It’s also worth noting how brazen these spiteful mutants are with their online posting.

And here’s one openly calling for violence against Christians. They do this to White People constantly.

Let’s not forget their “Trans Day of Vengeance” upcoming in just a few days.

You hear that Goyim? We need more than visibility, we need revenge. 

Audrey Hale. Was/Were

They’re not done with the gloating.

In fairness to TikTok, awful platform though it is, they at least censored that account as they should.

The same cannot be said for Elon “Free Speech JKJK” Musk’s twatter, where everyone cool was censored months ago but people like this are still allowed to gloat over the murder of children. 

Just to be clear, he’s still on there. He’s privated his account, but the censorious Elon Musk still allows him on.

UsoSirius account

And here’s another deranged lunatic doing a call to action after the terrorist Audrey Hale murdered six, including three children. 

It wouldn’t be a gloatfest without the Nose-Americans getting in on the action.

Isn’t it hilarious when White children are murdered by the golems my race created to unleash upon you? Absolutely reedonculous situation, huh Goy! What a silly turn of events!

Information Liberation had a great piece on Pakman, including him whining about being “canceled” despite making a video not one month prior claiming that “cancel culture doesn’t exist.” I’ve included it below, but don’t bother watching.

And here’s a Wayne State English Professor who said that we should be killed, not protested.

NY Post:

A professor at a Michigan university has been suspended after a disturbing Facebook post that encouraged killing “right-wing” speakers who spout racist, homophobic or anti-transgender viewpoints.

Who was this professor?

Steven Shaviro, who taught English and film studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, took to Facebook this week to say that it was ineffective for students to simply protest speakers they disagree with because it gives the orators “publicity and validation.” 

“Although I do not advocate violating federal and state criminal codes, I think it is far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down, ” Shaviro explained in a since-deleted post. 

The left-wing prof had deleted his Facebook posts dating back to 2015 within an hour of The Post reaching out Tuesday morning.

What’s wrong Mr. Shaviro? Own your words. 

To be clear, I suspect TNDtracker was one of our guys doing a satire. But if troons are going to openly gloat over the murders of children, you know they’re saying far worse in private. An absolutely ghoulish and evil group of golems. The non-satirical, such as below, is bad enough.

Disgusting creatures.

And the butthole-left as a group is no better.

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  1. Hale encountered a squad of equally armed, organized and motivated White men. They were not the pushovers that the unarmed children and teachers were.

    So Hale should be a warning to these other losers: Posing with guns, uttering threats, going after children does not make you hard. And if White men get their hands on you, you’ll rag dolled so fast…

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