Remember just a week ago when the evil troon Audrey Hale murdered six, including three children? Remember when the trannies gloated about that? Remember when they gloated even more? Well the coddled and privileged golems of our Democracy Class are back at it again. This time they’re assaulting an anti-groomer protester named Chris Elston right in front of the Vancouver Police Department, who call this “mutual combat.” 

I have a positive history with Chris Elston. I had an old twatter account with quite the spicy handle. Chris Elston would retweet my work, all the same, and for that I will be thankful. He’s not an Ezra Levant-tier e-grifter, even if we have some reasonable critiques of him. 

I also went to his protest of the Vancouver GroomerPox Fiesta in Vancouver last summer. It was a very productive outing for us, and really hammers home how insane, privileged, and gross these perverts are.

I always support doing real world activism, and have gone to similar things in the Okanagan. However, I felt that one Vancouver trip was enough. The very same VPD who let some troon assault one of our sign holders also let two antifas vandalize a church in 2021 with no hate crime charges, and just a $5,000 fine. All of which brings us to yesterday.

This was the first video I saw of the event. It starts with Chris Elston recounting an earlier assault.


So… these people are all mentally ill.

Get a load of these mentally ill freaks.

Never before have truer words been spoken. Even in this shot you can see some green haired creep with clown makeup, as if trying to prove Chris’ point.

But, the policemen, I don’t know what to say it’s just incredible the state of Canada right now. You’d think that the cult of transgenderism had hired their own police force and brought them out today. Because they’re doing nothing to protect us, they’re just here to support these people.

There was another man who was punched by somebody. They did nothing about it.

Chris has already been assaulted once at this point, and so has another man. Then, at the 1:25 mark, we hear a distinctly male voice chime in from the side.

You suck. You suck. Fuck you. You’re not wanted. You’re a fucking idiot. Fuck you. Fuck you.

The camera pans over.

And we see a distinctly male lady.

Then the penis-woman assaults him by shoving/palming/slapping him in the face. A video of this from a different angle is below.

We start by seeing the lovely lady screaming “fuck you fuck you” over and over as Xir encroaches on the personal space of Chris.

For the record, Chris’ face as he turns around is pretty great.

Anyway, then the oppressed sir Xir grabs Elston by the throat in a serious “I’ll harm youuuuuu,” power move.

Xir proceeds to engage in an eyes closed wrestling match with the forty five year old man who is also tied down carrying signs.

All of which takes us to the VPD, who were, again, standing right there in the background the entire time. After the assault he records a conversation with this VPD cunt, who is at the bottom left of the above image, chuckling as Elston is assaulted. 

He starts off with the following.

Listen, I love the police. My brother’s a police officer. I respect law and order, and I’m not trying to be a jerk to you earlier today. I don’t think a lot of you understand what I’m representing, and the seriousness of this situation, but it is what it is I guess. 

Chris Elston is one of the few people in the e-right who I think is actually genuine and good hearted. He’s been at this for a while now, and the footage he’s got of these deranged, hyper-privileged, violent, and gross perverts is worth its weight in gold. I’m not cringing because I think he’s pulling a grift. I’m cringing because that’s not how you deal with the blue antifas.

However, the next part is pretty much gold.

Chris: This is Canada, and people shouldn’t be allowed to assault people without consequence.

ZOGbot: I agree Chris, but the thing is, when we get into people’s faces, and they get into our faces, it doesn’t really matter who dealt the first push, it’s considered a consensual fight, and maybe that’s something you should – 

Chris: No, I didn’t get into people’s faces.

ZOGbot: Chris, I saw you getting very close to people.

Chris: You weren’t even here.

Actually she was, which makes this all the more enraging and ridiculous.

Chris: I came over to your car.

ZOGbot: Yes, that first time [when you were assaulted and we did nothing]. But that second time…

Chris: That second time what?

ZOGbot: When you were pushed on the ground.

Chris: Are you kidding me? I was walking away with them to do an interview with him. 

Other guy: Yeah and they surrounded us.

Chris: They came close. I walked away again to do an interview with him.

ZOGbot: All I’m saying is that at this point maybe you should ask your brother what a consensual fight is, right?

The little cuntess even does this passive aggressive look down thing as she ludicrously dismisses his assault as no big deal. 

Chris *laughs*: Haha. Oh my gosh. This is unbelievable. I walked away from them three times. They were surrounding me. You all were doing nothing. And man yelled in my ear from inches away, and I tried to get out of this situation where they’re surrounding me while you guys do nothing, and I immediately get punched in the face. And you’re blaming me? Are you kidding me right now?

ZOGbot: *ten seconds of silence* Okay Chris.

Chris: No, this is totally surreal. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Amazing. Totally amazing.

*The ZOGbots stand there silent*

Chris: Why are you behaving like this?

Yes, this is the right line of attack. Make them explain –

Chris: Do you think I’m evil or something for having this position? Like, what’s your problem?

I like Chris, I really do. But he has a tendency to talk too much, and be way to nice to his oppressors. Laughing in their faces was great. I would have taken it one step further, and told them to shut the fuck up right, or simply continued to chirp them. What I most definitely would not have done is explain that I’m not a big meanie to them. 

It’s easy to chirp from the sidelines though, and I want to make it clear that it’s always difficult to do things in the heat of the moment. However, rule number one of dealing with the blue antifa is that you understand that they are evil pieces of filth who are there to oppress you, and that they need to explain themselves to you.

Rule number two might be to make sure that only the right people are speaking. This gets hammered home when some well-meaning woman tries to help Chris and it’s not very productive. But soon the conversation picks back up. 

Chris *to the group*: These conversations are pointless right now.

Chris *to the ZOGbots*: Now you’re trying to insinuate that that was a mutual thing. Mutual thing, my gosh. I tried to walk away from the crowd three times. They started following me. Then they surrounded me from all sides. Started yelling in my ear from inches away while you all did nothing. 

And then, when I can’t even get out of that surrounding, and I get punched in the face, I get pulled, you’re telling me that’s a mutual engagement.

ZOGbot: Yes it is.

Chris *just laughs*: Incredible.

ZOGbot: You have the right not to be here, either, right?

The blue antifa tells the man who was just assaulted that he can just not show up to the public place where he was assaulted, and that’s the solution. I’m sure that’s what they would tell a faggot who got slightly harassed in the middle of grooming a child. 

Chris: And I have the right to be here.

ZOGbot: Yes, I do, but…

Chris: Have you read this thing called the charters of rights and freedoms?

ZOGbot: Yes, I have.

Chris: Have you?

ZOGbot: Yes, I have Chris.

Chris: Well you should go and read it again.

I actually really would have loved hearing her justification for telling him why he shouldn’t show up there, but I’m sure it would just be more nonsense. 

Billboard Chris. He’s a good guy. Bit of a difference in strategy, but a good guy nonetheless. The VPD and the groomers? Not so much.

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  1. Those filthy badge fag bitched need to be taken on a trip to Detroit, sans guns and phones, and dropped off around 1AM near some nightclub.

  2. Is it a “consensual fight” if he clocks that bitch for being an annoying cunt pretending to be a police officer?

    I mean she would have consented to being where his fist was by not leaving… I’m sure a court would see things his way…

  3. And not surprisingly, police recruitment is down. I mean, who, other than a bunch of dopy coddled bimbos, would want to serve and protect pedos, pervert, molesters, etc?

  4. Also worth noting: the VPD is fully on board with the mainstream troon narrative.

    For example, this VPD video insinuates that normies regularly harass troons to the point of despondency and suicide.

    In the video, “Carolynn” get all weepy with the 911 operator as he bemoans having the word fag written on his car, and his car tires deflated. It seems that poor baby is the victim of society’s natural response of loathing the sick, grotesque and perverted. Yet, the VPD is totally there for this weirdo. The video also suggests that troons perfectly well and reasonable people, and that the normies are mentally defectives who suffer from transphobia.

    On the VPD’s “love who you want” web page, the Department describes its initiative to “promote the inclusion and acceptance of 2SLGBTQ+ youth and adults to love who they want, and play or attend the sport they want, without fear.”

    The “without fear” part is ominous. It suggests that the cops are prepared to intimidate “mentally ill” normies into going along with troons’ retarded delusions. Or at very least, the VPD will turn a blind eye, like in this case, when a troon decides to grab an uppity normie by the throat.

    So I agree with your observations re the blue antifa. Sure some cops are ok individuals. But the institution has been ideologically taken over. The departments align with the sick, twisted and perverted. They protect the bad, and punish the good. And how deep their rot goes, who knows? In any event, police departments have become emblematic of all that is wrong in Western society.

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