Sadly, we were not around in the Sandmann days, so I only have a vague memory of this event. My recollection was that Nicholas Sandmann and a group of Catholic high schoolers were all wearing MAGA hats when some drunken injun walked over to them and started beating a drum right in their faces. Sandmann had the audacity to… smile and say nothing, and the (((propagandists))) absolutely lost their shit over this.

It was actually hard for me to retroactively find the CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and other articles that intentionally and deceptively edited the video of the confrontation, and called Sandmann the “face of White Privilege,” and all that stuff. I’ll bet many of those articles have been deleted now, possibly from legal repercussions. I did find this idiot below, which is a fascinating snapshot into the Fleshbot psyche of the time.

Melissa Blake Blog:

Like many people, I sat in horror as I watched the footage on the news. Wearing MAGA hats and chanting racist things, Nick Sandmann and a group of his classmates from Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School stood face-to-face with Nathan Phillips, a Native American and Vietnam Vet participating in the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington D.C. The looks on the teens’ faces, particularly the face of Sandmann, sent a clear message of their intention: They were there to taunt, menace and intimidate.

As Sandmann’s successful defamation lawsuits have shown, the Black Israelites harassed them for over an hour before they responded with their own chants. Then this abo walked up to his face and smashed a drum constantly, to which he responded by standing his ground and smiling.

The footage couldn’t have been clearer; it was all there, evidence of their racist and abhorrent behavior. Their voices. Their body language. Their smirk. There was virtually no interpretation or clarification needed. Like I said, the footage spoke for itself.

Below video is hilarious, and shows that ultimately perverts exist only to push Schlomo’s agenda. When a bunch of Black Israelites are saying some hardcore anti-pervert shit, it doesn’t matter because they’re attacking Whitey.

BTW, below is an insane video that CNN still has up.

I haven’t watched the whole thing, but started it from 34 seconds in, where CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who I believe was just fired, says the following.

The face to face encounter, the man Nathan Philips apparently wanted to defuse the tension, and he walked up to do exactly that. And surely the kid, Nick Sandmann, he doesn’t seem to be afraid, but he did make a choice, and that was to make it into a standoff. That was not a good choice.

Anyway, back to this Melissa Blake blog post.

They were so quick to give Nick Sandmann and his classmates the benefit of the doubt that they failed to see just how dangerous this reaction is — and what it continues to say about white privilege and the kind of future we’re all but ensuring if we don’t change course.

People being harassed for peacefully protesting and assembling has happened before. Sandmann didn’t say anything as he stood in front of Phillips. But then again, he didn’t have to. His smirk said it all. It was a smirk we’ve all seen before in those now-infamous photos from the Civil Rights Movement, where white men hovered over Black protesters during lunch counter sit-ins, where white passengers tried to intimidate Black riders on buses and where white students sneered as Black students took the first steps to desegregate high schools.

One narrative people in our thing sometimes bring up that really triggers the shit out of me is something along the lines of “liberals are taught to think systemically while conservatives always try to make it about the individual,” when frustrated by Cuckservatives being retarded. Except, these npc’s are trained to totally ignore material reality and fit actual events into the context of some anti-White narrative pushed by jews. That’s why they’ll talk about the abstract forces of White Supremacy, but never about an actual incident of some negro being racially discriminated against. Because there aren’t any.

For a more extreme example of that, just look at antifa. Do they ever go after the mass murder propagandists who lied us into Iraq? Of course not, but they’ll go after average everyday people for… refusing to take big pharma hyper profitable shots, because something something fascism. And what’s the explanation for siding with trillion dollar multinationals and helping them censor average everyday people online? Oh well you know something something rise of fascism so theoretically in the future bad thing might happen.

They’re taught that fictional narratives must be true, and therefore find a way to put actual narrative destroying event inside fictional narrative box. I’m quoting this Melissa Blake Blog, because she’s basically retarded, and makes this undeniable, but this pattern of deceit is often done far more intelligently.

We like to think that we’ve come so far when it comes to equality, but Nick Sandmann shows us just how differently white and Black boys are judged by the public. Just think of Trayvon Martin. Unlike Sandmann, teens of color don’t have the luxury of going on apology tours; they don’t get the opportunity to go on the TODAY Show and tell their side of the story. For the public, there is no time to “wait and see” – these teens are judged and sentenced by the time they’re trending on Twitter.

It’s hard to find a comparable example of some brown teen in Sandmann’s case, since he literally did nothing and had multiple billion dollar propaganda outfits racially attack him. Go on, please find me literally one example of this happening to a black teen.

Comment section really gets it. I’d actually forgotten that Nathan Philips, the abo aggressor, was lying about being a Vietnam vet.

Anyway, in January 2020, Sandmann settled a $275 million lawsuit with CNN. In July 2020 he settled a $250 million lawsuit with The Washington Post. And just yesterday, NBCUniversal settled a $275 million lawsuit with Sandmann.

The amount that each lawsuit was settled for has not been made public. I would guess no more than a few million per, but I’m not a lawyer. Personally I would never have settled these lawsuits, and made the battle as public as possible and as drawn out as possible. It is more important to me to show these outfits as being propaganda agencies than the money, although I do understand Sandmann’s decision.

There are still lawsuits ongoing against (((The New York Times))), Rolling Stone, ABC, and CBS. He also filed a much smaller 2019 suit of around $1.4-4.8 million against 12 public figures for defamation. That’s still ongoing as well.

We will write about these lawsuits as they settle, or go to court.

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