The EFF is chanting “Kill the Boer” again, this time to a stadium of raucous missing links.

Even I was taken aback to see the mass of Bantus swaying back and forth like they’re at a gospel concert. The screenshot is a bit blurry, but this is an almost entirely full stadium, and not a particularly small one either.

This isn’t the first time they’ve chanted “Kill the Boer”. The chant goes back decades, and recently they were screaming this outside of a court that ruled “Kill the Boer” isn’t hate speech, something I covered at the time.

What’s changed this time is that Elon “Yes Daddy Greenblatt” Musk has chimed in.

I thought that Elon deleted the tweet, because I couldn’t find it on his main feed. However, it was a reply to Benny Johnson, some (((Daily Mail))) fag, so it didn’t show up normally. 

What I saw on his feed without hitting “replies” was the following.

Which was tweeted, sorry “x’d” about three hours after his tweet X about South Africa. Less than an hour after x’ing about that, he x’d about a wacky story about a man who spent $20k on a border collie suit. What hilarious hijinks!

Yes, the below tweet is from Benny Johnson, but Musk responded to it at the time. An hour later, back to the doggos.

Eric Striker Telegram:

Woah, nice tweet Elon. Remember when Donald Trump promised to protect white South Africans on twitter?

If Elon Musk set aside $100 million dollars he could buy the South African government five times over. He never will because he is an asset of the US government and ultimately will stop caring as soon as he scrolls to the next video.

What are you talking about, Eric? Musk spent just $44 billion buying twatter, a worthless social media site. He’s got a net worth of a measly $182 billion. He doesn’t have the money to bribe politicians in third world South Afreeka. A penny here, a penny there, and suddenly it adds up to real money that he could be spending just to get owned by Jonathan Greenblatt anyway.

Mark Collett Telegram:

Elon Musk has mentioned White genocide. Now he needs to reinstate the accounts of those who campaign against White genocide, both in South Africa and here in the West.

Woah woah woah. Take the W, buddy. Musk is moving the (((Overton window))) with this tweet. He can’t be asked to reinstate anyone who he censored because they’re actually serious about fighting back against this, that’s crazy talk. I’ll refer to you Australian genius Yoel Gayvis for the correct opinion on this.

One thing about Musk I never covered before.


Twitter has historically made the vast majority of its revenue from advertising. In 2021, for example, roughly $4.5 billion of Twitter’s $5 billion in annual revenue was from ad sales. That’s 90 percent of Twitter’s revenue. Musk, in his pitch, claimed he wanted advertising to only account for 45 percent of Twitter’s revenue.

What would be Twitter’s main revenue driver then? Subscriptions, of course. According to Musk, Twitter would focus on its premium $8 per month subscription service, Twitter Blue, rather than ad sales. Musk envisioned that Twitter Blue would have 69 million subscribers by 2025. By 2028, Musk estimated the subscription service would have 159 million users paying.


Fast forward to one year later. Musk now owns Twitter. Twitter Blue has been accepting subscriptions now for six months. The blue checkmark verification badge that comes with a Twitter Blue subscription has become a mark of shameCelebrities were publicly announcing that they wouldn’t pay for a Twitter subscription. According to researcher Travis Brown, who has been tracking Twitter Blue subscriptions for months, less than 700,000 users currently subscribed — and not all of them are paying either as Musk gifted thousands of “complimentary” subscriptions to influential figures.


Elon Musk had a golden opportunity to destroy the ADL. He could have dropped Starlink support in Ukraine, citing the severe financial damage they were doing to him. He could have named and shamed the advertisers who were dropping him, and told people to boycott them since they were doing so specifically to have us censored. Hell, even I did this to some extent, pointing out that the pedo-advertising Balenciaga was one of the major corporations boycotting Twatter, and the CEO won a lifetime Goycuck award from the ADL.

Instead, Musk whined about vague “activist groups,” instead of naming the ADL. Then he censored us even harder, still faced an advertiser boycott, and is still financially net negative, massively, for his purchase. 

The man is a clown who walks around without his nose affixed.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to the EFF as the ANC. This has been corrected.

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  1. “Woah woah woah. Take the W, buddy. Musk is moving the (((Overton window))) with this tweet.”
    This is such an annoying misconception people continue to propagate. Those people are not moving the window, we are. They are merely responding to it to attempt to seem relevant.

    1. Excellent observation. It has been quite amusing to see the Zionist right phonies co-opting our memes, while claiming the leftist loons can’t meme. Both the left and the right are bizarre circus clowns.

      1. it would be so easy to get really down looking at this clown show, and if there was no NJP I would throw up my hands in disgust over it all.

        I think there are a lot of normal White men who do just give up and ignore politics entirely.

  2. Kill the Boer is literally kill the farmer. I hope these low IQ morons enjoy their famine.

    1. They would if it weren’t for the US dropping rice bags to them every time they screw up and have natural selection looming over them.

  3. If it is any consolation, there is a good chance that stadium was built by african africans and will collapse on top of them once they inevitably fill it to over capacity.

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