Originally published October 31st, 2023

I’ve stepped away from keeping up with this site, but I had to come back for Gaza Gone Wild 2023, as well as a few other things here and there. This is one of those Clownworld events are so egregious they must be commented on.

Blade of Steel:

On Saturday night tragedy struck during an EIHL game. Fans in attendance were evacuated from the arena after Nottingham Panther’s Adam Johnson player was struck by a skate in the neck. Johnson unfortunately passed away due to the injuries he sustained.

You hear that? A rogue skate simply struck him in the neck and he passed away. Sad, unfortunate, and definitely not something with anyone to blame. Just one of these freak accidents, according to Fox News and other disinformation outlets.

Move along folx, nothing to see here.

Lost in this tragedy is how this has impacted Matt Petgrave. Unfortunately it was Petgrave’s skate that struck Johnson causing the injuries, that ultimately took his life. While this incident was considered an accident by almost everyone in the last 24-hours there has been a surge in accusation that Petgrave committed this act intentionally.

It’s very unfortunate that it happened to be Matt Petgrave’s skate that struck Adam Johnson’s neck. Really, it could have been anyone’s.

And don’t even get me started on the uppity White People who are calling this a chimpout murder on ice.

The attacks and threats towards Petgrave have reached such a point that he was forced to turn his social media accounts private.

We can’t forget that the real victim is the murderer. Thank God the righteous Israel-lovers with pronouns in their bios get it.

Let’s take a look at this freak accident that no one is responsible for.

Turns out that Matt Petgrave literally launched his skate at Adam Johnson’s neck for no reason, and even kicked off at the end.

Despite everything that messages against Matt Petgrave continue to roll in.

What the propagandist was trying to say was “despite the narrative my owners are putting out that this was a freak accident, uppity White Peasants keep fact-checking us.” 

I’ve done a lot of satire on this site, because there are only two ways to respond to the blatant, anti-White lies of the Ghost of Kiev peddlers. The first, is you agree and amplify, similar to what this Arab guy did with the genocide in Gaza. 

The other appropriate response is to send the propagandist to the deradicalization camp in heaven.

The same goes for the soyim best represented by the zionist platform known as, may Allah forgive me for uttering this word, reddit.

Bro, Petgrave was crying. That means he didn’t kill that guy. It definitely doesn’t mean that he murdered him, and then cried as the consequences of his actions set in. No one has ever cried after committing murder.

Never forget that (p)redditors are a curated, inorganic congregation of the absolute worst in society. Even then, Schlomo had to “mow the e-lawn,” in a fashion similar to what they are currently doing in Palestine.

Usually I spend the time and effort to screenshot numerous comments, but these people disgust me so much that I can’t be bothered. What I will say is that I played hockey for a very long time, and at a very high level, relative to the general population. I never once kicked a guy in the neck. I never once saw anyone else kick a guy in the neck, or anywhere else on his body. It’s unnatural to get your leg all the way up there, and requires conscious, deliberate action, which Matt Petgrave finished with a deliberate kick. 

You don’t need to take my word for it. Former NHL players are agreeing with the obvious.

Daily Mail:

Former Canadian hockey star Sean Avery has suggested the kick from Petgrave that killed Johnson was intentional – but he refused to call it a homicide when pressed by Fox host Jesse Watters.

‘Did this kid make a move that was very unorthodox? Do I think he was trying to make contact of some sort? Absolutely.’

He added: ‘I saw the hit…I saw the leg move. It shouldn’t have been where it was. It’s terrible. I can’t even watch the video back.’

Avery added: ‘Do I think he woke up and said I’m going to murder somebody today? No.’

It’s probably true that the guy didn’t wake up looking to murder someone during a hockey game. He just had a spur of the moment chimpout, and now Adam Johnson is dead.

Adam Johnson with his fiance.

Chris Therien, a Canadian former professional ice hockey defenceman, also wrote on X ‘After seeing the incident involving Adam Johnson, that Bush league needs to shut down for investigation immediately.

‘I was literally appalled and sickened by what I saw. It looked intentional. It was a Kung fu kick. My eyes are not lying tell me I’m wrong.’

Bro it’s just a freak accident bro. Bro, hockey players kick each other in the necks constantly bro. It has nothing to do with Matt Petgrave being a dirty player who loves injuring his opponents.

Petgrave has played in eight different leagues during his career, and has been described by Fox presenters and people online as a ‘dirty player.’ 

He is currently the Elite Ice Hockey League’s most penalized player in the 2022-23 league, according to EuroHockey.

Petgrave has accrued a total of 129 PIM, penalty infraction minutes.

And between 2013 to 2017, he was listed as having 328 career penalty minutes, according to VredsHockey.

While playing in the Canadian Hockey League in 2010, Petgrave was suspended for five games ‘for an infraction in the third period of last Saturday’s 9-4 win over Sarnia.’

And in 2018, he was suspended indefinitely for his behavoir is the ECHL in New Jersey.

The league announced: ‘Brampton’s Matt Petgrave has been suspended indefinitely and fined an undisclosed amount as a result of his actions in ECHL Game #963, Brampton at Kalamazoo, on April 7.’

American Hockey League also suspended Petgrave in 2018, according to their press release at the time: ‘Laval Rocket defenseman Matt Petgrave has been suspended for one (1) game as a consequence of a slew-footing incident in a game at Toronto on Mar. 28. 

‘Petgrave was suspended under the provisions of AHL Rule 21.1 after being assessed a match penalty. He will miss Laval’s game tonight (Mar. 30) at Binghamton.’

I’m sick and tired of Dirty-Player-Americans. Especially ones with a history of whining about “racism” holding back their hockey careers.

The police are “investigating,” the incident, but I have little hope for the blue antifa to do anything. Of course, if Matt Petgrave was White, and Adam Johnson was Black, the police would have already thrown him in jail.

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