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Big box electronics retailer Best Buy is joining the anti-white club with the creation of a new management and leadership program that is available exclusively to non-whites.

I had never heard of News Target before today, but they say “anti-White club,” which immediately puts them a step above the utterly obnoxious kosh-certified YouTube content creators like The Quartering.

I was forwarded the above video by an older gentleman who is only vaguely aware of this site. He told me that I should consider suing Best Buy, since I was fired by them about a decade ago. I think that legal action is of dubious productivity, but it’s good that such stories are being shown to them. Unfortunately, the cuckservative filter that these guys get the message through is so grating that I couldn’t make it through the entire video.

James O’Keefe, who now runs a new watchdog group called OMG, relayed the findings of a citizen journalist who discovered that Best Buy has partnered with McKinsey & Company to develop a new management training program in which candidates “must meet the [racial] requirements,” meaning they have to “identify as Black, Latino, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander.”

“The program is not open to white applicants,” O’Keefe tweeted, along with screenshots showing more details of the program – see below:

(Related: Another highly racist organization that hates white people is the Salvation Army, which several years back embraced anti-white critical race theory [CRT] as a core component of its “humanitarian” efforts.)

James O’Keefe is what conservatives would be if conservatives weren’t a bunch of duplicitous fags. 

His authenticity is why a (((coup))) was used to oust him from Project Veritas. I wasn’t sure what would happen to him, but it appears that he’s started a new watchdog group, OMG, and is once again doing productive work.

Note that Best Buy clearly designated qualifying candidates as those who identify as one of the aforementioned non-white racial groups, the suggestion being that one does not have to actually be non-white – whatever that even means – in order to qualify.

If you really think about it, the term “white” is inherently racist in that it covers a wide range of light-skinned people who hail from all sorts of different countries and cultures. There is no such thing as a “white” person, in other words.

News Target, I stood up for you and this is what I get. 

Please don’t ever preface this idiocy with “if you really think about it,” ever again.

What Best Buy obviously means by this, though, is that it only wants dark-skinned people to become leaders within its company power structure. So, a person either has to already have dark skin or perhaps has to tan a lot in order to qualify.

I can’t even form a rebuttal to this. Just make it stop.

Keep in mind as well that McKinsey & Co. is a globalist-run operation that previously partnered with the anti-white World Economic Forum (WEF) within its Global Lighthouse Network, which “push[es] SEL [social and emotional learning], DEI [diversity, equity and inclusion], CRT [critical race theory] and ESG [environmental, social and governance] in schools around the world.”

No mention of (((Larry Fink))), (((Vanguard Capital))), or (((State Street))). Lots of mention of the WEF.

In typical form, Best Buy CEO Corie Barry responded to the bombardment of fury from the public about the company’s racist and unconstitutional new policy by making her X (formerly Twitter) account private – very classy and professional, Ms. Barry (that was sarcasm).

I could not agree more that CEO Corie Barry deserves every ounce of hate that’s coming her way and more. However, let’s look up Best Buy’s largest shareholders and see what we find.

According to Yahoo Finance, the top investors are Vanguard, Blackrock, JP Morgan, and State Street. Gee, do ya think that maybe, just maybe, this is coming from the anti-White (((speculators))) who collectively own 25% of the company, at over five billion dollars in valuation?

Still waiting for that boycott of Blackrock, and by “boycott” I mean “Government action.” 

Apparently, Best Buy wants to go the way of Anheuser-Busch with its transgender Bud Light fiasco, which sent the company’s stock price in a freefall as customers stopped buying its urine-like junk beer.

“Best Buy expediting their plan to join Circuit City and Radio Shack,” one person commented on social media, expressing the same idea in a different way – Circuit City and Radio Shack went out of business and no longer exist, for those reading this who live outside the U.S.

“I guess they don’t want us shopping at their stores, either,” wrote another about how “white” people can just stop purchasing products from Best Buy in order to drive the company out of business more quickly.

America is fast becoming an unsafe place to live if you have fair skin. Learn more about how we got here at

I’m sure that is a solid site. It’s updated with about one article per week, but what’s there seems servative-light, but still decent. However, if you’re in the US, are ostensibly fighting against anti-Whiteism, and are trying to funnel people into voting for (((Paul Singer’s))) GOP instead of the NJP, then I really have to ask what the point is. 

screencap of their home page.

As for the boycott, I wholeheartedly support this, but remember that capitalism is fake and you’re a peasant. Destroying corporations is great, but don’t forget that the (((Amazon Leadership))) is just as bad if not worse. The same is true for any of their competitors. 

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  1. It’s always a shame to find an interesting story on a news site you’ve never heard of before, only to discover that it’s of the born-to-lose, philosemitic subservative variety.

  2. You’d have to be retarded to buy anything at those stores.
    I mean damn, how hard is it to discover you can get anything that faggoty store sells at about half the price online ?!!
    There’s a lot of dim bulbs out there.

  3. The Best Buy in my town is mostly dindu-staffed. May be that BB is trying to spin a necessity into a corporate virtue. Anyhow, I only go to BB when I want to be non-stop pestered by dindus asking if I need any help.

  4. Last time I shopped at a Best Buy was close to 10 years ago when I was 17. Still I’ll never shop there again, and I wrote a letter to my consubservative representatives in my republican’t strong hold state. Lol.

  5. O’keefe is doing good things for sure. But, someone needs to have a personal chat with him, and tell him to please stop with the gay fag dance videos, and dressing up like a comical pimp clown, as these things are beyond cringe. James is not one of “our” guys, but is is fun to see someone harass and harangue the enemy as he does. But yeah, the gay fag, kike Broadway musical shit is just bizarre.

  6. >”Unfortunately, the cuckservative filter that these guys get the message through is so grating that I couldn’t make it through the entire video”

    i could only make it through about 30 seconds of that Quartering idiot

    also, don’t forget Chevron jumped on the anti-white bandwagon 3 years ago:

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