I’ve never liked the term “late-stage capitalism,” but it’s getting harder and harder to deny every day.

The above nurses are from “Northwell Health,” who just finished firing 1,400 workers due to new OHSA rules on vaccines. And here they are performing for the president a happy little Christmas routine where they sing with their masks on.

There are some stories we couldn’t get to, what with Christmas being such a busy time, and this was one of them. The juxtaposition of the happy “need a little Christmas,” caroling, them wearing their stupid masks, the stupid little shuffle dance, and the reality that 1,400 working class people got unemployment for Christmas is simply too much.

Oh and I almost forgot how ridiculous it is that they are performing in front of George Washington, and other serious and wonderful paintings.

I wonder what lyrics the 1,400 nurses who got a pink slip for Christmas are going to be singing?

CHORUS (starts at 0:14 in video)
Because we didn’t take our vaccines
And you know what that means
We don’t get a Christmas
And it’s cause of Congress

Yes we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute
Now no one’s died of Omicron yet,
but we still got fired for this bullshit


So don’t give me that syringe
If I did that stupid retard dance, think I’d die of cringe
Don’t need those new shots
Guess I’ll just take my chances, without extra clots nowwwwwww


It’s amazing how we live in a world where trillion dollar multinational corporations that make money from spying on people engage in mass censorship of anti-war activists, and workers are being fired left right and center for not complying with bullshit regulations designed to put money in the pockets of deca-billion dollar multinational pharmaceutical corporations. Boy, the kosher-left is really missing their moment. It’s almost like their job is just to get out in front of the little peasants hatred towards billionaires and make sure it goes nowhere.

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  1. When I saw this doing the rounds, I couldn’t help but laugh. Everytime you think you’ve reached peak clownworld, they manage to reveal the extra leaps and bounds they can go. There’s no limit. When you see stuff like this, you ponder “Are they oblivious to how bad this looks or are they fully aware and committed to doing it out of sheer malice?”I think it’s both. It’s a humilation ritual against Whites. It makes Christmas look materialistic and cringe. It’s gay broadway in the White House beneath the regal portraits of George Washington. It’s a mockery of everyone illegitimately fired from their work, with a mostly non-white crowd singing a sickeningly positive song in a time of growing crisis. It’s out of touch and alien, perfectly exposing the kinds of people who rule us. They are utterly alien, everything they do is alien, and everything they push is malicous and fucking weird. No one likes this, and they know it and they don’t care. It’s a revolutionary mindset, they’re going to drag us kicking and screaming into clownworld whether we like it or not. This also why the optics argument is so facile. Revolutionaries decide the path ahead, not conservatives clinging to the floor while being dragged.

    “Boy, the kosher-left is really missing their moment. It’s almost like their job is just to get out in front of the little peasants hatred towards billionaires and make sure it goes nowhere.”
    Indeed, brother, indeed. Striker is right, Marxism was always a gay-op to stop true European Socialism.

  2. Never forget that Werner Sombart coined “late-stage capitalism” meaning an international economic system controlled by jews. The left always steals and subverts our memes.

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