Rolling Stone:

RAGE AGAINST COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates accelerated Ron DeSantis’ rise to the top of the Republican Party. It was supposed to be a key part of the governor’s plan to outflank Donald Trump in the 2024 primary.

But here’s the problem: Republican voters, at this point, largely just don’t care — at least not when they’re picking a candidate.

Like DeSantis, Trump has cultivated opposition to Covid vaccines for political gain, but the fact that DeSantis is risking making the ex-president seem more palatable to moderates on the issue is a feat.

I don’t need to rehash what was said on TRS or by others in the actual populist sphere. In fact, I think I’ll just blatantly rip off Warren Balogh by copying his post on the matter.

Warren Balogh Telegram:

TDS on fire today over this issue 🔥🔥🔥
The covid conspiracy retards either fell for a conservative gay op or they were knowingly part of it.  
For five years the conversation on the right was moving away from low taxes/small government classically liberal Reaganist deradicalization, and towards anti-immigration, trade protectionism, economic populism and White identity nationalism.
Covid was the signal for Conservatism Inc, the Alt Lite conspiracy grifters and everyone else to attempt a “great reset” on the right and roll everything back to the safe old days of libertarian individualism and ineffective conspiracy buffonishness.  
Trump is rightly ignoring covid completely and is back to nationalism and populism, and this is why he’s destroying Reagan 2.0-wannabe Ron DeSantis.  The covid hysterics were always a lunatic vocal online minority with an agenda as well as an active enemy disinfo, D&C and deradicalization campaign.  TRS and NJP were right all along.

The real “Great Reset,” was using Covid-19 to herd the people who had been politicized by infinity migrants, crime, general anti-Whiteness and pervertism, wars for Israel, outsourcing, (((opiates))), and a whole host of real issues back into the depoliticized retard schizo zone of “muh Gubbermint,” and ludicrous fake garbage about 60 year old men dying of strokes being secretly twenty year old athletes dying from “muh vaxxx.” Remember the shultide retard, who kept seething that we weren’t taking the “UN Agenda 21 Great Reset Transhumanism,” bullshit seriously?

At the time it seemed important enough to make fun of. Now it can just be posted without comment.

For the record, he, or perhaps she, later moved on to shilling for Neocon Shinzo Abe, as well as ZOGkraine. 

When he wasn’t just outright slandering Moike of course.

As Striker says, just because Big Con is selling something doesn’t mean you should assume there are any buyers. Gorland Blormph, the bloviating Orange Faggot, brags about fast-tracking the vaccine. This caused some constantly online people to refer to Trump as “the biggest traitor in world history.” 

After all, Covid-19 schizo stuff is super duper important. 

Far more important and relevant than any icky pro-White stuff. Cataloging negro crime? Utterly passe. Jewish Problem? That’s not going to go over well with the normies at the local church BBQ. 

We’re getting forced vaccines, computer chipping. Women won’t be able to give birth. Also, other diseases are all fake as well. Just thought you should know that. 

Weirdly enough, they all appear to have tactical amnesia on the whole thing. 

Jaime, can you please pull up that quote from late 2021 about Donald Trump being the greatest traitor in all of human history again?

Thank you Jaime.

None of the people who pushed Covid-19 nonsense were serious political actors. That was obvious at the time, especially because there were plenty of real issues that Covid-19 highlighted. Remember when the Democracy Class told us to cancel Christmas with family while the border was wide open and BLM Chimpout Covid Superspreader events were being encouraged? What about the explicit denial of healthcare to White People? To quote myself from my Covid-19 retrospective.

The rhetorical killshots against any sort of Covid-19 bullshit were right there from the beginning. The people who demanded that we all take Big Pharma’s most profitable product of all time did so under the guise of “we just care so much about public health you selfish bigot.” We know they don’t actually believe that, because they promote some fiery, but mostly peaceful Covid-19 superspreader events.

We all saw $6 trillion, an unfathomable sum, be given to politically connected corporations lickedy-split, while Americans got nothing. Something similar happened here in Canada, to the tune of hundreds of billions of your taxdollars.

I can’t find the numbers now, but I heard that 40% of small businesses went under, never to re-open their doors again. It was one of the defining characteristics of our governments fraudulent response to Covid-19, the strip-mining of small business assets by big businesses for pennies on the dollar. Oftentimes with capital they got from your wallet.

Being given the rhetorical killshot that these BLM supporters are LARPing as public health advocates, and the highly motivating and obvious theft of our tax dollars and giveaways to big businesses, Covid-19 skeptics made sure to stay on the message, and constantly harp on these points over and over again. 

Just kidding. As a collection of people, they were just about the biggest jokes I have ever come across in politics, and I’ve written about a Marxist antifa who said that “all heterosexual sex is rape,” and then got caught with a rape mod on his Fallout 4 game.

The sole tangible anti-Covid bullshit policy that I ever saw came from a minor politician in rural Alberta. Josh Knelsen, the reeve of MacKenzie County, reeve essentially being an elected position similar to a mayor, wrote legislation that prevented businesses that instituted a vaccine mandate from winning government contracts with his district. That was the sole positive bit of legislation I ever saw from these people.

And from my hands on experience in 2021 with these pathetic cretins at the anti-Vaxxx rally.

I continued mingling amongst the crowd before the speeches started, and noticed two types of people. People who mostly stood in the same spot, were very quiet, and who seemed to not know anybody else there. The other group was people who were closer to the stage, were more animated, and had clearly been there before.

In the latter group, there were multiple people doing the “vaccines are genocide,” bit, and trust me, not with even the slightest bit of social intelligence or charisma. One guy literally decked out his truck and was driving around with the “VACCINES ARE GENOCIDE,” decal written all over his car. He was honking at random people on a street about half a km away from the rally the entire time with a megaphone screaming “stop vaccine genocide now,” which made me literally start sweating with how cringey it was, and make some antifa-looking skanks in front of me laugh at them. Other people had that “oh my fucking god I feel so uncomfortable” look on their faces, like someone took a shit in public.

I don’t think I would have cringed harder if I walked in on my parents having a nice steamy experimental fuck session, where only one of them was enjoying it.

I’m serious, [PPC higher up Naomi Chocyk’s speech] was only about one minute, and it was one of the most painful minutes of my life. There were even these moments where she’d do things like say “ARE YOU READY FOR FREEEEEDOM,” expecting we the Goyim to be just wildly enthusiastic and going absolutely buck wild. And it really showed that there was about 1/5th of the audience, the weirdos, who applauded that enthusiastically. Then there was a small group of people who politely gave a tepid, obligatory hand patter. Then there was a full half or even more of the crowd just standing there stunned.

… (later, during Bernier’s speech) 

The majority of the audience, myself included, didn’t bother clapping for this fucking faggot even a single time during his speech, including the end. People just standing there, as they realize that, no matter how utterly and almost openly disinterested the existing major political parties in Canada are at doing a single thing for the peasants, if this LOLbert grifting faggot is the best option, there’s no point in wasting your time on politics.

As that unsettling thought was precipitating throughout the crowd some guy who works with the PPC took the mic, thanked Bernier, and then lead the crowd in a chant of “FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM.”

It was sheer pain for me navigating my own video to get the perfect screenshot of this moment, until I muted the video. Just so you know, this was on a random Saturday, with a half empty plaza with tons of empty space behind me. And like maybe 1/5th of the audience is going along with the FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM chant like the cuckiest little Sir William Wallace LARPers at the medival renaissance fair.

I said earlier that many of the people in the crowd were totally normal. Most of them probably thought this was like the Yellow Vests protests in France, where it’s not really about the yellow vests, that’s just a symbol. Or the Boston Tea Party before the American Revolution. After all, this was taking place in Canada during the summer of church burnings.

In any case, I distinctly remember two older Boomer types, a man and wife couple, turning around with their eyes downcast to the ground with this haunted look on their faces. A look that said “what the fuck was that Ethel?”

There were many ways to attack the Corporate-State Complex during Covid-19 that were legitimate and popular. So of course these fake political faggots made sure to never utilize a single one of them. Their bullshit wasn’t even popular with half of the people who showed up at Covid-19 rallies, because they were hoping for something less spergy and retarded. 

Striker also predicted, as of two years ago, that DeShabbos’ Covid-19 “populism” was going to be long forgotten by the time the Republican Primary came around. That appears to have been undoubtedly true. Trump, who has decent political instincts, doesn’t bother mentioning Covid anymore, and he’s walking away with the nomination by calling Weimerica a third world hellhole run by criminals and perverts.

Six different Republican operatives, campaign officials, and pollsters described or shared with Rolling Stone internal data and surveys they’d conducted or reviewed last and this year. Some of these sources are Trump-aligned, some support DeSantis, and others back different 2024 GOP presidential hopefuls. Across the board in the surveys, Covid-related policy — including vaccines and vaccine mandates — did not rank as an item of high concern for voters. That held true even when voters were specifically given the option of Covid policy when asked about their concerns. Since the middle of last year, Covid-related policy did not show up in conservatives’ top 10, or top 15, issues in any form, leading various campaigns and consultants to declare it, for the most part, unuseful.

That was a dud, but how about the roundtable that Tucker “UFOs” Carlson threw just the other day? First of all Mike Pence, Trump’s former VP, didn’t do himself any favours.

Tucker Carlson: I’m sorry Mr. Vice President, have you – I know you’re running for president. You are – 

Mike Pence: Thank you. Glad you noticed.

Tucker Carlson: – distressed that the Ukrainians don’t have enough American tanks. Every city in the United States has become much worse over the past 3 years. Drive around. There’s not 1 city that’s gotten better in the United States, and it’s visible.

Our economy has degraded. The suicide rate has jumped. Public filth and disorder and crime have exponentially increased. And yet your concern is that the Ukrainians, a country most people can’t find on a map, who have received tens of billions of US tax dollars, don’t have enough tanks. 

I think it’s a fair question to ask, like, where’s the concern for the United States in that?

Mike Pence: Well, it’s not my concern.

*Interrupted by audience cheering for Carlson.

Mike Pence: Tucker I’ve heard that routine from you before, but that’s not my concern. I’m running for president of the United States ’cause I think this country is in a lot of trouble. I think Joe Biden is[sic] weakened America at home and abroad.

Shockingly, the comments are unanimously against the guy who borderline admitted to treason.

BANG commenter JackSmithUSA_ did a great and very thorough writeup of the important bits of the roundtable. I’ll quote it in full, but honestly, none of this matters. Feel free to skip it all. They’re all a bunch of shills who can’t even be brought to say mildly populist things. 

Tim Scott
Nigger. “Isn’t it good to be in a nation where you are free to praise the Lord?” I wouldn’t know, Tim. My nation is scattered across the globe. The highest concentration of which is on an island in Europe. I’m stuck here in the multinational former colonies with niggers like you, Tim. It sucks.

We’re not even on the questions yet. Gotta stay focused. No existential posting. Let’s do this. Yeah!


Doesn’t want boots on the ground in Eastern Europe, shills for the “world order we established after WWII”, the “rules-based system”, by which he means the US-lead UN system, justified by the US being Judeo-Christian. I’m going to vomit. He lists a “rising axis of evil” as Russia, China, and Iran. He thinks it’s in the US’ vital interest to break it to pieces.

“Mental health crisis” Groan.

“Building a wall” Oh no. Here we go again. How many would you deport? He won’t answer. Why is Mexico less of a threat [to us] than Russia? He won’t answer.

“two genders” No, Tim. It’s two sexes. Sexes. They are not synonyms. Gender as applied to humans does not make sense.

Asa Hutchinson
Right in on the trans stuff. I don’t know much about the specific bill he vetoed. “God created two genders” Sigh. “This bill did go too far … let’s keep the government out unless it’s an extreme case” He stands with the right of parents to choose to Dr. Rumer’s monster their child. Yippee. Lots of government bad government stay out, then what the fuck are you there for? He evades the question of whether he thinks people can change their sex or not with, “I wouldn’t make that decision in my family”, then goes on about not using tax funds.

Covid stuff. He’s defensive regarding how many vaccines he took. Tucker claims he took zero. “Yes, I took the vaccine” Ok, at least one.

Do you think and would you as President use the military to seal the southern border? After listing credentials and experience, “address the cartels, to declare them foreign terrorist organizations”. So no, I guess. “Reform our asylum laws” Uh oh. “Immigration’s important to our country” Fuuuuuuck you. “I would like to do it without the military” Garbage. He continues on to shill for US global military presence instead of using the military on the border. He wants to use “economic pressure” to handle Mexico. Lol. Good one.

Christian stuff…campaign shilling…it’s over.

Mike Pence

“I’m running for President because-” I’m already bored.

January 6th…what was that? Do you think that was an insurrection? “Well first…”, there’s a significant pause and then he starts thanking people at the event. “It was a riot” Noted. “I did my duty … our institutions held” It is pretty wild to think about how Trump somehow expected Pence to do something beyond the power of the Vice President in order to retain the Presidency. “I’m still waiting for equal vigor and equal prosecutions to be brought on those that brought hundreds of BLM riots to cities across America” You’re going to be waiting a long time. Get with the fucking program. This is such classic Republican shit everyone hates. Yeah sure punish my side that’s ok but the other side are hypocrites! Dude, you’re going to lose the primary. Why are you even bothering with this? You could make more money and support Jewish interests way more by doing other things.

He talks about how the January 6th Committee was “partisan”, and effectively it was because Republicans at large refused to participate or even look at it. I watched most of it with a Biden-enjoyer stream I keep tabs on. It served its intended purpose to rebuild some System credibility among those who are especially plugged in. Since then they’ve placed some genuine faith in Jack Smith (the guy on TV, not me in the third person) and believe that Trump is definitely going to jail for one thing or another. Hey maybe. It’d be pretty funny.

Do you think the last election was fair? “There were irregularities”, but the courts said no. Why not just get rid of electronic voting machines? “States ought to conduct our elections” Don’t look at me, not my department. “I had no right to overturn the election” True as far as I’m aware.

Foreign policy time. They discuss the Zelensky government allegedly targeting certain Christians. I don’t really know anything about it. “It is in the interests of the United States of America to continue to give the Ukrainian military the resources that they need to repel the Russian invasion and restore their sovereignty” There was audible booing from the crowd. Hilarious. “If Vladimir Putin overruns Ukraine … that Russian military is gonna cross a border of a NATO country that our armed forces will have to go and defend” Ok, he’s open to war with Russia. He’s in favor of Ukraine joining NATO after the war is over.

Pence takes it upon himself to change the subject to China. He wants to keep giving Ukraine weapons to intimidate China. He also wants to build up the military. There’s a bunch of Biden blaming for military stuff.

You are distressed that the Ukrainians don’t have enough American tanks. Every city in the United States has become much worse over the past three years … our economy has degraded, the suicide rate has jumped, public filth and disorder and crime have exponentially increased, and yet your concern is that the Ukrainians, a country most people can’t find on a map, who have received tens of billions of US tax dollars, don’t have enough tanks, I think it’s a fair question to ask, like, where’s the concern for the United States in that? “It’s not my concern” Holy shit. Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

That’s half of them. I’m getting tired. I’m going to try to power through.

Nikki Haley
Eighty-one million votes…how did he do that? Haley names a lack of voter ID and vaguely references “some states”.

“I saw at the United Nations-” AHHHHHHHHHHHHH “…when you have your people lose faith in an election system, that’s the first crack of a country falling apart.” No it isn’t! No! It isn’t! This country has been degrading since before I was fucking born! It’s the direct, intentional result of your ghoulish, disgusting System! I will [redacted]! I will [redacted] on the damn [redacted]! Ok, calm down. It’s not often that I have to redact things like that. These people upset me.

“There were irregularities … I think President Biden ended up winning the election” Not stolen, irregular, and there’s a lot of work to be done. I imagine they focus grouped the term. “I think that you need to show the people of your state that they can trust the System” Barf.

[The FBI, CIA, and NSA] interfered with our election…What do you think? She talks about replacing people in various agencies in her state. Drain the swamp and whatnot.

Meet with governors more often, more power to states. Blah blah.

“Mental health” Groan. “We should have telehealth all over the country” But there’s never been a higher percentage of Americans prescribed psychiatric drugs … and the suicide rate keeps going up. So is there a point at which we say, ‘this isn’t working’? “We have a broken healthcare system and we have to make sure that we completely tear it up” Uh oh. “Doctors are never judged on the outcomes” Yes they are. There are malpractice laws. What the hell are you talking about? It’s not made clear.

Do you think climate change is driven by human activity? “When I was at the United Nations-” AHHHHHHHHHHHH So do you think humans are causing this change, and do you think we can stop or slow it down, like, is there actual evidence? “I mean, I don’t…honestly, I don’t know how much is being changed or not as much as I know that putting electric vehicles on the road is not the answer to what you’re doing.” So she doesn’t know. Got it. She goes on to credit companies for going green on their own. “We should be energy independent no matter what. I don’t care what anybody says about the environment.” The crowd clapped at that. These people are utterly insane. They will destroy all life on this planet given the opportunity. “I saw at the United Nations-” AHHHHHHHHHHH

Who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline? She doesn’t answer. She lets Tucker say that it was the Biden admin and doesn’t disagree. She quickly changes the subject to cocaine at the White House.

“We are thirty-two trillion dollars in debt” Boring! She puts blame on Republicans too. Yeah, we know, Nikki. “This is about having a good, conservative agenda so that all the sudden government understands the value of a dollar” I’m going to reread Siege after this.

JFK and UFO mention. A brief sendoff and it’s over.

Vivek Ramaswamy
I’ve heard this guy say a few things here and there. “I’m the first millennial to run for US President as a Republican … [millennials] are starved for purpose and meaning” True. You can’t fix that, Vivek. It’s not something that this System can fix. The System is the cause.

“Yes, we are one nation” We’re not, though. Factually we are not. You’re brown. My nation is British and my race is European. We’re not the same. The most you could say is that we’re both citizens of the US. “I’m a citizen of this nation,” And there it is. That’s all being an American means. It’s like being a member of CostCo. You pay dues as a member to gain semi-exclusive access to a wide array of purchasable goods. Anyone can and is encouraged to join, you get a card with a number on it, and it’s all for profit. Hey Vivek, remember that lack of purpose and meaning thing? You just proposed it.

Wants to use the military to secure the US border. Blames both parties for Ukraine stuff. “I’ve lost many large donors or prospective donors over this issue.” Well yeah. The System is anti-Russia. They’re not going to break ranks on that for you of all people. “it puzzles me” It shouldn’t. He expresses concern about Russia allying more with China. He thinks Ukraine and Russia should end the war with the borders as is (fat chance). He doesn’t want Ukraine to join NATO.

Blames Jan 6th on censorship. Claims that the best measure of the health of a democracy is the percentage of people willing to express themselves publicly.

Claims that his views have changed regarding how divided people are, saying that we aren’t as divided as he first thought. He highlights a divide between pro-American and anti-American. “let’s … ask the question of what it actually means to be an American today. That’s the question of our time.” Yes, let’s. “There are certain ideals that we fought a revolution for in this country.” Wrong. You didn’t fight in any revolution, Vivek. No one alive today fought in the American revolution. It was hundreds of years ago. Some of them were my ancestors. You can’t say the same. Members of my ethnic group, not yours, wrote a document explicitly mentioning themselves and their posterity, meaning me. They wrote laws that said White only. You don’t like the founding you total fraud. You like the changes that came later because they allowed your parents to come here and for you to spew your third rate guru shit.

Talks about “wokeness”. Stupid.

“My gut instinct is that I will be the nominee and in a position to win this in a landslide versus Biden, and they will not let Biden run against me.” Delusional. Absolutely delusional.

Ron DeSantis
Home stretch. You can do this. Many political demographics think it’s funny when I call him DeShabbos.

You signed a ban on abortion after six weeks in Florida, would you do the same as President nationally? Stalls a bit, “Of course I want to sign pro-life legislation” Uh oh. “The cause of life” Yeah, nigger life. I didn’t like Roe vs Wade either but what the Republicans have done with their state power is not good for women, it’s not scientific, and it’s not making people care more about forming families and having children. All it’s doing is ensuring that there will be more niggers. Fuck you, Ron.

Florida has a red tide problem … what can be done about that? He starts talking about Democrats, electric vehicles, and China. That wasn’t the question, Ron. He does go on to describe that there are experiments going on regarding what to do about it. I’m not sure who’s doing them but ok.

Talks about Californians moving to Florida, claims they want freedom and are being converted. “You can’t just preach only to the choir.” I agree. I make efforts to convert people as well, though not to Republicanism.

“Woke ideology” Oh no. He talks briefly about trans in sports. Tucker moves the conversation along.

Ukraine time. In the spring you described the war in Ukraine as a “territorial dispute” … that was not central to America’s national interest. … you seemed to change your view … Why did you change, and where are you now? “My critique of the DC foreign policy elite is that thy are doing a blank check policy without telling us when we will have achieved our objective. … I’ve always thought Putin’s a bad guy, I still think he’s a bad guy” I’d have to check but I’m pretty sure the Biden administration said that would be Russia conceding entirely and exiting Ukraine. “I wish the DC elites cared as much about our border as they do about the Ukraine/Russia border.” Oh here we go. “Day one: declare a national emergency, mobilize all resources including the military, stop the invasion, yes build the wall, but most importantly authorize the border patrol, authorize our military to deal with the cartels. If they’re breaking into our country bringing product, if I’m in charge, that’s gonna be the last thing they do ’cause they’re gonna end up stone cold dead.” Strong stuff. I can see some people falling for it.

He goes on to describe the war generally, then pivots to anti-China stuff. “The top threat to this country is China” I’m so sick of it. “If we continue to be weak abroad and allow our culture to deteriorate here at home, we could a situation where our kids or grandkids are studying…memorizing thirty-seven different pronouns in Mandarin” I can’t stand it.

What do you do about it? “Europe needs to do more” Don’t do it! Don’t listen to America! “Bring it to a conclusion” Wants to use energy exports to Europe to fight Putin. “I would stop giving Iran a free pass” Can’t leave out Iran.

He mentions cocaine at the White House. I’m starting to lose it. Tucker interrupts, What’s your guess on that? “Let me put it this way: we have issues in Florida with parents’ rights and they’re trying to put pornography in the schools” What the fuck? Why bring up the cocaine thing to not talk about it?

He claims he’ll nix central bank digital currency. “You would have to get a law passed” Maybe not. The Federal Reserve has a tremendous amount of power that is unchecked by design. He also claims CBDC is a route to a social credit system.

“On day one you get a new director of the FBI … you gotta have your people in there on day one” A direct answer to Trump’s lack of swamp draining. He says he’ll fire people.

Wants accountability for Covid stuff. He wouldn’t answer whether he would pardon Assange or not. He also claims he’d like to declassify as many documents as possible.

Do you think Biden will be the Democratic nominee? “Honestly I go back and forth…” He says he’s prepared to have a Florida/California showdown. “I’m very confident that the freedom in Florida is what more people would choose rather than the public defecation on the streets on San Francisco.”

I did it. I watched them all. I’m going to bed now.

None of these losers have a chance at winning. They are so cucked by their donors that they can’t even do what Trump does, and say the things that the Goy-Peasants want to hear, even with no intention of doing what we want.

Covid “populism,” was never popular. These people were never genuine, and they have all pivoted to the next trendy issue which they will claim is Teh MoST iMProTaNT iSSuE eVAh, only to forget about that one when its time is up. They and their audiences have the memories of goldfish, and the same political relevancy. 

To paraphrase Alex McNabb, these “totally important” fake political issues are like sandcastles. They are the center of attention until the tide comes and washes them away, forever forgotten. What remains? Economic issues, crime, drug addiction, Globo Homoism, and immigration. 

In other words, all the things that the Covid-19 grifters wanted us to stop talking about.

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  1. Blormph, Deshabbos, Kennedy, L.Ron Muskrat……the fake “opposition” is more see-thru than a brand new windowpane.

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