The federal government has announced a suspension of vaccine mandates for federal employees and for passengers wishing to board a plane or train in Canada.

Federal employees and transportation workers in federally regulated sectors will no longer have to be fully vaccinated as a condition of their work. Those on unpaid administrative leave because of their vaccination status will be invited to return to work.

Starting June 20, vaccines will no longer be required for travellers in Canada. Canadian citizens entering the country from abroad will still be required to meet entry requirements and masks will remain mandatory for those boarding planes or trains in Canada. Visitors to Canada will have to be fully vaccinated to enter the country, or meet the requirements of an exemption.

Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dominic LeBlanc told reporters that while some mandates are being suspended, the federal government will bring them back if the COVID-19 situation changes for the worse. 

“Today’s announcement is possible because Canadians have stepped up to protect each other,” LeBlanc said. “We are now able to adjust our policy because we have followed consistently the best advice from public health authorities.”

The above is unironically what some of these schizos believed during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was an entire two years consisting of nothing other than this.

I detailed my interactions with these people in “Dr. Shekelstein goes to anti-vaxx rally in Canada.” I was unimpressed, to say the very least. 

The rhetorical killshots against any sort of Covid-19 bullshit were right there from the beginning. The people who demanded that we all take Big Pharma’s most profitable product of all time did so under the guise of “we just care so much about public health you selfish bigot.” And of course we know they don’t actually believe that, because they promote some fiery, but mostly peaceful Covid-19 superspreader events.

They also don’t actually give a single fuck about the peasants dying of anything, which is why they’re legalizing drugs like Fentanyl. Sure, they say only in small doses, but no one who actually cares about overdose deaths asked for this.

We all saw $6 trillion, an unfathomable sum, be given to politically connected corporations lickedy-split, while Americans got nothing. And something similar happened here in Canada, to the tune of hundreds of billions of your taxdollars.

I can’t find the numbers now, but I heard that 40% of small businesses went under, never to re-open their doors again. It was one of the defining characteristics of our governments fraudulent response to Covid-19, the strip-mining of small business assets by big businesses for pennies on the dollar. Oftentimes with capital they got from your wallet.

Being given the rhetorical killshot that these BLM supporters are LARPing as public health advocates, and the highly motivating and obvious theft of our tax dollars and giveaways to big businesses, Covid-19 skeptics made sure to stay on the message, and constantly harp on these points over and over again. 

Just kidding. As a collection of people, they were just about the biggest jokes I have ever come across in politics, and I’ve written about a Marxist antifa who said that “all heterosexual sex is rape,” and then got caught with a rape mod on his Fallout 4 game.

Probably the most iconic Covid-19 weirdo was Chris Sky. I’m almost at a loss for words describing him. He was basically a weirdo desperate for attention and money who went around annoying people and pretending that annoying people made him some sort of revolutionary. He was in fact so revolutionary, that he still had a twatter account in 2022. 

The sole tangible anti-Covid bullshit policy that I ever saw came from a minor politician in rural Alberta. Josh Knelsen, the reeve of MacKenzie County, reeve essentially being an elected position similar to a mayor, wrote legislation that prevented businesses that instituted a vaccine mandate from winning government contracts with his district. That was the sole positive bit of legislation I ever saw from these people.

This was despite the fact that Covid-19 bullshit was never actually popular amongst the general public. Nobody liked the arbitrary rules that we always knew were bullshit. But the Maxime Bernier’s of the World wanted to bloviate about “muh vaxx segregation,” and “muh vaxx genocide,” in the stupidest and most irritating of ways.

Even the slightly less clownish fags were still annoying retards. Here’s “Raging Humanist,” a guy who I will have a lot more to write about later, posting his L in public. 

This is the picture he posted on Telegram. That provides context for this text.

Raging Faggot’s Telegram:

I want to acknowledge for a moment the simple effort that Ferryman made here and its ripple effect.

This simple fake news meme, which was shared all over the internet from politicians to media personalities. It forces Air Canada to admit “actually no, we don’t have a rear plane section – don’t actually allow unvaccinated to fly at all, as per govt mandate“.

Holy shit guyz, we got Air Canada to admit that they don’t break the law and let unvaccinated people fly on their planes. Thanks to this fake news meme we now have this information that was always publicly available and never hidden in the slightest.

I shit you not, I didn’t make this next part up.

The effectiveness of his craft produced the effect of large numbers of people bringing this situation to the forefront of discussion, and in my opinion not the sole or primary cause – but did absolutely contribute to the eventual striking down of travel mandates in Canada this past evening.

These were always the delusional people we had doing fake anti-Covid bullshit activism. People who are so self-aggrandizing that they think their self-admitted fake news meme, that is also retarded, and which Justin Trudeau probably laughed at, forced the governments hand and that’s why we now don’t have travel restrictions on flights anymore. Oh sure, there were some other factors, like every other country in the World relaxing similar restraints at the same time, but this retarded and easily debunked fake news is definitely the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In reality, Covid-19 was always a distraction issue, especially once these faggots removed the BLM and big business aspect to their fake fight against it. That’s why here in Canada we had the summer of church burnings after a slander about all expenses paid boarding schools being secret genocide facilities. I called into various police departments about that, although that predates this site. Did these fags do that? 

Well no, they were too busy bloviating about “muh sovereign citizens,” and “muh vaxx genocide,” and making things up about people getting vaccines spontaneously combusting due to the microchips embedded inside of them. Oh and also something something 5G steals the oxygen from your blood.

NOTE: An earlier version of this story accidentally used the term “second class citizens,” in place of “sovereign citizens.” I was trying to criticize idiotic pseudo-legal LOLbertarian nonsense, as opposed to people who lost their jobs, were banned from flying, were denied access to public locations or businesses, or faced any other serious oppression due to our Pfizer owned politicians. I myself have been denied entry many times, including my attempted note-taking for Carey Linde. These concerns are obviously legitimate and should not be downplayed.

I doubt this will be the complete end of Covid-19. There will be more spurts, here or there, but there’s no question it’s on its way out. Even the NPC’s don’t give a shit anymore.

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  1. In Sask, groups that were only slightly organized were able to put serious pressure on the prov government.

    Example: https://unifiedgrassroots.com/team/

    It shows how fragmented individuals people are, that even getting slightly organized can have a beneficial effect.

    1. Good find, and very true.

  2. […] online faggots are done with their Covid schizo posting? Have they apologized for posting easily debunked garbage about vaccines being genocide, while never focusing on BLM covid superspreader events […]

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