When I did my Felting of Fuentes series, which you can read here, I got a comment from a fan that I need to address. Don’t worry, I’ll transcribe the relevant part below.


I enjoyed reading this, though as someone under 6′ like the majority of men since 5’9 is the USA average, think 5’9 is Sweden’s even, which is interesting because they used to have the tallest average height in the world not that long ago, anyway the manlet bashing does sting a little, I mean wasn’t Hitler only of average height aswell?

First of all, nobody here is sending you to the glue factory for being 5’9. Besides, that’s not even manlet territory, so let’s not jump to take offense. But the discussion on manlets and facially hideous male spergs reminded me of something.

Here’s feminist Jessica Valenti whining about how people started realizing how fugly feminist girls really are. Oh I’m sorry, how penis-supremacists like myself started pretending that feminists are a bunch of uggos looking for a social club. Below are some feminists women I found online.

Oh whoopsie, that’s actually a bunch of good looking women, my bad. Below are the feminists.

Do you think that the above women have a well reasoned belief that all penetrative sex is rape because they read 10,000 tomes of 7th wave feminist literature? Or do you think they’re just mad at Chad and Brad and all the other boys because nobody wants to fuck them?

Feminism is largely dead nowadays, mostly due to the internet. When you would read some man-hating feminist gibberish on Facebook back in the day, you would then have it immediately linked to “oh, socially weird 300 lbs facially hideous girl with half her head shaved,” and chuckle and move on.

Here’s a picture I found of some feminist involved in a “sex strike.” I have no idea why. Probably something about penises being rape tools of the cisheteronormative patriarchy.

Oh god, imagine being deprived of that pussy.

It’s a real shocker that sex strike never materialized into concrete political victory.

Beautiful women don’t need the ugly girls social club, because they just have all the rest of society. The rise of the internet simply made this an absolute undeniable fact known to all of society.

People had been making this observation since forever, but it never truly stuck in societal consciousness. As one example, I do remember George Carlin back in the 70’s had a bit about how all the wahmen at the pro-choice marches were such dogs nobody would ever fuck them.

Wow, get a load of that bigot. Probs can’t get a girlfriend, and deal with an empowered wahmxn. Bet he has a small dick and can’t win a fight either.

Y’all remember Big Red?

These women are spiteful mutants. They recognize that they have, in some cases due to circumstances out of their control, been at least partially rejected by society. So their politics are motivated purely by misanthropy. They want to get back at the average, everyday people who have wronged them by shunning them for being so fucking weird and ugly. Mostly the men, but they’ll go after everyone.

There was a somewhat gay meme floating around about “feminism making women ugly,” which entirely missed the point. The reason these women shave half their heads and die their hair pink and don’t shave their pits is because they’re tired of being sexually rejected by men. So they intentionally make themselves even uglier, so they can pretend that they don’t care about your approval. It’s their way of coping with constant sexual rejection.

But I need to point out something extremely important. While all feminists are ugly, at least the ones who would do the #killAllMen and go on about how men talking to them was basically rape, not every unattractive woman is a vicious, spiteful feminist. We have a real societal problem with obesity, and some people are simply not blessed with perfect face genetics, or don’t know how to dress themselves. There is a world of difference people who make fun of feminists for being ugly, and people who make fun of normal girls for not being super attractive.

It needs to be stressed, calling feminists ugly is politically important, since it cuts through the bullshit. It’s like calling a “civil rights activist,” a jew, and then asking them about Israel.

Calling a feminist out serves much the same purpose.

The fuggo is immunized against all dangers. One may call her a feminist, critical marxist, gender warrior, SJW, it all runs off her lower back fat like water off a raincoat. But call her a fuggo and you will be astonished how she recoils, how injured she is, how suddenly she waddles back:  “I’ve been found out.”

I need to make this point over and over again. It is not okay to be a dick, and attack girls you don’t find attractive in the meanest possible way. However, it is politically relevant that feminists are ugly losers, because their politics are downstream of them being biological failures.

Being short is not a moral failure. Being ugly is not a moral failure. But there is something extremely wrong every political movement where everybody is a Visible Loser.

And that most definitely includes the Defenders of Harvey Weinstein. I simply cannot talk about these people without constantly pointing out that they’re short, ugly, and weird.

Andrew Anglin is the male equivalent of a feminist. He’s incredibly short and ugly, and he’s angry at the world, but mostly at women for this cruelty of nature. If he was tall and handsome, he wouldn’t be writing unhinged screeds about locking women in cages and raping them, or any of the shit we’ll get to later.

It is politically important that I point out how short and ugly the entire Manletsphere CuckNat crowd is. If you’re going to get your little vagina in a tizzy everytime I chuckle at how ugly and short these people are, because you’re a bit short yourself, then you just aren’t going to make it. You don’t need to be a beauty queen wahmen to laugh at how fat and ugly feminists are, and you don’t need to be Brad Pitt’s sexier younger brother to laugh at these grifting weirdos.

John Smith is a high quality commentator, so don’t feel like this is a callout. However, I’ve gotten some similar comments before, so I think this represents some small percentage of the audience, and I needed to respond.

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  1. Physiognomy is a science that has been degraded by accusations of its accuracy.

  2. Physiognomy is very real as the other commenter stated. There’s a reason that you have evolved to see certain things as ugly or attractive, or to be indicators of specific personality traits. When you see someone short, with caved in chin, lemon-shaped head, beady eyes, balding, crooked hooked nose, dysgenic gunt, mantits, and giant rat ears millions of years of evolution are screaming “WEAK LOSER.”
    Sure, there are guys who look like what I just described that are well-adjusted, nice, perfectly good people, but they’re in the minority of ugloids. Not saying that we should hate all ugly people or discriminate against them as a rule, but it’s something to think about.

  3. Feminism isn’t just a cope for ugly women. Feminism actually makes otherwise attractive women hideous.

    A few of the women in a couple of those first photos would be solid 7s or better if they dressed like actual sane feminine women (That freakish goblina not included, obviously).

    And remember moldylocks? She was actually gorgeous before she went to some shitlib arts college…

    While on one hand, it is definitely a cope for truly ugly women, it also gets naive status seeking girls to lower themselves to the level of the more vocal feminist ghouls as well.

  4. They might be ugly, but I wouldn’t hesitate to take any of those women pictured above home, after last call.

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