Figuring out where you’re most at risk of catching COVID-19 is more challenging than ever in Canada’s Omicron-fuelled sixth wave, and tried-and-tested strategies for avoiding infection are proving less effective in everyday life.

Omicron? Did I just step out of a time capsule and go back to six months ago? I thought we were done with this.

The rapidly spreading BA.2 subvariant has been evading all of our layers of protection — from vaccines to masks — and fuelling a surge of COVID-19 levels across Canada during a time of few restrictions.

So masks don’t work now. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any evidence that they ever worked. I’m also pretty sure that nobody cares anymore. It’s 2022 FFS, Covid-19 is over.

But while attempting to avoid COVID-19 risk entirely isn’t realistic, abandoning strategies that have worked to lessen the impact of the virus isn’t either — making this phase of the pandemic incredibly difficult to navigate.

Look, this shit’s as tiring to me as it is to you. I don’t care either, I’m just showing you what’s coming down the pipe.

“We have not experienced what it’s like to live with this virus while we are doing this little to stop it,” said Dr. Jeremy Faust, an emergency room physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a Harvard Medical School instructor who recently wrote about navigating risk

“Never until now have we been in a situation in which we have the least amount of protection against infection and these variants that are just flabbergastingly contagious.” 

I find Covid-19 bullshit to be incredibly tiresome. Them bloviating about how masks don’t work isn’t them admitting that masks don’t work. It’s them telling you that you absolutely need to get nine more highly profitable booster shots from Pfizer so as to let them hit new and improved revenues in expanding markets. 

Dr. Lynora Saxinger, an infectious diseases physician and associate professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, said part of the problem with Omicron is that it punches through all our layered protections “much more effectively than anything has before.”

“All of those layers still reduce your risk, it’s just that the assault on the layers is a lot more aggressive right now,” she said. “It’s like there’s a lot more shots on goal.”

JFC these people talk like fags.

Other than the political opportunity, I find this too tiring to even comment on. People are sick of this shit, so I guess there’s an opportunity there. I’m just not entirely sure what it is yet, and frankly, I’m more worried about resuming my activism for the Church Burners than picking this stuff up.

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  1. When I hear “health experts” I tune out. Experts – sure. That’s why we’re all so healthy, all the time….

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