Yesterday I wrote about Carey Linde and his show trial to keep his license to practice law. In that article I mentioned Chief Justice Hinkle. Well to be precise, Linde mentioned him by name. I said that he was definitely not our guy on the inside, to say the least, so let’s take a look at one of his rulings.

Chilliwack Progress:

A lawyer representing churches in their battle to fight B.C.’s COVID restrictions on in-person worship took aim at the province Tuesday (March 2), arguing that officials are singling out churches as being more dangerous than other spaces.

“Gatherings of people don’t become more risky based on the subject of discussion,” argued Paul Jaffe in B.C. Supreme Court. He pointed to bars, restaurants and stores that remain open, while in-person church services have been banned since November. Religious institutions themselves remain open for solo visits.

Above is what I got when searching for “Paul Jaffe lawyer.” This guy is a lawyer in West Vancouver, so I think it’s probably the right guy. And he’s making the right arguments.

The three-day trial, expected to end Wednesday, is being brought by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which represents a group of church and individuals in the province.

Jaffe said that a very small number of cases have been connected to religious settings, citing churches that have taken similar safety measures as establishments that are allowed to remain operate.

Yes, and you know what else is allowed to operate?

BLM Covid-19 Superspreader events known as “Fiery, but mostly peaceful protests.” Pointing out the malice and capriciousness of Covid-19 bullshit has always been the best way of fighting against it, which is precisely why you see grifters everywhere online making it about the abstract principle of freedom and liberty. That’s why dipshits like Maxime Bernier do his whole “muh vaxxxx segregation,” “muh fascists,” routine.

Fucking faggot. Never forget that Maxime Bernier is a career politician. He just lost some internal cuckservative party politics and got the boot.

That, Jaffe, argued, limits freedom of expression.

“You don’t target people based on what they’re saying,” he said.

But B.C. Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson said that freedom of expression and religious freedom aren’t what is at issue in this case in his eyes.

“They’re free to have whatever religious views they wish,” Hinkson said. “No one is saying they’re not allowed to express their views.”

Chief Justice Hinkson

They are literally being prevented from expressing their views by having their religious ceremonies interrupted. And the argument is that they are being targeted because they are churches, which is clearly the case, what with bars and restaurants being still open.

However, lawyer Gareth Morley, who works for the legal services branch of the Attorney General Ministry, said that comparable activities in religious settings are allowed to continue, including faith-based schools, Sunday school and limited religious marriage ceremonies.

“And measures taken to protect public health, to protect lives, to protect people from serious illness, and to protect the ability of the health-care system itself to respond, that those are the sorts of measures that can limit charter rights, including freedom of religion.”

[Bonnie] Henry has a duty under the Constitution to “proportionally and reasonably” limit freedoms by preventing the gathering of people to ensure their health and safety, Morley said.

BC Public Health Minister Bonnie Henry

Never forget that Bonnie Henry outright said that “none of this is based on science,” specifically referring to max crowd sizes.

So, when I talk about 50 [max crowd size], that’s for you know mask gatherings. For events. For things that are happening in the community. And I’m reticent to go uh… none of these are based on scientific evidence. 

There’s some evidence in uh uhm, some modeling that uh Alberta has done that shows that 18 if you have less than 18 your probability of having a uh case may be less and so they went with 15.

But the bottom line is none of this is really based on science. It’s based on our best effort to ensure that we’re not having uhm events like large conferences or groups at church meetings.

Look, when Bonnie Henry says that none of this is based on science, she’s right.

Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson asked who decides whether the limits are proportional or reasonable, adding that he wants to understand how the provincial health officer is making her decisions.

“Aren’t the churches entitled to know why if you go to the bar and watch a hockey game for an hour or two, you can’t sit in a church for an hour or two? It is a point I struggle with.”

Hinkson said he understands Henry has a difficult job, but she hasn’t explained why or how she is making the decisions.

“If she chooses not to share her thought process with the court, there’s no oversight,” he said.

Imagine being such a shill that Chief Justice Hinkson, far from our guy, is basically calling you out for having literally no rationale for your decisions. And she doesn’t. There is no oversight here. These people decide things entirely in backroom deals, and refuse to disclose these decisions in court.

Morley said the decisions are made after careful review by health officials and experts.

So balancing religious rights and protecting people from an “out-of-control epidemic” is a matter of judgment, he said, adding that Henry met with religious leaders and health officials while making her decisions.

Lawyer Gareth Morely

Yes, Gareth, but the issue is not that she didn’t meet with random people. The issue is that she refuses to explain what her rationale for her decisions was.

Chilliwack Progress is part of Press Progress, a Globo Homo Schlomo propaganda outfit, that will never give a balanced view to an issue. Surprisingly, they didn’t censor this comment, the one and only for the article, which I’m transcribing below. 

The real evidence is in the affidavits filed by the Province and the churches in this case. The government’s affidavit, for the first and only time since this thing began, gives the total number of cases that are associated with religious worship: 180 out of now 70,000+. This is about 0.25% of all cases, a miniscule number. Zero cases associated with Vancouver Island churches since the beginning. The rate for gyms and indoor exercise, obtained through FOI and filed by the churches, is 0.95% or four times higher than churches and they are open.

Any boywhore could tell you that bars and gyms would be spreading diseases far more than churches. But I can’t help but think that there’s an anti-Christian agenda going on here. It would fit with the church desecrations and arsons, but I’d need to compare this to other religious organizations, and their Covid-19 restrictions.

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