Pfizer has been accused of paying experts to discredit the coronavirus vaccine made by its rival AstraZeneca.

It is alleged to have funded a presentation in which speakers claimed AZ’s jab could cause cancer and was not safe for immunosuppressed patients.

The speech was said to have taken place at an educational seminar in Canada last year but it’s not clear how many took place or if it was an isolated event.

The explosive claims have emerged in a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation due to air on Friday night.

Pfizer has vehemently denied claims it sought to undermine AZ’s jab, stating the presentations had been ‘wrongly attributed’ to the US drug giant and were carried out by a third party.

Shitlibs believe in SCIENCE!, as they keep telling me. They’re also super against capitalism, in the vague generic sense. So of course they all started protesting because of the science denialism done by Pfizer in order to maximize their own profits at the expense of the public.

Just kidding. Of course that never happened. The television didn’t tell them to be angry, so they’re not angry.

Another revelation from the investigation is that manufacturing costs for Pfizer’s vaccine stands allegedly cost just 76p per shot.

With Pfizer reportedly charging the UK Government £22 per dose, this represents a near 3,000 per cent mark-up on the manufacturing price.

That means that 97% of the price of the vaccine is pure profit for Pfizer. Boy, I sure am glad that we have retards talking about Bill Gates putting microchips in vaccines to engage with 5G towers to steal oxygen from peoples blood and not “this is literally big pharma’s most profitable product of all time.” Thank god we have the Chris Sky’s of the world, or else we might actually, god forbid, be completely owning the libs right now.

Holy shit, look at all the Lib Ownage in the above picture. Oh my god how will they ever recover from assuming all their anti-White premises and then making retarded arguments about “muh freedom,” while never making the basic argument that these shitty vaccines are literally the most profitable product in big pharma history.

The presentations were apparently made to health professionals in Canada earlier this year about the technology used by the Pfizer vaccine

The talks allegedly included a number of slides filled with misinformation, including claims the vaccine technology used by AZ could lead to the jab incorporating itself into the genetic code of the recipient and cause tumours.

Boy I sure am glad that we don’t have normal people out there pointing out that Pfizer funded a talk that made up the claim that Astrozeneca’s vaccine fucked up people’s DNA and caused tumours. So happy that we have to deal with uncensored dipshits who spout easily debunked nonsense about the virus not even being real, or the vaccine making it impossible for wahmen to have babies and other retarded shit.

The Channel 4 investigation also reported that Pfizer’s contract with UK means it cannot be taken to court if there is a legal dispute between the UK government and Pfizer.

Instead, Pfizer and the UK have agreed to a secret arbitration panel.

The UK cannot say that it is in dispute with Pfizer, what the dispute is about, or what the outcome of the secret arbitration is.

That must totally mean that the vaccine is designed to hit a killswitch after 17 months inside your bloodstream where your DNA turns into tiny little jew fetuses that collectively cause your heart to explode. Can’t possibly be run of the mill graft and corruption only on an industrial scale.

We might do some more Covid-19 coverage here at the Rake. We do after all want people to have the non-retarded take, which you will never get from the WMD Liars or the V-Anon crowd.

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  1. I quote the average american…yet he would never ask this question, because the pretend science of “economics” is not his forte… I tried real hard to get the accent right. Eventually he might wonder the same thing about the media and celebrity slunts…but unlikely..OK here goes:


    Cuz, you know, you can’t just print the stuff…… erm…orm….rahm…er..

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