There may be no more absurd double standard than the Manlet Cult’s approach to IRL rallies, and snitching to the feds. We’ll get to the Retard Rallies they love to throw later. Below we see yet another deranged attack piece the Manlet Cult Leader shit out attacking TRS. This was from 2019, and involves Christopher Cantwell. Here are the very first few lines.


Before I start with all of this, I want to say this very clearly:

If I ever start associating with federal snitches, or doxers, I want everyone to call me out.

I even took a screencap of this, just so you could make sure that I wasn’t making this up in case the link stops working. The article is from June 1st, 2019.

Below is an article from December 9th, 2019. I once again took a screencap in case the link stopped working and people thought I was making shit up.


Nick Fuentes appeared on the MILO show over the weekend, and it was quite the thing.

Sure didn’t take the Manlet Cult long to start working with a fed snitch.

These two articles are written less than six full months away from each other. I’ll be cross referencing with an excellent piece written on Dissident Mag by the soon to be departed from TRS James Allsup. From now on, unless specified, when quoting from DailyStormer it’ll be from the Cantwell piece.

If I ever start associating with federal snitches, or doxers, I want everyone to call me out. If I do that, it means that I have been tortured and brainwashed, or that I’ve been kidnapped and been replaced with an impersonator. So please, I’m begging all of you: if I ever do what TRS is doing, call me out. Post it everywhere. Do YouTube streams. Make sure that everyone knows that I’ve sold out and that I am doing things that are going to harm people. Everyone has a duty to say something when people with influence are attempting to steer their audience into a fed trap. 

Little Andy is seething so hard at TRS that he bolds the entire paragraph. And it’s the first real paragraph in his piece. Here I am just sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what those goyim at TRS must have done to get little andy so worked up.

Recently on the front page, I referred to TheRightStuff.Biz apparent agenda to rehabilitate the federal snitch Christopher Cantwell.

My goodness? TRS tried to rehabilitate a federal snitch? So many questions run through my mind right now, but I’d say the two most crucial are what dastardly plot did they hatch to do this, and what exactly did Cantwell do?

That was a reference to their decision to send Morrikau, one of the oldest contributors, to appear on Christopher Cantwell’s show.

Well that was a little underwhelming. As far as thrillers go this was more elementary school drama as opposed to Manchurin Candidate. What’s the next step in this plan, doing a Christopher Cantwell impression?

And besides, what did Cantwell do anyway?

Christopher Cantwell admitted that he is a federal informant.

He admitted to being a federal informant.

Anglin has this really shitty writing style where he seems to think the enter key means “no no this is really important.” I’ll leave that for now and focus on the more pressing questions of who did Cantwell snitch on, and how did he snitch on them? To answer that Tiny Andy quotes from a post on Cantwell’s Website that we now have to link through archive.

Christopher Cantwell:

We are being instructed to behave like criminals by a Jew in a foreign country, after we were assaulted by terrorists in our own! There is ample evidence that the reds started and perpetuated the violence of Charlottesville, lied in court to frame me, and had the cooperation of local authorities in this criminal behavior. The feds are our only hope for lawful remedy, and I intend to cooperate fully with any effort to bring these criminals to justice.

My attorney has already spoken with the FBI on my behalf, and we are soon to meet.

The bold is andy’s, and you may notice that it’s sort of a weird place to end his statement. I went to his website, and let me finish the second paragraph for you.

Christopher Cantwell:

My attorney has already spoken with the FBI on my behalf, and we are soon to meet. I recently discovered that they were reading my emails when they followed up on a lead that could have come from no other source. While the authorities in Charlottesville and Albemarle have given license to masked thugs and terrorists to wage war on the streets, the FBI seems more interested in stopping the violence, which necessarily means leftists going to prison.

Cantwell talked to the feds, because he wanted to snitch on antifa. Boy that was sort of underwhelming. I thought we were getting an expose on Cantwell like, making recordings of pro-White activists and then releasing them to the FBI. Wouldn’t that be something.

I mean imagine if someone did that…

The seething manlet even shows another excerpt of Cantwell saying this. Except because Little Andy quotes Cantwell so sporadically, he makes it unclear to his audience that Cantwell was explicitly snitching on antifas and nobody else.

To be clear, the below text is what Anglin quotes of Cantwell, and the bold is from the Weinstein Defender.

What I do know is that Dino Capuzzo, the agent in the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint, is the same agent that I sat down with when I met with the FBI earlier this year. Mr. Capuzzo knows all too well, that Tom Keenan, Tom Massey, Mike Longo Jr. and Lindsay Elizabeth Moers, all of Philly Antifa, conspired with locals to instigate and perpetrate violence on August 11th and 12th, and that they necessarily used facilities of interstate commerce to do so. I provided them with their identities, videos of their crimes, and the necessary background information to make the connection to the aforementioned locals.

He provided the FBI with the identities of antifa. What is Anglin’s response to this?

Of course, a snitch is a snitch is a snitch, but the FBI doesn’t have a system to offer to someone who’s informing for the reason of lowering a sentence to only rat on their political enemies.

You’d sort of think that when doing a hitpiece even the biological failure that is Andrew Anglin might, you know, bother writing coherent sentences. Read that last sentence I quoted, and tell me if you can understand what he’s saying. Or even somewhat get the gist of it.

I think he’s trying to say that the FBI does have the ability to reduce sentences. Okay this is true and easily verifiable. However he’s also claiming that the FBI won’t reduce your sentence if you’re snitching on your political enemies, I think. I could waste more time figuring out exactly what he’s claiming, but maybe it’s actually his job to write coherent sentences instead of my job to sit here for the next thirty minutes and make a best guess at what he was even trying to say. Especially when these dishonest faggots will simply pretend to be saying something else.

Also, Anglin is not a lawyer, and yet he’ll happily opine for 10,000 words on how jew rapist Weinstein getting convicted means that all heterosexual sex is now rape. Needless to say, that didn’t happen, and his opinion on what the FBI will or will not make deals over is similarly valid. Which is to say that it has no validity whatsoever.

So Anglin doesn’t bother writing coherent sentences and is not a lawyer. But it turns out that he doesn’t actually have a problem with fed snitches.

Dissident Mag:

On November 3, 2019, Milo released footage of Richard Spencer speaking to supporters after the events in Charlottesville on August 12.

A month later, he went on the Killstream to discuss his actions, and “The Vault” itself:

The audio I dropped of him screaming and ranting about the consequences to him of this death [of Heather Heyer], is but one in a large catalogue of things that I have about Richard Spencer which I will be slowly and excruciatingly dripping out over the next decade. I have never met a grudge I don’t like. I have an external hard drive—I’ll show it to you now.

[Yiannopoulos retrieves the hard drive and displays it to the camera]

This is called The Vault, this is the vault. This has shit on everyone you have ever heard of. Video, pictures, emails, audio, text messages, phone calls. Anything you have ever really wanted to know about every public figure I have ever encountered, most of the conversations I’ve had with people when I’ve been in single party consent state, recorded, archived. I have shit on everyone and I’m now in a position in my career where I’m perfectly happy to start dropping it all, so I have a lot of crap on Richard Spencer and everybody else. Maybe there is a reason to sign up for Telegram after all. So watch this space.

Keep in mind that all this happened the month before the midget penned his piece fellating the Mexican Twink for appearing on Milo’s show. First we have Milo secretly recording everyone even halfway important who he ever had a private interaction with. Then we have him bragging about giving this information to (((Roberta Kaplan))). She used that information to help fuck over our goys at the Charlottesville civil trial.

Weirdly the manlet cult leader didn’t write any meth fueled screeds about the legal precedent by the bullshit conviction we got in that trial. A trial that was explicitly referred to by jew lawfare activist Roberta Kaplan, a self-described “chubby dyke kike,” as being about preventing any pro-White political group from organizing.

Don’t take my word for it.

NBC News:

I didn’t really realize there would be a veritable renaissance of KKK Act litigation in the country,” said Robbie Kaplan, the other lead attorney for the plaintiffs.

“The ultimate goal is not only to get verdicts and judgments for our clients,” Kaplan said, “but to create the pressure that is required so that nothing like Charlottesville or even like Jan. 6 ever happens in our country again.”

Oh and just in case the Manlet Cult wants to pretend that there is some meaningful difference between jew lawfare activists who come a hairs breadth from saying “yeah we just use lawfare against pro-White groups,” and the FBI, they don’t even get that. Milo himself admits that he’s given information directly to the FBI to harm pro-White activists.

Here is a legal motion filed by Milo’s legal team for the Sines vs Kessler case.

Hi Michael. Thanks for the update. So far I’ve spent $3,500 on travel and associated expenses to review materials on your behalf. But many questions remain about the FBI’s desire to acquire them exclusively.

I am meeting my contacts at the Bureau next week in person and will be in a better position to answer you after that. As I’m sure you will understand I have been obliged to prioritize federal law enforcement over your civil action.

In order to remain in the Manlet Cult, you must simultaneously believe that Christopher Cantwell talking to the FBI for the explicit purpose of showing them antifa committing crimes on video is absolutely unacceptable because talking to the FBI for literally any reason makes you a fed snitch. Beyond that, the Manlet Cult is justified in attacking everybody tangentially related to said character. Oh but also, Zionist faggot jew Milo Yiannopolous making recordings of private, confidential conversations with everybody he ever knew, then selling this information to jew lawfare activists who are explicitly trying to fuck over White People in court, and also the FBI, is great and you should totally do it.

Don’t you see you stupid heterosexuals? Recording private conversations is an awesome thing to do in a political movement that could easily face fed oppression. Giving those recordings of private conversations to the FBI and jew lawfare activists so that they can explicitly fuck over White Activists is fantastic. Milo is a hero, and Nick Fuentes is a great guy for trying to rehabilitate his utterly destroyed career.

Oh but also giving the FBI video of antifas committing violent crimes is unforgivable.

This is one of the absolute best Contradictory Manlet Cult Beliefs because these beliefs are contradictory, but also individually retarded. Christopher Cantwell showing the FBI video of antifa committing crimes is totally defensible. And it isn’t even pointless, since it shows to the public the FBI being a nakedly political organization. Not stopping some 22 year old college kid in Morraiku to do a guest appearance on Cantwell’s show one time is also totally fine, and these people are retarded for even pretending to believe otherwise. While we could criticize Cantwell for many of his erratic behaviours, pretending that TRS is a secret fed op because some guy went on Cantwell’s show after he ratted out antifas to the FBI is so fucking stupid that it’s either schizophrenia or malicious slander.

On the other hand, zionist faggot jew Milo Yiannopolous secretly recording people is not even remotely in the realm of defensible. Him volunteering this information to the FBI and jew lawfare activists is again, not even remotely in the realm of defensible. Nick Fuentes trying to rehabilitate his garbage, non-existent career cannot be justified even with the most retarded of non-arguments.

And yet, the Manlet Cult has to believe both the retarded claim that you can’t talk to Cantwell because he tried to snitch on Antifa AND that you should totally talk to Milo despite him first recording and later snitching on White Activists.

Whoopsie! Looks like we’ve got some retarded AND contradictory beliefs here. That’s okay, Serious Guy Great Optics TradHomo Twink Incel Mixed-Race White Nationalist Campus Conservative Mestizo Futurism just needs to have these retarded and contradictory beliefs. That’s just what serious political movements have, goy. The Anglin/Fuentes crowd is just a couple video game livestreams away from total control of the political system. They’re just right there on the cusp of infiltrating the Republican Party right out in the open. It’s totally not just a collection of the biggest losers you ever met in real life, congregating online to be sad and alone together. It’s definitely not that, it’s totally serious!

Fucking faggots. Oh and by the way, while Fuentes doesn’t have much in the way of an audience these days, if there’s any reading this, you should know that Nicky Juan Fuentes will squeal like a little bitch the second the feds haul him in for questioning.

Just thought you should know that.

Enjoy your super serious political movement that’s definitely going places.

Tune in next time as I do a quick cleanup article, hitting on some retarded arguments here or there. It’s a touch on his Weinstein Defense, a bit more on Cantwell, and some other odds and ends. Releasing on Wednesday we’ll have the Jayoh Dela Rey Saga, wherein the Manlet Cult attempts the world most retarded political hitpiece of all time. It’ll be fun.

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  1. “On the other hand, zionist faggot jew Milo Yiannopolous secretly recording people is not even remotely in the realm of defensible.”

    Remind me again why anybody in pro-white circles thought it was a good idea to have a zionist faggot jew hanging around?

    1. Look at this unserious wignat heterosexual above. Imagine not thinking having a zionist jew faggot around to record all your private conversations and then give them to the FBI is a great idea. Typical unserious bad optics types.

  2. I don’t know who these faggots are and I’m proud of that fact.

    The only interesting thing to me is how is it that butt wranglers are almost always evil fucks as well?

    I guess it gets back to the whole elders of zion thing – but that was a “forgery” nevermind those dumbshits apparently don’t know the meaning of that word. Now it’s a “hoax” – just like living inside the pages of that book, the jew world odor, is a “hoax” – just like arnold swollenpecker never was a well-known gay prostitute in hollywood before he became an all-around swell guy.

  3. Imagine being a T posing AmNat faggot and then comparing yourself to real National Socialists. The gall.

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