In part 1 we introduced you to idubbbz. The washed up sellout e-boy who was big on YouTube in 2016, but not anymore. Well today we finally get into how exactly Sam Hyde bullycided him.

To quickly summarize part 1, idubbbz has slowly moved into documentaries. Basically the “let me pull up this rock and show you these worms,” type stuff.

Airsoft Fatty. First documentary subject of idubbbz.

So how exactly did Sam Hyde pull out the Uno Reverse Card?

By filming his own documentary while idubbbz was doing his. But it’s a lot more involved than that.

The video starts off with Sammy Hyde “explaining,” to Nick Rochefort, and his other employees what happened with idubbbz. I mean this is just him doing the bit, everyone in that room was a part of the thing.

Transcript of relevant bits.

Anyway, the documentary idubbbz came out to shoot. We want to release our footage from that, because the footage… I don’t think [his] footage is gonna be released.

Yeah I wonder why Sammy.

Here’s the thing. Idubbbz came out. He shot a documentary with me and Nick and the crew here. And I think I probably blew it personally with him.

The documentary hasn’t come out. (JetNeptune chimes in that it’s been 8 months). We’ve got to release our footage. It’s not to make idubbbz look stupid or anything. It’s not like ‘oh burn, we released our documentary before you,’ it’s just we spent 15k on this. It’s been 9 months and there’s no communication, and we spent two weeks of time. So we’re just gonna make a cool cut out of it.

Remember that they were not trying to make idubbbz look stupid. Anyway the next words out of Hyde’s mouth are:

Joey can you bring up the idubbbz gaslighting document? See we came up with this cool idea to pull tricks. Like I hired this crackhead girl to pretend to be my girlfriend. She told idubbbz that I abuse her.

Aw. She seems nice. It’s so great when you see young people find love. Even though Sam’s not really a young person anymore, he just plays one online.

But it wasn’t to make him look like an asshole. It was to make his project funnier. I like idubbbz, I think he’s funny. And I wanted to make a video with idubbbz to make people think it was crazy mayhem, make something funny that people would think it was cool.

Part of what went wrong was I think idubbbz was kinda trying to punk me a bit. And make me look like a guy who’s fallen off. And I have, undoubtedly. But he wanted to come out here and see something depressing and we kind of like ended up making this funny thing.

By the looks of things he came there to kill poor Sammy. It’s a good thing Sam knows what it feels like to take human life ever since he popped off on Crescent Beach Elementary. I think idubbbz might be moving into the School Shooter Industry himself.

Anyway, let’s take a look at that idubbbz gaslighting document.

They don’t even cover half of the ways they helped idubbbz with this documentary. They had some guy take idubbbz aside and ask if he can help him with rent. They had some guy named WeckingBall come out and pretend to be security.

They went hard on the rap, pretending that they spent all day laying down “Drake beats.” Hell, they were so committed to the act that they even became rappers and laid down this fat track.

Then we get to the sparring section. And later, Sammy’s “girlfriend.”

“Tries to get a 3 or 4 way. Keeps saying she loves fucking on coke.”

JetNeptune: Oh, and then the fake girlfriend.

Hyde: The fake girlfriend. She shaved her head for this. She looked totally wrecked. And she was like going in idubbbz pockets. She was looking for shit going around.

JetNeptune: The first few minutes she goes and sticks her hands in his back pockets.

Hyde: She smashed it. She was so fucking good man.

Nick Rochefort: No fucking way. Who was that?

Hyde: Just this girl, actress type chick, who was down for everything. She was totally believable, acting drugged out.

Whatever the real name of that girl is, she needs to start getting more roles. She was so believable that I had to remind myself that she was just pretending to be an unstable druggie chick.

Shockingly, much of the footage is lost because idubbbz withdrew his support for the project.

I think this proves that Hyde was right on the money when he suspected idubbbz was trying to punk him. Even if I went out to do a serious documentary and Sam started doing all this funny shit, I’d definitely edit it all up and put it on YouTube or wherever. But of course, idubbbz was doing the classic sellout bit where he was trying to stomp on evil natzee Sam’s face and make him look bad.

I’ll blitz through the footage in the next installment.

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