Christian Exoo, who went by the monikor of Antifash Gordon online, was well known as being a prolific doxxer of our goys. Striker wrote a great piece showing how creepy the guy is. Just over a year ago he wrote another piece on this lawsuit filed by Daniel D’Ambly after Exoo doxxed him for putting up “it’s okay to be White,” flyers.

Christian Exoo aka Antifash Gordon

Let me quickly run through what happened in the 16 months since Striker last wrote about this.

Bloomberg Law:

Twitter Inc. and Cohen, Weiss, & Simon LLP were among several parties dismissed from a lawsuit brought by a right-wing activist who says he was fired from the New York Daily News after a left-wing activist exposed his personal information on Twitter.

Daniel D’Ambly filed the suit in September 2020, saying Christian Exoo “doxxed” him through his “@AntiFashGordon” Twitter handle in order to get him fired from the Daily News. D’Ambly also alleged Cohen Weiss committed legal malpractice when it failed to properly contest his termination on behalf of his union.

Daniel D’Ambly. Former trucker and teamster member.

Morally that’s complete bullshit. There was a very strong argument that the (((Cohen Weiss))) law firm committed malpractice, since they didn’t even pretend to fight against his termination. Similarly twitter allowed Exoo and other antifas to openly break their terms of service.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of very interesting people still remaining in this lawsuit. In fact that’s my primary interest in this case. In this screencap below, Richard Torres, one of Exoo’s lawyer along with Christopher Marlborough, is whining about Patrick Trainor, D’Ambly’s lawyer, adding more defendants to the case. I’ll put a transcript of this below, especially since there’s a bit more that got cut off.

Dear Mr. Trainor,

Good morning and I hope you are well. I am writing in regard to D’Ambly v. Exoo.

As per our telephone conversation on Monday, January 3, 2022, you indicated that it was possible that the LMRDA claim, Count VII, may have mistakenly named Mr. Exoo in the Second Amended Complaint. You told Mr. Marlborough and me that you would get back to us first thing on Tuesday morning, January 4, 2022, about whether you would be withdrawing that count as to Mr. Exoo. Neither of us heard from you.

We also intent to seek sanctions for adding parties, Strickland and Torch Antifa, without authorization from the court. You told Mr. Marlborough and me that you had no intention of dropping those defendants.

The twenty-one-day grace period to allow you to fix your pleadings is about to end. We intend to file the motion for sanctions pursuant to Rule 11 on January 6, 2022. Please let us know whether you intend to withdraw Count VII and whether you still intend to name the additional defendants by the end of business today, January 5, 2022. We will interpret a non-response to mean that you do not intend to drop either County VII or the new defendants.

I have extremely limited legal knowledge, but D’Ambly’s lawyer, Patrick Trainor, appears to be doing the right thing. Get as many of these antifa scumbags in front of the court, and you will at the very least force them to doxx themselves. Trainor’s response is also great. Transcript below.

Good morning. I will not drop either. Exoo violated the LMRDA by interfering with and depriving D’Ambly his rights as a union member, but you know that.

I know the names of the elected Teamsters that Exoo worked with and will name them to prove LMRDA violations. By the way I also have recordings of affinity groups and know real identities of participants, who will be exposed in time with explicit attribution to Exoo. Turnabout is fair play.

As far as new defendants they were previously named as associates and the court obviously wanted names and now I gave the court names, and will give more I know them all.

Please send me a copy of the cease and desist letter you sent to Torch and others.


Patrick Trainor, Esq.

I’m trying to find a picture of Patrick Trainor, but it doesn’t matter. This is beautiful stuff. I could be reading this the wrong way, but it appears that Daniel D’Ambly has the rarest of all lawyers. One who is willing to actually fight for him, and understands the importance of causing pain to the other side.

He claims to know the real identities of Torch Antifa members, and will be revealing them. I don’t know if he has to leak that, or if that just happens through the course of the proceedings. Exoo’s side are desperate to stop him from doing this, and for good reason. While this may be more of a National-Justice story, if there’s any way we can get those names we will print them. Preferably with big pictures of their disgusting faces.

Credit for this information to the “AntifashGordon Lawsuit,” telegram channel, which you can find here.

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