Two days ago Samuel Hyde released his own documentary, titled, The Truth About iDubbbz.

The first time I looked at it there were just under 100k views. It’s a smidge under 700k now. He typically gets a max of about 200k views, even for viral content like the music video he made, shown below.

So what exactly did he do this time?

If you’re like me then you’ve never heard of idubbbz before. I hadn’t paid any attention to the apolitical YouTube scene since about 2010. Frankly I hadn’t cared about a YouTube content creator since TRS and everybody else got completely censored around 2017, maybe 2018 at the latest.

From what I can gather idubbbz is in the “YouTube Commentary” niche, where it’s YouTubers who are making videos on other YouTubers. That sounds like something that you couldn’t pay me to watch unless it was done by someone with extreme talent, but I needed to do research for this piece. To that end I was told to watch his Content Cop series, and apparently the best one is on this guy named Leafy.

After watching it, I really don’t feel like I missed out on Leafy, idubbbz, or Content Cop back when it aired five years ago. I’m not sure if the humour is aimed at a younger audience or if it just sucks, but it’s not for me. In fact the voices he does early in the video made me hit stop.

However, I realized that I needed to watch the entire video, so I did. Having done so, I have to admit my opinion improved. The humour wasn’t all offputting, and he actually made me laugh at a few points. Beyond that, you can tell he’d watched countless hours Leafy’s videos and spent a lot of time putting it all together. There was also a professional and somewhat creative video flow.

If this all sounds somewhat autistic, what I’m trying to say is that I can see why this guy was considered the king of the “commentary YouTuber,” crowd back in 2016. The videos have some objective quality to them, or at least this one did. And I’d probably have enjoyed it more if I knew anything about the guy he was roasting.

Having said that, I’m also glad I had no idea who either of these people were until two days ago.

That’s a bit catty. I will admit that the running gag with the long transition slides made me actually laugh, and the whole bit about the other guys chin was pretty funny.

In fact he even went so far as to make the cover of a childrens book with a custom graphic making fun of Leafy and his non-existent chin.

I give this guy a 6/10 for his actual humour, but pretty much 10/10 for production value, at least compared to what I’d expect from a random YouTube video.

However, his video on Leafy is from late 2016, and is no longer on his own YouTube channel. That’s because his gay jokes violated terms of service, so I had to find it on a mirror. As you can probably guess, his modern content is not particularly edgy, and what little I watched didn’t seem nearly so well produced.

There’s also the little fact that he was involved in a scandal when his whore girlfriend got an OnlyFans account.

In case you were wondering, yes, his GF is a real fucking whore. Maybe not all the way, but it’s more than her simply showing herself off online. Some girl named “ghostly meow,” made a song about this bit of internet drama.

I don’t think I really missed much not being on YouTube, or at least this corner, from about 2010 onwards, as mentioned.

Nevermind, apparently that GhostlyMeow chick was literally a 1488 girl along with her boyfriend. Predictably she got censored from JewTube, as does everyone who is moderately funny or talented.

Retvrn to tradition.

Anyway, idubbbz stopped doing the Content Cop series in 2016, with 20 videos made. As I said earlier, his new content is objectively less good from a production standpoint, trends in the semi-SJW territory, and apparently he produces less content these days. He also has focused a lot of his work on making documentaries.

He’s made two thus far, and in both of them he goes and interviews some social outcast to do a documentary where half the fun is laughing at the subject. Not necessarily in a bullying way, but his goal is to get some easy content off of them.

Airsoft Fatty. Previous documentary subject.

His previous two subjects, Airsoft Fatty and Dax, were two YouTube personalities who were known for being extremely weird, and extremely honest. Dax is clearly autistic, and his claim to fame is basically just being an extremely kind and weird person who made YouTube videos starting around 2007. So of course idubbbz gets him to go onto the streets of Hollywood and cold call random people asking them if they want to be in a documentary.

The template for these documentaries is pretty obvious. He goes to an extremely weird and unorthodox person, interviews them, and gets some easy content. He’s not a total dick, but he doesn’t seem to mind putting them in bad situations if it gets him good content.

For some reason, probably not a very good one, idubbbz thought it was an awesome idea to try to do this to Sam Hyde.

Motherfucking Sam Hyde. A guy who has a one-note comedic schtick which is to fuck with everybody in his general vicinity with some running commentary halfway between pre-written and stream of consciousness.

“State enforced homosexuality.”

They’re sexualizing young girls, and it’s getting to a point where even I have a problem with it. – Sam Hyde

Sodastream will do for soda what 3D printing did for assault rifles. – Sam Hyde

Sam “racial pain train hurricaine” Hyde. If you had to pick a guy to do an ambush documentary on and not get punked he’s probably the single worst target you could pick in the entire world.

What inspires me? Teaching African refugees to program Javascript. – Sam Hyde

I can kind of see what idubbbz was thinking. There’s no question that Sam Hyde’s fallen off since Schlomo cancelled Million Dollar Extreme and the group broke up. Idubbbz thought he had some easy content. He’d go out there, show a downtrodden Hyde, and get some internet brownie points from some dilating trannies for doing his takedown of the bad natzee.

Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

Instead we got maybe the best example of a prolonged trolling and counter-bullying session that I have ever seen.

It’s the role he was born to play.

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  1. This one was fairly entertaining especially the pics of overweight hand-held radiation device brain-melted 21st century schizoids of pink fleshy vitamin D deficiency.

    Jewtube is only useful for one thing at this point- music – and I’ll show you an example. One of my retarded joys is watching videos on cryptids – UFOs bore me since the gummint now endorses them for future holographic mind-fucks on the populace .
    Anyways, I was searching for reptilian humanoid stuff, especially the wonderful kids who ran into one in a nevada cave and stole is sex toy, causing it to come to their bedroom window that very night and scratch the glass….well here’s what you get from jewtube – lots of videos saying


    AND … The f*cking useful idiots of pink skin have removed the best Saxon Concert from 1982 or therabouts… for suckyjew cunt-rights considerations – before I could save it…so F()CK THEM.

  2. That shit was pretty funny. I especially liked the ending. After all that time and awkwardness and tension building up, idubbs finally thinks he made a breakthrough in the interview and got to finally deal with “serious” Sam, then at the poster ceremony he just absolutely murders the little bit of rapport that idubbs thought he had earned through so much effort. I laughed really really hard at that.

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