QAnon told me that Blormph never loses, and Blormph told me he was draining the swamp. So let me try to make sense of this.


In the 11 months that have passed since Trump first called for the Kentucky Republican to be ousted — suggesting shortly after his second Senate impeachment trial ended that it was time for the “unsmiling political hack” to be voted out of office — McConnell’s authority among Senate Republicans has neither waned nor has he faced the onslaught of blistering attacks from GOP hopefuls that Trump has been pining for.

Most candidates who have nabbed Trump’s endorsement have refused to declare war on McConnell, who remains a powerful fundraiser and influential party figure in his own right, while those who are still angling for the former President’s support have also stopped short of staking out opposition to the powerful senator from Kentucky. Trump’s ineffective attempt, thus far, to challenge the top Senate Republican has forced him to temper his criteria as he aims to be a kingmaker in this year’s midterm elections, according to multiple people close to the former President who spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity.

Mitch McConnell smiling as he denies Americans healthcare.

Since (((QAnon))) told me that Blormph always wins, this means that McConnell is simply playing the long game. He’s ingratiating himself with the Republican Establishment so that he can spring a trap on them. Or maybe Trump has dirt on him, but he’s telling him to play the part so he can better be his inside man.

Or maybe Blormph is a worthless, narcissistic potato who is so utterly irrelevant and weak that he has to endorse candidates that don’t even bother pretending to fight against Mitch McConnell.

In the Alabama Senate primary, where Trump has endorsed ultraconservative Congressman Mo Brooks, a Brooks campaign aide said the candidate’s position has not changed since he told Politico in early December that he would back McConnell for another two-year leadership term “if he’s the most conservative.”

I was going to say that it’s almost comical how literally nothing changed when Blormph was in office, but that actually wouldn’t be true. The Swamp wasn’t just undrained it stands ever swampier. The GOP is now an openly anti-White party. None of us have social media or YouTube accounts anymore. No wall was ever built. The few somewhat decent GOP congressmen, like Jeff Sessions, who wanted to do something about immigration, were removed by Bloviating Orange Faggot himself.

I actually wish Blormph was a potato. That meme, while hilarious, was never particularly true. Blormph was an extremely harmful anti-White kikesucking piece of shit. But even I am surprised at how almost eerie it is that it’s not just The Swamp that remains, it’s literally the same exact people. Paul Ryan is doing some other sinecure, but Mitch McConnell is still senate leader, despite Blormph’s narcissistic and pathetic whining contrary. Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer are still Democrat Leaders.

And of course Joe Biden is president.

If it feels like you’ve been talking about these people for the past 20 years, it’s because you have. I don’t even have the energy to do some satirical QAnon “Blormph playing the long game bit. Fuck this piece of shit. Swamp so completely and utterly not drained it blows my mind.

I’m only writing this because as I continue felting the Manlet Cult I’m going to be mentioning him pushing his chips ALL IN with this kikesucking faggot. The meltdown is glorious.

Oh also, remember to vote Republican goyim, it’s extremely important.

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  1. I love the articles that you write. Thank you Dr. Shekelstein for all the work you do.

  2. Attempting to convince people of this is like trying to get a branch covidian to stop wearing their pneumonia stew mask while driving alone.

    Blormph is genius, don’t get me wrong.
    But today I am partial to “Bloarnuld Rumpft” and as I wrote that name in gmail it tried to make me write donald trump, I kid u not., so I’m surely on to something.
    Trumpy likes potatoes, they almost got it right, Looky here.

  3. In 2015/16, I was banned from 8chan when I didn’t want to jump on the “Trump train” of these retards.

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