I understand now what militaries mean by “mopping up operation.” After shattering the retarded Jayoh and Cantwell hitpieces, here, here and here, I feel entitled to some easy content simply laughing at some other retarded shit Anglin claimed around this time. Here’s a great example from one article of his titled “Still no Statement on why a Fed Linked Heroin Dealer is Running TRS Security.”


  • In June of this year, TRS sent their top employee Morrakiu – who is featured weekly on their show, and has been for years – to appear on the show of Christopher Cantwell, the fed snitch – who at that point was even more aggressively and publicly reporting on right wingers, trying to have their kids taken away for making fun of them – to act like everything was just fine and dandy. I called up Mike Enoch to ask what the hell was going on and he said some thing about “gay drama” and then blocked my number.

I said in my Felting of Fuentes series, which you can read here, that I completely understand ignoring these attacks, but felt this was politically a mistake. Having said that, there’s something pretty funny about Moike’s only response being “this is gay drama,” and then blocking Anglin.

Of course, Anglin, who loves spending hours doing investigative journalism on twatter and screencapping everything, doesn’t have any screecaps of this. No screencap of what Mike said, nor him actually blocking him. So there’s no reason to believe this is actually what happened, but I think it’s hilarious if Mike is just living his life, receives one of those texts from Anglin that are so long they need to be automatically broken up into different texts, and then responds:

LMAO nigga you gay.

Then puts his phone down and proceeds to eat his hotdog drenched in ranch.

Anyway, back to the seething manlet.

posted an article denouncing TRS, stating the obvious and accepted fact – that even niggers understand, instinctively – that anyone who associates with a fed snitch must themselves be assumed to be a fed snitch.

I had to include this, because the other pieces made this argument in more words. Here we see Anglin explicitly saying that to associate with a fed snitch is to be a fed snitch. It’s a rare case of him not taking 1,000 words to say something when 10 would do.

The repeated instances of TRS employees associating with the fed snitch showed that this wasn’t some accident, but a deliberate policy of the organization to attempt to resurrect this figure, to involve him in activities, to send young and impressionable people to follow him.

Repeated? I didn’t understand what he meant when I first read this. What he means is that because Morraiku went on Cantwell’s show a single time, Morraiku is now a fed snitch. So TRS repeatedly having interactions with Morraiku meant they were repeatedly having interactions with a fed snitch.

Yes, Morraiku.

TRS did not respond at all, continued to associate with Morrakiu, and continued to speak favorably of Cantwell on their show (it is my understanding that they still do this on a weekly if not daily basis, doing cute little voice impressions of him).

Awwww, that’s so sweet. Anglin thinks that Mike and Sven’s impression of Cantwell is cute. That’s adorable. In a previous installment he admitted to watching every Strike and Mike all the way through. Even I don’t do that.

Anglin is TRS Superfan confirmed.

Oh and also Nick Fuentes going on Milo’s show therefore makes him a “fed snitch.” As a result, Anglin constantly sucking Fuentes’ three inch Mexican peener makes him also a snitch. This is using his logic after all.

Oh and Hey – Do You Remember Eli Mosley?

Eli Mosley was a top commandant in the structure of the TRS/Richard Spencer/Alt-Right empire. He was exposed by the New York Times as having lied about his military record.

Baffled amusement. It’s an emotion I often get reading these hitpieces. Eli Mosley was a “top commander,” of the TRS/Spencer/Alt-Right “empire.”

I mean, okay.

TheRightStuff.Biz literally has less transparency than Al Sharpton – that isn’t hyperbole or a joke, it’s an obvious statement of fact. They are running their organization like they’ve got a CIA black budget.

I suppose that should be TRS/Spencer/CIA empire then right?

Also, the Catboi Enthusiast crowd unironically uses the QAnon grifter line of “trust the plan.” This is a term that exists so a grifter can avoid people demanding answers for why they aren’t doing what they want. And this faggot uses the term all the time.

It’s time for yet another update to the Contradictory Beliefs of the Manlet Cult.

  1. TRS not responding to Anglin’s imaginary subpoenas displays a lack of transparency, and means they’re taking CIA black book money.
  2. It might seem like Fuentes is an impotent loser more interested in video game livestreams than politics, but just trust the plan. He doesn’t need to provide you any transparency, only a heterosexual would ask that of the future POTUS.

We’ll get into the CatNat TwinkPAC II FedGat Fiasco in a later installment, but suffice to say transparency has never been even remotely a concern for the Manlet Cult.

If I myself am a completely schizoid mad hatter having a threesome with Morris Dees and his step daughter as I type this, that does not somehow make the Jim Object podcast stop existing.

Sure seems that way, doesn’t it?

Mike Enoch is lying, he is covering up all kinds of absolutely disgusting and extreme ethical violations, and this whole thing is now undeniable.

And all of these people are guilty. Everyone associated with this organization is engaging in an open and public conspiracy of silence. Everyone. All of them. They are all guilty. Period.

Mmmm hmmm. Open conspiracy of silence.

Seriously – find some new podcasts to listen to. If worse comes to worst, listen to Rush Limbaugh. At least he doesn’t fuck trannies and report to the feds.

The absurdity of pretending to believe that Jayoh actually did heroin and banged trannies at Harvard somewhat overshadows that Anglin promotes a TradHomo Catboi Lover as the alternative.

“But You’re Infighting?”

This is literal fed infiltration cancer. There is no “infighting,” there is no “drama.” This is federal agents attempting to destroy you.

To this day there are no claims from the CatBoi Crowd for any specific arrests of NJP/TRS members. The feds sure don’t seem to be getting much out of their honeypot.

Although there are some actual fed honeypots that do exist, like Atomwaffen.

Atomwaffen are a bunch of good dudes. – Weev.

In case you missed it, yes, that was a fed honeypot that was promoted by Weev and the DailyStormer. They openly broke the law by calling for violence to be done to various public figures.

Contradictory Beliefs of the Manlet Cult:

  1. Jayoh obviously making up a story that involved him magically getting into Harvard, out of the country, out of prison, and into a couple trannies all while doing enough heroin to murder a humpback whale means that TRS/NJP is a fed operation.
  2. Weev promoting an actual, literal fed honeypot in Atomwaffen is great. Fed honeypots are awesome

Boy these guys sure do have a lot of moral authority to call other people feds promoting honeypots.

Although open calls to terroristic violence is something done commonly by the unhinged jew named Weev. As one of many examples, here’s an interview that he did with Medium that I found through Occidental Dissent.


“Correct, correct, yes,” [Weev] goes on, reddening in the face as he rails against the government. “What they do to us must be done asymmetrically to them. For every child they kill, there must be a thousand dead federal children. That should be the rule.”

In case you though this was some sort of one off, the littlest LARPer in the cuck-Right makes it extremely clear that he is a supporter of violent domestic terrorism.

“I’m not going to sit by and let a few banking dynasties ruin the Bill of Rights…I’m trying to catalyze a violent revolution, like I want people to pick up guns and murder the people who have become obstacles to liberty, and I am not fucking joking when I say that.”

Wow, openly calling for the murder of the children of federal employees. That sounds like a really retarded thing to do even online, that is going to “backfire” on you in the worst way possible as the feds use that as justification to call you a domestic terrorist organization and fuck you up the ass. I put backfire in quotes, because Weev is a completely malicious jew.

Regardless, I can see lots of people silently wishing for people to do terrorism against the FBI. I can see a dramatically smaller number of retards willing to post that online. In any case, you’d think that a group of people who are so retarded that they openly call for the murders of the children of FBI agents would have some pretty hardcore views, right?

Well the Manlet Cult Leader explains that TRS are a bunch of feds because they don’t want you to vote Republican.

What you people need to understand is that every single Democrat candidate has vowed to round up and prosecute White Nationalists for their beliefs.

Hmmmm. Let’s go take a look at those Republicans who must be fighting really hard aga-

NBC News:

WASHINGTON — The House overwhelmingly passed a resolution on Tuesday disapproving of racist remarks by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, amid a wave of bipartisan denunciation.

The resolution, introduced by Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., says that “the House of Representatives once again rejects White nationalism and White supremacy as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values that define the people of the United States.”

This was from January 2019, well before this hitpiece was penned. But I’m sure that there were plenty of Republi-

The measure was supported by all Republicans and every Democrat except for one who favored a formal censure, which is a harsher punishment.

Manlet Cult Contradictory Beliefs Update:

  1. Weev openly calling for violent domestic terrorism is totally fine. That’s definitely not the retarded shit that a fed would say to discredit a movement and give the federal government ample excuse to arrest and make an example out of the non-feds in said movement. Be so hardcore that you’re way past electoral politics and have skipped to the child murder stage.
  2. Mike Enoch and Striker saying “even Elizabeth Warren would be better than this fucking zionist potato,” makes them feds. That’s exactly what a fed would say in order to harm our brave (((Republican Party))). The only thing that matters is (fake and ghey) electoral politics.

Once again, these beliefs are contradictory AND retarded. Openly calling for the murders of children, especially those of the feds, makes you an indefensible retard. Voting for (((Sheldon Adelson’s GOP))) in the year 2022, or even 2019 when this was written, also makes you a retard. But you combine the two beliefs into “Do terrorism, vote Republican,” and you get a sort of retardation fiesta that can only be pointed and laughed at.

Remember goyim, what strikes fear into the hearts of the ADL is you openly talking about doing terrorism online. Especially when you never actually do it, thus ensuring you face all the downsides without even making your enemies worry even the tiniest bit. The other thing that strikes quivering fear into the hearts of the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world is when you vote Republican. Oh my god, that hip new party that just got started is just full of Uppity Goyim who are going to suddenly start doing things for White People. I mean they’ve been given the Supreme Court, the Presidency, the senate, and the house, sometimes all at the same time, and have yet to do a single thing for White People. But just vote for them harder and cause they’re just chomping at the bit to start doing literally one thing for White People.

Also, I made up that quote from Striker about Elizabeth Warren. Anglin doesn’t screencap anyone from TRS actually supporting Warren, because that flat out never happened. I have no idea what offhand comment was said by Striker that he’s maliciously re-interpreting to mean swearing fealty to Elizabeth Warren was, because he doesn’t include it. Frankly, there probably never was any comment. As someone who is a long time TRS listener the idea that TRS was endorsing zio-shill corporate cunt Elizabeth Warren is too idiotic to even entertain.

Just so everybody knows, Anglin says a lot of shit that’s fake and ghey, so me responding to the fakeness is not giving the gayness a pass, and vice versa. I sometimes have to take the totally bad faith shit he makes up at face value first, to show an outright contradiction. The obvious example is celebrating Fuentes rehabilitating Milo after going on some “not coherent” (his words) rant about how some intern appearing once on Cantwell’s show makes TRS irredeemably fed-controlled. Here we see another, where he invents some retarded TRS endorsement of Elizabeth Warren that never happened, and then pretends that makes TRS feds, which wouldn’t be true even if it happened, which it didn’t.

Look, I think you all get it. Tune in next time as we start absolutely felting the “never do real life events unless you’re under FBI surveillance,” bad faith retardation. Or maybe we’ll talk about Weev. Or possibly the bizarre support for Stop the Steal. Or maybe the pieces back in 2015 where he was constantly praising Hitler. There’s just so much to talk about.

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  1. These articles and exposes on the coping manlets are fantastic. Keep em coming. You rock!

    1. Thank you thank you.

  2. https://gameruprising.to/index.php?threads/incels-guide-to-beating-women.32933/

    Did you see this thread on TGK? How is this supposed to get people to become WNists?

    1. Comments with links often get caught by the spam filter and need to be manually approved. In any case, my goodness. I might make mention of that, I might not. It’s pretty damning.

    2. If there’s one person that needs to have his website seized and serve time in prison its Anglin and his violent cult of no-pussy-having incels.

  3. Small aside: confirmed short person and Juan Fuentes/Beardson flunky Sean aka Prince Hubris bragged about informing & actually flashed his FBI contact’s card on stream.

    1. JFC. You got a link to that? If so I’ll put it in one of the next pieces.

  4. Listen to this interview for a lot of information about the Anglin/Weev/Mackey gay op:

    Radical Agenda S05E074 – Occidental Dissent on 30-Sep-19-16:04:42


    Here is another link:


    You can find all the other Radical Agendas in this archive and download them just by changing the URL to find the show you want :
    S05E074 = season 5, episode 74
    /s05/ = season 5

    I know there is at least one other episode with Occidental Dissent dealing with this issue.

    Also, the Occidental Dissent blog has numerous articles detailing the Anglin/Weev/Mackey gay op that you can find just by searching OccidentalDissent.com.

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