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I Joined A Far-Right Group Of Moms. What I Witnessed Was Frightening.

Phoebe Cohen

(((Phoebe Cohen)))

Thanks, Cohen, for all the great work you do.

“Look out for the trigger words,” the woman says. She’s perched on a chair in front of the room. She’s well-dressed yet funky with elegant boots, a demure sweater and some colorful jewelry. “‘Equality,’ ‘diversity,’ ‘inclusion,’ ‘marginalization,’… These words are CRT. If you see these words in your kids’ homework, you need to speak out.”

I am in a meeting held by a local right-wing mom’s group. It’s an organization catering to mothers who are bent on protesting at school board meetings to stop the supposedly evil critical race theory agenda from being taught in public schools and address other typically conservative concerns.

Critical race theory is not currently being taught in public schools.

No but anti-White hate propaganda most definitely is, which these White Women have started referring to as Critical Race Theory. You know damn well what’s going on you duplicitous Esther.

There are about 20 of us. We are all maskless, all (apparently) white, mostly women and all on the younger side. I’m in my early 40s and I seem to be the oldest person in the room. A group of children, including my son, the only one in a mask, are scampering merrily in a play area down the hall while a young woman with a baby in her front carrier keeps an eye on them. On the wall by the door of our seminar room is a sign. It says: “Children should be: Heard. Respected. Encouraged. Loved. Appreciated. Guided with Compassion. Given Freedom to Learn Without Coercion.”

What exactly that last phrase means is ominously vague.

What these White Wahmen’s are doing is, dare I say, actual good optics. Imagine someone having to take issue with the above statement, and not shitting all over themselves and exposing (((themselves))) explaining what’s wrong with that.

I know this sounds crazy, but going around being an annoying ironybro and bragging about how no women would ever have sex with you is not “optics,” to the extent that that’s a real and valid term to begin with. A bunch of late 30’s White Mothers fighting for their children against antifa run school boards, putting up signs that say “Children should be respected,” is what’s actually popular to people. Obviously.

For several years now I have been worried about the increasing right-wing views that I have noticed in my demographic (white suburban women).

Your demographic is jews.

Before 2016, I always thought of Nazis as mainly historical villains that belonged in Indiana Jones movies or old news reels or the sad stories my grandfather told me. Now, however, as the last Holocaust survivors are dying, I am aware that fascism is creeping back into the world at large in terrifying ways.

And who could forget what they did last time to… her demographic. Her actual one that is.

I wanted to know how I could fight against the appallingly stupid yet dangerously widespread disinformation that is entrancing many of my friends and neighbors. Basic facts about COVID-19 are being dismissed by whole states as part of the “liberal mainstream corporate media.” Bodies from COVID victims were stacking up in ICUs and filling the morgues back in 2020, yet I was still called a “child abuser” by people on the street because I made my son wear a mask. Why are people going nuts? Why are people dismissing science and history in favor of conspiracy theories? And, most importantly, how could we nudge the nation in a saner direction?

Jew shitlibs are some of the funniest people on the planet. Imagine making your child wear a mask while walking around on the street.

I was especially curious about activist groups that specifically target suburban women. These groups seemed intent on making life more dangerous for my child.

According to my local right-wing women’s group, masks should not be allowed in school. They told us to stop worrying about kids dying of COVID. They were also vocal about not wanting racism and its deep, formative history in the United States to be taught.

Boy there’s an abrupt transition. Masks are bad also these Uppity White Women are getting on my hebrew nerves.

Some of these people literally do not believe white privilege exists because, according to them, the Union soldiers who fought in the Civil War were overwhelmingly white. (No, I don’t understand that argument either.) Others feel parts of our country’s history shouldn’t be included in curriculums if it makes people ― namely white people ― uncomfortable.

Some people literally do not believe jew privilege exists because, according to them, jews don’t run absolutely everything. (No, I don’t understand that argument either.)

Nowhere in her long screed does Cohen bother quoting the people she’s attacking, and probably slandering. Thanks, Cohen.

Every teacher I knew was struggling with COVID restrictions and dealing with students venting their post-pandemic trauma through increasingly disruptive behavior. School districts across the country were dealing with staffing shortages due to teachers burning out from stress. Why add to teachers’ difficulties by threatening school instructors who dared to teach topics like Jim Crow laws, the civil rights movement and the repercussions of slavery in America?

Something tells me that Cohen isn’t particularly interested in an actual in depth look at the (((Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade))). Nor is she interested in having any meaningful discussion on the repercussions of her race, jews, bringing all these blacks to America.

To learn more, I joined a local right-wing Facebook group for moms. It’s a private group that requires aspiring members to answer some questions before they’re granted entry. One question was “Why do you want to join?” I replied, “I want to be more involved with my kids’ school.” A week passed and then a moderator for the group contacted me privately. “Can you be more specific about what issue most concerns you?”

Yikes. Security was apparently very tight with this group. They weren’t going to let just any mom glide in using a few generic answers.

I took it upon myself to look up who this anti-White ditzy jew was, and was not disappointed. Here’s a quote of hers from an interview with the (((New York Times))).

“This idea of intellectual debate and rigor as the pinnacle of intellectualism comes from a world in which white men dominated,” she replied.

This is the level of anti-White psuedo-intellectualism that we’re dealing with here. Now back to Cohen.

“I’m mostly interested in issues that involve keeping kids physically in school,” I messaged back. “Zoom school was devastating for my kid and I don’t want that to happen again.” I wasn’t lying about any of that. It’s one of the few opinions I share with many conservative parents.

That’s because mask bullshit is obviously bullshit that’s harmful to children, along with having to stay at home away from their friends. If it was only harmful to White Children then this jew would happily support it. You’ll notice a pattern of “left-wing,” jews doing hard breaks from “left-wing” orthodoxy when it disadvantages their little rats. That’s most prevalent on the jew ethnostate, and jew nationalism more broadly, but it’ll come up in a lot of issues.

Once inside, I found the members were all stripes of Republican and I was pleasantly surprised to see opinion was not monolithic in the group. Several moms argued against the more far-right posters. One woman posted an objection to children reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” in class. “Divisive Concepts,” she wrote with a broken heart emoji. Underneath was a screenshot of a direct message from someone who appeared to be a student that read, “I’m in English right now. We’re currently reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ There’s a part where Calpurnia brings the kids to church with her and another black woman is being extremely racist towards Scout and Jem. My teacher was saying it was not racism because white people have a higher power over black people in society and that black people can’t be racist.

We see episode 958,489 of how (((Conservatism))) and the (((Republican Party))) exist purely to get out in front of Whitey’s response to anti-White hate propaganda, and make sure it goes absolutely nowhere and you get nothing. The sentiment these White Mothers feel is healthy, the rhetoric is not. This disgusting kike is well aware of all of this, and is exploiting that.

To Kill A Mockingbird was written by Harper Lee, a childless woman in her mid thirties, who was absolutely seething with rage and bitterness towards the Southern White Men who had rejected her sexually for her entire life. The narratives pushed in that work of fiction are anti-White and entirely insidious. The innocent black falsely accused of rape, as sweet as a Mockingbird. The White Woman who simply made up that she was raped, but she secretly wanted to have sex with black men. And of course, who is the high status hero of the book? That would be cuckold Atticus Finch. Who is the low status man in the book? That would be Bob Ewell, the father of the “not raped” White Woman, who is also a drunken loser.

Harper Lee, not a jew.

The narratives pushed by the anti-White work of fiction known as To Kill a Mockingbird are that White Women are all lying whores when they claim to have been raped by a black. Any White People who stand up for each other are just low status losers. Black men are innocent and naive little princesses who wouldn’t even rape a fly.

Harper Lee was not a jew, but that’s irrelevant. She was a complete nobody before she wrote TKAM. But because her anti-White narrative fit the purpose of Schlomo, she was given a Pulitzer Prize, and had tons of (((reviewers))) praising her book completely out of nowhere. It’s also why it’s required reading in many schools, and even I myself had to read the book in grade 10.

Harper Lee smiles before receiving the 2007 Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House in Washington, D.C.

It’s also why (((Republicans))) gave her the 2007 Presidential Medal of Freedom. All of which makes it highly ironic and a touch infuriating that these White Mothers correctly perceive the book to be a racial attack on them, yet do not see an avenue for advocacy that’s better than vote Republican. Well, that’s what we’re here to fix.

There were several indignant emoji reactions in response to this post. One mom, however, pushed back. “Well,” she commented, “the woman at the church complained that Calpurnia had brought white children to the Black church, possibly one of the few places Black people felt any sense of freedom and safety. It’s a little absurd to call the woman racist, given the context.” This comment got a couple “likes” and no pushback.

I guess this is what a jew coping sounds like. Wahmen don’t like confrontation, so they’re not going to respond to the cunt making the anti-White arguments. But it got two likes and wasn’t deleted, so the kikess thinks this is some endorsement. That’s because she’s so used to her racial group censoring Uppity Goyim backtalking jews that she thinks them not censoring that comment means that they endorse it.

Another surprise I found in the Facebook group was that some huge media outlets were giving them a platform. One of the founders of the group posted that she had done an interview with The New York Times as part of a story on parental rights.

The New York Times! I was dumbfounded. None of the women who ran the pro-Democrat “Indivisible” groups in my town had even managed to get an interview with the local paper!

I scanned the comments and my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

“It’ll be fine,” another mom wrote after the initial poster expressed concern about The New York Times possibly misquoting her. “It’s a lesson I learned the hard way after the BBC screwed me.”

The BBC! The BBC was talking to these women?

I had to know more.

The kvetching comes hot and heavy as she is too retarded to understand how the (((New York Times))) is trying to run Finklethink on these moms.

Unfortunately a few of the moms may have become suspicious of me. Perhaps I had “liked” too many comments by moms pushing back against the anti-CRT posts. Perhaps some moderators had found the very liberal comments that I had posted on other public news articles.

Yeah that wasn’t exactly the smartest undercover gonzo journalism the world has ever seen.

In any case, when I expressed interest in joining an in-person roundtable discussion event, I saw that the location of the event suddenly disappeared. I messaged the group moderator about the event location.

“Just a heads up,” she messaged back, “I think most people will not be masking. Is that something you’ll be comfortable with?”

I wondered if she was trying to frighten me off. “Yes, that’s fine,” I replied.

I never received the location, but luckily I had written it down before it disappeared from the event post.

I drove to the meeting with my son. The group moderator had been right. When I joined the meeting, I saw that nobody in the packed room was masked. I gritted my teeth and sat down anyway. I was fully vaccinated and my son wore a mask. He was the only one.

I am shocked that these goyim caught on to you not being one of them.

I listened to the speakers at the meeting while they discussed how to run for, campaign and pressure school boards. Many parents bemoaned how they had to pull their kids from public schools over mask mandates and instead enroll them in private schools. It was a common story. I got the impression that most of these families had income levels that allowed them to pay thousands in private school fees because they wanted to take a stand on masks. I was probably the poorest person there.

I strongly doubt that the jew was the poorest person there.

There was a lot of anger directed at teachers. “Rat out these teachers,” one mother instructed. “Find a lawyer who can challenge these teachers.” Another woman disdainfully noted that teachers “don’t even know what they’re doing half the time. They just pull it off the internet.” A third woman said, “There is no discipline for teachers outside of taking away their credentials.” The battle lines were clearly drawn.

I raised my hand. “What do you say to people who are like, ‘Oh, you’re gonna put bounties on teachers’ heads. You’re marching outside of school board members’ homes with guns. School board members are getting death threats and feeling terrorized’?”

This retarded jewess has taken it upon herself to (((FBI))) these women, and in the dumbest way possible.

“Hello fellow concerned goyim. Do you think we should be doing terrorism against these teachers?”

I could see several women visibly flinch at the word “bounty.” One woman said she disliked the term “bounty” but she could see the need for “monetary compensation” for those who turn in teachers that were doing things parents found unacceptable. “There are no repercussions for teachers who break the law,” she said. “If we have to offer monetary compensation for people to report teachers, I see no problem with that. It’s an incentive for people to wake up.”

It wasn’t clear what laws these teachers were supposedly breaking. As far as I could tell, teachers ― like everyone else ― got punished if they broke laws.

Another woman raised her hand. “Look, I know we want to change school boards,” she said, “but elections aren’t until 2023. What do we do until then? We just can’t sit around and let them attack our kids. We have to do SOMETHING.”

I caught a gleam in the woman’s eye I didn’t like. Was there some flirtation with insurrection being suggested here? What, exactly, was she saying?

Another woman nodded. “Listen, we’ve tried playing nice. But they just dig in their heels and dig in their heels. We have to start being not so nice.”

There are many things that are somewhat offputting when done by men, but that become absolutely sexy when done by women.

Terrorism is one of those things.

I didn’t like where the discussion was going.

Good, keep it up girls.

The moderator guided the topic back to safer ground. “Be pleasantly persistent,” she smiled. “Be annoying. Be the woman at the school board meetings who always shows up. Be the person who, when the meeting organizers see you, say, ‘Oh, God, her again.’ Be that person. And please try to get people to vote in municipal elections.”

Fair enough. A lot of the roundtable debate felt like a Republican version of a Run for Something meeting. Run for Something was a movement started after Donald Trump won the presidency that was meant to encourage young progressives to start their own campaigns for local political office. This right-wing women’s group seemed to be following the same model, but there was an undercurrent of rage among the group members that I had never seen in a Run for Something meeting.

That’s because unlike the performative outrage done by privileged little twats who are at best channeling their anger at their own miserable lives towards Orange Faggot these women are fighting against actual real oppression. People who are actually oppressed do not do performative “look at me friendly billion dollar propaganda outlet,” bullshit. They either shut the fuck up, or speak with rigtheous anger.

But it’s this next part that is so insidious it takes my breath away.

Despite my uneasiness, I couldn’t help but find myself liking the women in the room. They were charismatic. They were energetic. They had no problem letting my low-functioning autistic son play with their children, which is unfortunately rare among a lot of the other mothers I’ve encountered. But this made me even more uneasy. I realized these women were dangerous precisely because they were so friendly.

This is what I mean when I say that anything other than “I know you’re a malicious jew,” is a waste of time. She literally argues that the kindness of these goyim is all the more justification for why they need to be more oppressed.

Their condemnation of history lessons about Ruby Bridges and Jim Crow laws and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was repulsive. They were trying to suppress the truth by labeling the unassailable facts of racism in the U.S. as “divisive.” “Equality,” “diversity” and “inclusion” were not virtues to be celebrated but “trigger words” with a poisonous intent. This nefariously clever bit of relabeling disgusted me. There was a very clear far-right agenda at work here.

Says the women who just relabeled people being kind to her and her son as reason for them to be oppressed harder. That’s certainly not nefarious relabeling.

Groups like the one I joined often appeal to mothers. The pandemic has hit moms especially hard. Lack of child care has resulted in a “she-cession” with thousands of women leaving the workforce to take care of their children. Lonely, frustrated, financially stressed people tend to be prime targets for radical groups. These right-wing women’s groups offer a sense of community and friendship to women who are isolated at home with their kids. It can be frighteningly easy for some people to start nodding along with all the rhetoric about the evils of critical race theory and COVID conspiracy theories if the women espousing them are also offering you coffee and friendship and child care ― and making you feel seen and heard.

Jamie write that down, this seems like great NJP recruiting advice. Get the wahmens by offering them some hot coffee and a smile. Make them feel seen and heard.

Got it. Thanks, Cohen.

I can’t stop thinking about the gleam in that woman’s eye as she said, “We just can’t sit around and let them attack our kids. We have to do something.” Though some people think merely tweeting our outrage or frustration is productive (it’s not), those of us fighting against the far right need to be more aware of how energetic and organized they’re becoming and the lengths they’re willing to go to in order to get their way. Right-wing activists are attending school board meetings in hopes of transforming our children’s education, and, ultimately, their lives and the future of the United States. It’s time for us to be just as active to ensure this doesn’t happen. We must fight for our children’s safety and their right to learn our nation’s history ― even the ugly parts. Especially the ugly parts.

Phoebe Cohen has walked many paths in life, including living in the Gobi Desert as a Peace Corps volunteer and working as a paramedic in several states. Cohen’s work has been featured in Graphic Medicine, Mutha Magazine and BorderX. She regularly posts on her website Merry Misandrist. Cohen is a part-time cartoonist, writer and nursing student. She has been known to go up to five hours without coffee.

Cohen is basically the shittiest person alive, but she did accidentally show us how crucially important it is that we get out in front of these wahmens and give them the actual advocacy that they deserve. Contrary to what Covid-19 fags will tell you, while people are sick of lockdown and mask bullshit, people are really enraged at anti-White hate propaganda being taught to children. What we need to be doing is precisely what these wahmens are trying to do. Contest local elections, run for school boards, and be there handing 38 year old mothers a cup of coffee and making them feel seen and heard.

Thanks, Cohen.

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  1. Bitch has the same phenotype as that kike nerd David Cross.
    Would be fun to categorize Jews based on phenotype. The subversive Jew, the money grubbing Jew, Communist Jew, diplomat Jew, porn Jew, (((fellow white people))) Jew, physicist Jew, etc.

  2. What an absolutely detestable semitic monstrosity. The jews I hate the most are the ones who pretend to be your friend.

  3. Darn good article keep them coming.
    My favorite line translated to english “Some of these people literally don’t believe our Lies about our enemies the Skeptical educated Race un-contaminated by Ogre-faced Dominant Neanderthal genes, and actually believe that white people got where they are by using intelligence and hard work”

    “Many of these people also do not believe the massive fear campaign targeting the most common cold virus which everyone past the age of 4 has considerable immunity to, they might even resist our anti-vaccine simple plan for extermination using autoimmunity that any lame-brained immunology student would understant the first week of Immuno101.”

  4. Wait a minute – Dr. Shekel-stink is fully anti-vaccinating and forcing his spawn to wear a face-diaper?

    Maybe I read that wrong – this piece is long as hell and it’s too early, I’m too uncaffeinated, but now I’m wondering if I am dealing with a dim bulb here?…still, the pieces on Roanoke Hormph are on the mark and entertaining.

    1. Please to be making sentence less complex and resubmit ticket. Your meaning was not understood.

  5. We should teach our kids to spy on teachers

  6. According to Nation of Islam – Newport, RI had 22 rum distilleries, all owned by jews and colonial Boston had another 18, all owned by jews. Rum was a large part of the Triangular Trade aka North Atlantic Slave trade. If (((they))) owned the rum distilleries maybe they owned the ships to transport that rum to Europe and West Africa as well, and we know what those ships carried on their return voyage.

    1. I wish I knew the group that this Cohen infiltrated. The White women may find this to be fascinating and useful information.

  7. Jews have a LOT of Negro DNA . 2 to 5 %. That is a LOT of DNA. The Negro is strong in this particular Cohen. They also possess NO self-awareness. I just had a mini-flame war with a heebess on Odysee. She insisted she was “White” , bragging about he “Nordic” DNA, whilst trashing ACTUAL Whites. She calls White women degraded whores, and then bragged how she gets White and Arab (?) dick all the time, and has “Asian slaves” who will do things to her. This was a mini-encounter – but I found it fascinating due to a direct encounter with the deranged jewish “mind”. They are incapable of LEARNING anything beyond their Talmudic programming.

    They need to be removed from our society.

    1. Gross. How very degenerate and Joooish of her.

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