I hope to god this doesn’t give Jordan Peterson even the slightest bit of street cred.

Russia Today:

YouTuber and podcaster Ethan Klein has announced that he’s removed two previous interviews he conducted “years ago” with psychologist Jordan Peterson, describing the author as offering a “dangerous gateway” to extremist views.

In a tweet on Friday, Klein admitted Peterson had been an “interesting” guest with whom he’d “enjoyed” talking, but said he’d since become more familiar with his political views, which he said propagated transphobia and Covid-19 misinformation.

“I can see he’s a dangerous gateway to alt-right, transphobia, and Covid [misinformation],” The ‘H3 Podcast’ host tweeted about Peterson, informing his followers the interviews had been taken down.

I’m predicting that there will be this insanely ghey counter by the Finkle-Right where they talk a lot about “cancel culture.” And by they I mean entirely uncensored propagandists like Benny Shapiro and Charlie Kirk.

Klein’s decision was questioned by some on social media, however, including Peterson himself, who warned the podcaster that those “who engage in cancel culture generally live to regret it.”

I need to make a new meme for “Confirmation Bias as a j-woke goy,” and it’ll just be one circle. It is amazing how accurately you can predict the world when you understand the Finkle.

“You will be held to higher and higher and soon impossible to maintain ethical standards by the very mob you currently wish to please,” Peterson wrote. “Then you will make a mistake, and they will devour you. With glee. Please take this warning seriously. I liked you.”

God help me. Okay first, (((Ethan Klein))) is a politically connected jew. Second, there’s no such thing as “cancel culture.” That’s why the (((mass murder propagandists))) who lied us into Iraq are not only not censored, but are the biggest shills for capitalist censorship.

There’s no “woke mob.” There’s no “cancel culture.” There is 100% purely top-down censorship done by trillion dollar multinationals at the behest of the (((ADL))). That’s it.

Politics in the USA being completely fake and ghey again.

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  1. Ethan Klein is one of the ugliest kikes out there.

    1. The only one I can think of that is uglier is the goblin that he married.

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