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Imagine if you will the blowback there would be if the mayor of a major American city said they wanted to scrap a search for a position such as police chief because there were too many black applicants.

Well apparently in St. Louis, racist mayor Tishaura Jones decided the finalists for the city’s police chief were too white, the St. Louis American reports.

Tuesday, Jones confirmed she wants to deep six the current search after the former personnel officer Rick Frank had decided the new leader of the department would be chosen by his department.

This was apparently a change in process from before. The current police chief, John Hayden was selected through a process involving an outside consultant.

For Jones however, it isn’t so much about the process but more about the results.

“I only had two white male candidates to choose from and St. Louis is more diverse than white males, our police department is more diverse—there were a lot of diverse candidates within the police department who were kicked out of the first round so I want to start over to find the right candidate,” Jones said.

Black people are a hard golem for Schlomo to control, because occasionally they navigate away from the script and do accidental honesty. See here she admits that diversity == non-White. “Diversity,” is one of their dogwhistles. The same is true of “race and equity,” and a few other terms that we’ve all heard a thousand times. These are anti-White terms, and should be treated as such immediately.

One look at Jones’s appointments when she was named mayor last April pretty much indicates who she is looking for.

Her three appointments to key positions in her administration—senior adviser to the director of public safety, interim public safety director, and treasurer—were all black. Jones is also black.

Wow, what a surprise.

Jones’s decision comes as an assistant police chief for the agency, Lt. Col. Lawrence O’Toole is suing the city and police department, claiming he was passed over for the position eventually given to Hayden because of his race.

According to the St. Louis Post-DispatchO’Toole had been told by former public safety director Jimmie Edwards that he was passed over because of an incident involving former city police officer Jason Stockley, who was charged with murder following a shooting after a police chase in 2011.

Stockley shot and killed the driver, Anthony Lamar Smith after the chase.

In 2017, O’Toole was appointed as interim police chief after the sudden retirement of the former chief, Sam Dotson who retired suddenly in April 2017.

Stockley was found not guilty on Sept 15, 2017 after a trial judge ruled Stockley had likely acted in self-defense and noted the state had failed to prove he had not acted in such a manner.

After the not guilty verdict, on cue protests began to take place in the city, which led to the Sept. 17, 2017, arrests of a number of people, including protesters, bystanders, journalists, and local residents.

Officers were accused of beating and deploying pepper spray against people who were on the ground and complying with officers’ orders.

In addition on that same night, black St. Louis police officer Luther Hall, working protest duty while undercover, was beaten by several police officers. A total of five were indicted, with two already having pleaded guilty to charges coming out of the assault, and also lying to the FBI.

The police chief opened just about a month after the protests, and closed that October. Former Mayor Lyda Krewson appointed a citizen’s advisory board to assist with the selection process. O’Toole claims the board was hostile toward him, and that the public meetings were set up to embarrass him.

Hayden, who is black, ended up getting promoted as a result of the process. O’Toole also claims he was  passed over for a $6,000 pay increase from something called a Proposition P sales tax, which he included in his lawsuit.

Hayden announced his retirement last September, which will be effective Feb. 23.

Police Chief Michael Hayden

Good on Lawrence O’ Toole for suing, and I wish him the best with that policy. What’s going on here is incredibly clear, which is black people racially discriminating against White People.

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