Get this man a medal.

Fox Jews:

Anne Frank, the teenage Holocaust victim whose posthumously published diary gave the world a glimpse of what it was like to hide from Nazi persecution, may have been betrayed by a prominent Jewish businessman, according to a cold case-style investigation outlined in a new book, “The Betrayal of Anne Frank A Cold Case Investigation,” by Rosemary Sullivan.

You love to see it. He may be a greedy jew, but that’s OUR greedy jew.

The book, which describes an investigation led by former FBI agent Vincent Panoke, is scheduled for release Tuesday.

Anne spent two years hiding in a secret annex in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. On Aug. 4, 1944, Nazis broke in and carted off Anne’s family and four other Jewish people hiding there to concentration camps.

And then they got gassed by Typhus. Well except that actually only Anne Frank died. Her entire family survived, and nobody ever tried to kill them.

I’m sure it makes sense somehow.

Pankoke and his investigators reexamined the World War II-era case with modern techniques and technology — singling out Arnold van den Bergh, a prominent Jewish notary in Amsterdam, as the “most likely” betrayer of the Frank family. He may have done it in order to spare his own from deportation to a concentration camp.

Maybe, but I like to think he did it to send a message.

“There is no smoking gun because betrayal is circumstantial,” said Bayens, who came up with the idea for the investigation.

However, a long-lost anonymous tip sent to Otto Frank after the war fingered van den Bergh as the informant who told the Nazis about the hideout. The investigative team rediscovered it during an AI-assisted review of old documents. The suspected informant himself died in 1950.

Arnold Van Den Bergh. May the name echo in the halls of Valhalla.

I’ve long said that there are no good jews. Arnold Van Den Bergh was the only exception. He was the only Heeb who truly moved me, who truly touched me. Although he died many decades before I was born, he lives on through our memory. – Emma Watson

NJP Chairman Mike Peinovich is expected to announce the “Arnold Van Den Bergh Shabbos Heeb Award,” given to the most righteous amongst the heebery.

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