This is related to the story I wrote earlier about the tranny that has been demolishing female swimming records.

Fox Jews:

Transgender women athletes who went through a typical male puberty during adolescence still hold a competitive edge over their biologically female competitors, and one year of testosterone suppression therapy as required by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) isn’t enough to ensure fairness in women’s sports, some scientists argue.

Yes but those scientists are bigots.

The scientific community is conflicted over the issue of fairness in women’s sports as trans athletes like University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas make headlines for dominating on women’s teams. Women’s sports advocates and parents at Penn have recently spoken out against the NCAA and its rules on transgender student-athlete participation, which require trans women athletes to undergo at least a year of testosterone suppression treatment before competing on a women’s team.

“Lia” Thomas is on the right.

The sheer level of hateful bigotry and vaginal supremacy that is displayed by these KKK-Adorers who have the gall to call themselves scientists blows my mind. Science is about denying racial differences, not affirming long deboonked notions of sex and gender. I thought we were past this.

A study released last month by the Macdonald–Laurier Institute, a Canadian think tank, argues that “there is neither a medical intervention nor a clever philosophical argument that can make it fair for trans women to compete in women’s sport,” and it recommends other means of including trans women in competition.

“For trans women who have successfully suppressed testosterone for 12 months, the extent of muscle/strength loss is only an approximately (and modest) -5% after 12 months,” the authors said. “Testosterone suppression does not remove the athletic advantage acquired under high testosterone conditions at puberty, while the male musculoskeletal advantage is retained.”

A study? I think you mean to say a collection of pseudo-science masquerading as the truth. It may be factually true that men have on average 40% greater muscle mass, and only lose 5% after 12 months of testosterone suppression, but facts are White Supremacy.

The study concludes that fairness can be achieved with the “reconceptualization” of the male category as “Open” and the women’s category as “Female,” where female refers to the sex recorded at birth.

“It’s not just strength, it’s height,” she continued. “Trans women will lose strength with medical transition, but they won’t lose height at all. In sports, like basketball and volleyball, that advantage isn’t going to be mitigated; the strength advantage will be mitigated, but the height advantage isn’t going to go away at all.”

Strength can be measured fairly accurately, but men are also far more coordinated than women, on average. Men are also taller, again, on average. While you could argue that height is not necessarily gender specific, for sports such as basketball there are so many more tall men who could simply take testosterone suppression and dominate women in that sport.

They won’t say it here, but swimming is another sport where there is massive advantage to height, and hand and feet size. According to this website, the average height for Olympic swimmers is five inches taller than the corresponding average for their sex. Obviously this advantage is retained by the mentally ill man no matter how hard he suppresses his testosterone.

But really, having to make the argument is losing. There’s no such thing as a tranny. There are only mentally ill people being mutilated by themselves and others.

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