I made a very conscious decision to focus on Cuckservative and Alt-Lite grifters before working on Breadtube. Oh sure, I covered some capitalist approved streamers (breadtube) getting censored for being too anti-White here. I also wrote about them shilling for the CIA. I figured I’d work through the series I have going on with the fake pro-White grifters we’ve got to get through first.

However, today I was doing some research on billionaires, and wanted to talk about Elon Musk’s retarded “hyperloop,” idea. It’s basically where he takes the absolute worst aspects of both cars and the subway and combines them to make sure that nobody benefits in any way. There’s a fairly decent video here.

I clicked on that channel to see if there were any longer videos on the subject. In fairness, the idea is so obviously idiotic that it doesn’t really deserve a deeper dive, but even still. After clicking on the channel I was confronted with this.

And I had the sinking feeling that this wasn’t someone making fun of him from our perspective.

Yep. Breadtube confirmed. But how retarded can it –

Ben Shapiro with a nazi flag. And then (((Karl Marx))) as “left-leaning.” I didn’t have to stitch these images together, those videos were made back to back.

I think I’m going to be speeding up the takedown pieces. From now on I’ll try to have two pieces in the morning, one on Breadtube, one on some cuckservative grifter. It’s the only way we’ll ever get through the backlog.

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  1. Great takedown of the hyperloop: https://youtu.be/CQJgFh_e01g

    1. Thundderf00t started these videos, everyone else is just a thief. Years ago he disproved hyperloop, investors still kept flocking lol

  2. Vaush is such a cartoon piece of shit I almost admire him. He recently debated E Michael Jones about porn and turned it into exactly the dumpster fire you’d expect.

    1. The omega male grindset is respectable, I agree

  3. Start with James o Keefe for conservative grifters, holy shit he’s gone full mask off recently, obviously only cares about $$$

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