Just yesterday I wrote about the dissatisfaction of the Conservative MPs at this donor shill. I honestly would have given no greater than 20% odds of him getting the rope. It simply seems inevitable that the CPC will have someone like him in charge.

National Post:

A majority of Conservative MPs have voted to remove Erin O’Toole as leader.

Three sources have confirmed to the National Post that 73 MPs voted against O’Toole and 45 voted in favour.

The decision was made on Wednesday morning during a virtual meeting. Caucus members heard speeches from signatories of a letter sent calling for a leadership review, then from O’Toole before they proceeded to a secret ballot. The results were released around 11 a.m.

And yet, what do I know? Apparently very little. 

Insiders from both camps were expecting a potentially extremely tight result, with many saying that his tenure as leader would be finished either way with such an affront from caucus. 

That actually would have been the best outcome. For us to win, the Conservative Party of Canada must be utterly destroyed. To that end, having the clusterfuck of, say, 55 MPs voting to oust the Toole, and 63 voting to keep him would have been best. Would have been fantastic, delegitimizing the Toole, yet keeping him as leader.

It remains to be seen who will serve as interim leader. That vote will be held later during the day. 

The Conservative Party will now be swept into a new leadership race, after having ejected Andrew Scheer and O’Toole shortly after their failed attempts to form government. This leadership race will be the third one since Stephen Harper lost the election in 2015.

First there was Scheer the Queer, then Erin “the” Toole. The Cuckservative Party of Canada is incapable of electing someone as leader who has any amount of charisma or popularity with the people. That’s the downside of having a party that exists 100% to do whatever the big money donors want. They build all these gatekeeping methods to squeeze out even semi-populist figures, such as Maxime Bernier, and Derek Sloan. As a result, they don’t actually have anyone who can win an election, even against this guy.

Either way, it’s looking good.

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