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Ottawa resident Jo O’Connor says she’s been living a nightmare in her home just minutes away from Parliament Hill where a convoy of trucks and protesters remain for a fifth day in a row.

Constant honking and noise outside her building, as well as the smell of diesel fuel, has left her sleepless.

And upset the fragile gut flora of Madame Fluffy.

“It makes me so depressed and so sad that these people care so little about people like me, or people who are disabled, people who are immunocompromised,” said O’Connor.

“Puppy slaughtering truckers steal food from homeless, club baby seals to death. Retards hit hardest.”

Jo isn’t her first name. CBC has agreed not to use her first name for fear of reprisals from protesters, some of whom are still in Ottawa.

Is this satire?

O’Connor is one of many downtown residents who has written to or spoken with CBC News explaining their struggles with sleep, anxiety and their mental health due to the disruption from the protest.

“They just have no idea how awful it is that if people like me who have a chronic illness can’t sleep, our bodies can’t repair ourselves,” said O’Connor, who needed to take the day off work Monday to try to recover from the weekend of stress and lack of sleep.

“To have this going on three nights, I am exhausted. I am finding it hard to breathe … and who is helping us?”

Oh okay, so the CBC really likes to hear from the peasants now huh?

That’s weird because every single video on their channel, at least that I have ever seen, has disabled comments, no pun intended. At least some of their articles have comments, like this random one.

So let’s take a look at the comments section for this particular propaganda piece.

Oh right, it doesn’t exist. Probably they do not want the goyim making arguments like, “oh so do BLM Fiery, but mostly peaceful protests, where 37 people were murdered, make things hard for disabled people?”

Pictured: Thing that doesn’t interrupt disabled people at all.

The CBC propagandists continue their whiny rampage by including the following tweet. 

Boy, she sure typed that out quite well for a blind lady.

Here’s the first reply.

Hope she sees that bro. 


Krystal-Jyl Thomas, a community social worker who specializes in mental health with the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, said her clients living downtown — some of whom are living with serious mental health conditions — have been struggling and even fearful of going about their daily routines in their neighbourhoods the past few days. 

“These protests have proven to be quite triggering,” said Thomas. “There’s a lot of anxiety … There’s some [clients] that have been confronted. So some of the protesters, not all, but some have been confrontational especially about their choice to wear a mask.

“[Some] clients [are] being yelled at … they’re just trying to go about their regular routines and they’re just not being received well.”

“Crazy people not having healthy response to stimulus.” – Krystal-Jyl Thomas.

Krystal-Jyl Thomas

Also, what kind of name is “Krystal-Jyl”? That sounds like either a ghetto black persons name, or this fugly cunt is making up her own name. 

I have to keep reminding everyone that this is the Finklethink Convoy, and nothing will come of this, because my goodness are these types of people insufferable.

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  1. Let them suffer greatly at the hands of the honk!

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