I wrote earlier about the former Cuck Leader of the CPC being taken to the cuck shed. At the time there was a question of who would step into his place. Well career politician Pierre Polivierre has raised his tiny little hand and announced his desire to be the one to sell out Canadians to International Finance Capital. Here we see his announcement video. Transcript below.

Governments have gotten big and bossy.

We are literally three seconds in. Kill me now.

They’re spending more than at any time since WW2, so they control more of what you earn, and you control less. They’ve caused inflation, by borrowing and printing a half trillion dollar which has ballooned the assets of the billionaires, the debts of our children, and the cost of living of the working class.

I do especially love the generic “inspirational” music that plays in the background. In true finklethink fashion, not everything he says is pure drivel.

Meanwhile a small (((financial elite))) with access to all that printed money buy up real estate and rent out to a growing class of permanent tenants. People who may never be able to afford a home.

And when people speak up the (((powerful))) clamp down. They silence and slander anyone who dares dissent. Including with laws censoring what you see and say online.

Really faggot? There are censorship laws silencing people from making vague criticisms of the “financial elite”? Really? Are you sure about that? 

Like a typical malicious conservative he mixes in these vague dogwhistles to let the goyim believe he is going to do something to this “financial elite.” Rest assured, he very much is not.

Here’s the problem, Trudeau thinks he’s the boss. He’s got it backwards. You’re the boss.

And then he does the point at the camera thing that I screencapped above.

That’s why I’m running for Prime Minster. To put you back in charge of your life. Together we will make Canadians the freest people on earth. With freedom to build a business without red tape, or heavy tax.

Oh yeah I’m sure the “financial elite,” absolutely love tax and red tape. That’s why they lobby so hard for less regulation, because they love it so much.

Freedom to keep the fruits of your labour, and share them with loved ones, and neighbours. Freedom, from the invisible thief of inflation. Freedom, to raise you kids with your values, freedom to make your own health and vaccine choices. Freedom to speak without fear, and freedom to worship god in your own way.

I feel like I have seen this exact speech given before. It’s so generic. Sort of like low-effort finklethink, where his handlers are making sure he goes super hard on the FREEDUMB angle, with some extremely mild dogwhistles thrown in. 

Smaller government makes room for bigger citizens.

Is this satire?

He ends with what, you know I can’t even provide commentary. Just listen to this.

Easy street leads to a dead end. And hard roads lead to the best destination. Our destination is a Canada where the government is servant, not master. As Henly might say, you are the master of your fate. You are the captain of your soul.

Aren’t you inspired? I’m certainly inspired. Vote for this weird self-help guru goyim!

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