Great article written by American Greatness. I can’t quote all of it, so make sure to head over there and read it for yourself.

American Greatness:

Pro-Antifa social media accounts are taking a victory lap this week following the announcement that the FBI has ruled out a political motive in the 2019 Dayton, Ohio mass murder of nine people, carried out by Antifa supporter Connor Betts. One of the victims was Betts’ sister.

Betts interacted with multiple Antifa-aligned accounts online, including the Socialist Rifle Association (SRA), a Marxist group whose members commonly provide armed support during Antifa actions. Betts himself attended Antifa protests while armed, and made statements calling for killing “every fascist” and urged his comrades to “arm, train, prepare” to oust Trump from office, according evidence unearthed by Andy Ngo, a journalist with a long history of covering Antifa violence. Betts can also be seen in images wearing Satanist and anarchist patches. Betts, dressed all in black and wearing a mask, opened fire on a crowd outside the “traditional western-themed bar” Ned Peppers, before being killed by police.

Looks like we’ve got an open and shut case of political terrorism committed by antifa. 

The FBI appears to have taken none of these known facts into account when it determined:

The evidence from the extensive investigation indicated the perpetrator, Connor Betts, was solely responsible for the injuries and deaths that were a result of his actions. He acted alone and was not directed by any organization or aligned to any specific ideological group.

Of course. The FBI is a political police. Reminds me of something I heard from TRS about the gang “Aryan Nation.” These were a bunch of career criminals who formed a White Prison Gang and called it Aryan Nation. They also did a lot with swastikas to be super edgy. In case your brain has been fried, no, this was not a serious political organization, their main goal appearing to be working with Mexican Cartels to sell meth to White People. 

But of course, the FBI needs to get White Scalps for the (((ADL))), purely for political purposes, so they’d occasionally come up in the news for various reasons. And whenever the FBI could get some gay’op going of them they’d proudly boast of it. In response, the Aryan Nation guys just dropped all the swastika stuff and may have rebranded the gang name to something else. And what they found is the government stopped bothering them.

They still work with Mexican Cartels to sell meth to White People, but the (((ADL))) loves that, so they’re allowed to do that. 

Betts for example publicly uttered his approval of the attack conducted by armed Antifa member Willem van Spronsen, targeting a Tacoma-area Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility, only one month before Betts’ own shooting spree, calling Spronsen “a martyr.” It is worth asking whether Betts may reasonably have believed his own attack would be regarded in a similar manner by people he interacted with online.

Law enforcement has also recently come under fire for ignoring the political motivations of Waukesha parade attacker Darrell Brooks, Jr., whose social media was replete with pro-Black Lives Matter and black identity extremism content.

We covered Darrell Brooks here. Needless to say, the idea that he wasn’t motivated by BLM, and anti-White hate propaganda more broadly, is simply ridiculous.

Remember, terrorism charges, hate crime charges, and many others are political crimes. Only privileged groups have access to them. You’ll see a common pattern of behaviour where the cops suddenly just have absolutely no idea what the motive is, even going so far as to say there was no motive, when Antifa/BLM groups do actual terrorism. We saw a great example a few days ago from the RCMP in response to the Winnipeg Antifa terrorist attack by David Zegarac.

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