Remember goyim, it’s just super important to vote Conservative. They’re totally not just as controlled as the Finkle-Left parties. You need to get really excited and invested in Conservativism because they’re fighting super hard against cancel culture and woke – 

I’m sorry, who asked for this? Oh right, his donors, the only people that Conservatives give a single fuck about.

Here we see him retweeting the jew nationalist organization the Centre for Israel and Jewish Advocacy. Let me hop on over to their twatter account and see what I can find.

So the very first tweet I see is them doing anti-White activism, with some bullshit language surrounding it. Great, love to see this from the Conservative Party.

He’s also getting retweeted by a Liberal, Anthony Housefather. Well I hopped on over to his twatter account and once again, here’s the very first tweet.

And in case you were wondering, yes he is.

Luckily for all of us the fat sack of shit Kevin Waugh has a video of himself proposing this on the house floor.

Holocaust distortion, denial, anti-semitism must be confronted with the strongest opposition and condemnation. Ignorance fuels intolerance. We must continue to teach the truths of the past. Education is the safeguard of history. We must face history with courage, and boldly call out and confront intolerance whenever it exists. Passage of this bill will protect the truth.

Right, which is why it’s illegal to fact-check the lampshadocaust. Make no mistake, this bill will not include truth as a defense. Even in 2022 the twatter replies get it.

Also keep in mind that we had an actual real slander, the Gravocaust, last summer that was used to achieve the burning of our churches, the tearing down of our statues, and the destruction of our national holiday. But since you don’t give big money donations to Conservatives, rest assured, you will never get policy against that.

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  1. […] I covered this a few weeks ago. This is what conservatives exist to do. Make it illegal for the goyim to talk back to jews. […]

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