I’ve been only somewhat checking in on the Finklethink Convoy. I support the truckers themselves, but we need to remember that this was organized by a perverted jew supremacist. Needless to say, this will not lead to tangible policy unless the truckers, without leadership, take it upon themselves to go off script. Having said that, it’s still good for some laughs. 

Oh noes! Send in the tanks to crush these… children playing with bales of hey with saunas and bouncy castles.

But even worse than the terrorist bouncy castles.

A terrorist pile of wood. I’m sorry, an explosive terrorist pile of wood. You might think that a pile of wood is not in fact a bomb waiting to go off, but just some wood that could theoretically catch fire in the exact spot it currently sits in. You think that because you’re a science denying bigot.

Above is a pretty decent example of the protest somewhat going off script. See the police were raiding the convoy, and stealing their gas. The legality of this is entirely dubious, and there is nothing wrong with getting the police officers on camera giving you their names, badge numbers, and forcing them to explain to you why they’re stealing your property. Even if not illegal, it’s a far worse look for them than simply letting them steal your shit. 

Ultimately it doesn’t matter too much right now, because there is no political party that is standing up for these truckers, that could use this naked oppression to get real, tangible policy or electoral victory. In case there are some cuckservatives reading this, no, the CPC does not support them either. We’ll get to that at the end.

The police put out an announcement that anybody who brought fuel to the truckers would be arrested. So then these people just did it anyway right in front of the police.

It’s also triggered the right people. God is that ever a great freeze frame.

Unfortunately after raiding the jerry cans, the cops then did it again. Here we can see them stealing the protesters property, yet again.


Below we see a CBC propagandist insinuating that the truckers could have child services involved to take away their kids for bringing them to Ottawa.

This is what I mean when I say that I support the truckers themselves, and think they deserve better than (((Benjamin Dichter))) running a grift on them.

Beyond that, the Conservative Party of Canada, with it’s new leader Candice Bergen explicitly tells the truckers to stop doing this.

The economy you want to see re-opened is hurting. Farmers, manufacturers, small businesses and families are suffering. I believe this is not what you want to do. I believe we must all work together. 

You are protesting because you love your country and you want your freedom back. To the protesters who came here in Ottawa you came here bringing a message. That message has been heard. Conservatives have heard you. And we will stand up for you and all Canadians who want to get back to normal life.

We will not stop until the mandates have ended.

Let me translate that for you.

“Hey goyim just stop doing the thing which is causing serious annoyances for our donors and takes away all of your leverage and then we’ll surely do the things that we’ve been promising to do but haven’t. Please ignore that we’re pushing lampshadocaust fact checking laws, we’ll get to what you goy cattle want as soon as you stop putting pressure on us.” 

Candice Bergen, CPC interim leader.

As Emma Watson says, “to be denounced by cuckservatives is to be endorsed by god.” At this point I might have to start supporting the Finklethink Convoy myself.

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