Recently someone forwarded me a message from none other than Vincent James. For those who don’t know, Vincent founded Red Elephants and seemed to be the sole remaining adult in the room over there at the Manlet Cult.

Well, needless to say, it appears we were mistaken. Perhaps, as seen above, the warning signs were always there, but this message quite simply needs to be seen to be believed. Transcript below.

It takes true courage to join the America First movement and attend AFPAC.

Perhaps stupidity would be more accurate. Unlike a serious political movement, which offers the downside of massive oppression, but the upside of actual political victory, the Manlet Cult offers you the downside of massive oppression, with the upside of some cringe inducing closeted homosexuals playing video game livestreams and LARPing as Catholics. You don’t even get mentally unstable female groupies. It’s the absolute worst political “movement,” of all time.

Courage is contagious and soon you will see dozens of candidates and politicians join along the way.

Who could forget when Beardsoy courageously whined like a little bitch when Louis Theroux brought up him doing a nazi salute twice. Then he bravely stumbled over his words as he kicked Theroux off his property.

Long gone are the days of caving to the mob of homosexual journalists and conservative incorporated controlled opposition.

Nothing says “not caving to homosexual journalists,” quite like constantly denying that you’re White Nationalists who do edgy humour online. And then almost crying as an enemy propagandist asks you some basic factual questions.

We don’t need anyone that shows weakness and backs down to the mob every time they’re challenged.

Nothing projects strength like an entire political movement consisting of men under the height of 5’7 or displaying outward signs of homosexuality. 

Well some of them have cartoon porn pillows. So there is some amount of heterosexuality here. I guess.

People like this live every day of their lives by the rules of the game the left has written for them.

Weird argument to hear from the people who used to explicitly claim that they were superior to heterosexuals because they obediently posted cuckservativism online so as to not get censored.

We need people who reject the game entirely.

Nothing says “rejecting the game entirely,” quite like bragging about Republican politicians possibly showing up to your twinkPAC. Well that and pretending that you’re going to be welcome on mainstream con inc platforms.

Game Rejection Status: Entire.

Stay far away from those still rolling the dice in a rigged game we will never win.

I will once again remind you that the Manlet Cult does not have a political party. They do not run for office. They do video game livestreams and make not getting pussy central to their identity. Unlike normal people, they can’t even run on a populist agenda, because they’re weirdo losers. All of which assumes that they would at some point run for office, which they never will.

But congrats on the courage.

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  1. Hello, theTDC, here is the latest wall of text “Magnum Opus” from Anglin.

    Of course, if you’re in the mood for this.

    I especially like this paragraph:

    “This system can’t last forever. And when it ends, there will still be white people. The white race is not going to go extinct. You sacrificing your entire life to try to chase an impossible dream of a world that no longer exists is not going to save the white race. Your energies would be much better spent following the cliche of “becoming the change you want to see in the world.””

    Yeah, Anglin, you can’t last forever either. I’m really pressing X to doubt that childless Manlet Cult will outlive the system. BTW it’s all sounds really familiar, Anglin basically gives these retarded talking points to Fuentes.

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