It’s too early to confirm anything, but I have an extremely promising lead when it comes to employment. This was entirely due to some people in this community reaching out to me. I can’t share any details now, but you know who you are. 

I’ve been somewhat negative towards abstract concepts like “community building” in the past, but I don’t want to be misunderstood. I’ve also been critical of working out as a political act. I think that physical fitness is something everyone should do, and I’ve rigorously kept to my twice per week workout routine ever since finding out that I was getting fat. That something is personal, rather than political, does not mean that it’s not beneficial. Networking with other like-minded people isn’t in and of itself going to translate into any tangible political victories, but it’s something that all of you should be doing. 

This is especially true for local, physical community, but is also true for online communities. I’ve met many great people online during the course of this site, most of whom I’m quite sure that I’ll never meet in person. These relationships are valuable to me.

Unfortunately, there is a certain type of critter that I’ve taken to calling An Internet Person. We saw a great deal of them when writing about the NJP. They’re rude, lazy, risk-averse, entitled, and every other negative attribute that you can think of. We see some of them under the last article on this site, a diversion about creative writing. Or we would, if I hadn’t moved them all to the trash folder. 

I had already made it abundantly clear that I was not interested in spending one single additional minute of my time cranking out free content for people to consume and then do nothing with. At the very least, I need a good, long break. I might write about some political stuff, but that’s not going to be anytime in the near future. 

Or at least, I thought that I had made that clear. Turns out that the portion of the audience who are whiny, entitled e-content consooomers didn’t get the memo. Here’s one of these comments, transcribed. 

What the fuck. Is this some kinda mid life crisis or something? I only read the stuff on WN cuz it’s informative and correct. If this is the direction he’s going… I couldn’t care less. Figure it out guy.

– Monkey Sins

The problem is that I have figured it out. I’ve figured out that these types of constantly online dipshits aren’t ever going to do anything. What is the point of me slaving away producing free content on him that is “informative and correct”? It’s not like “Monkey Sins” is ever going to do anything productive with it. 

For the record, I will write the last two pieces in the Steak Knives series, starting March 1st. They have to do with effective propaganda/marketing, and activism. The lessons to be learned are larger than simply a critique of the NJP, therefore it is a productive use of my time to finish those articles. There are people who are actually doing activism and producing propaganda, and while nothing I have to say shouldn’t be common sense, it’s still worth saying my piece.

Speaking of one of those normal people, I got a comment from “WLM Guy” under the creative writing piece.

Exercise your writing on this short story contest for Raw Egg Nationalist then as well. Pulp fiction, high adventure, 5k word limit, end of February deadline:

If it’s the same guy that I’m thinking of, I’ve had some interaction with him over email as well. Good guy. Despite being focused on activism, he writes a comment under the piece that informs me of a writing contest being held until the end of February. Relevant, helpful, courteous. 

Let’s contrast this with another comment that ended up joining the trashpile.

Good luck Rake. I foresee your viewership dropping like a rock in water but you do you…

– Johnson McDougle

Not my heckin’ viewcounterino. 

I remind everyone that this site is free. You needn’t pay me anything to read thousands of hours of work, past and present. If you feel like it, you can support me on my BuyMeACoffee page. I don’t shill that often. I never started this project in order to make money, and am considerably in the red, not just in terms of opportunity costs but actual costs. 

Thus far, twelve people have supported the site. I am appreciative for all of them, and it would be one thing if one of them wanted me to write more about a certain subject. That would carry some weight. In contrast, some entitled freefag snarkily reeeeeeing about how he wants his free infotainment and, golly gosh darnit, he wants it now, is somewhere between laughable and just irritating. 

It reminds me of when, years ago, I had built up an audience in the Vancouver area in Canada. I had about a dozen people who were following this group on Telegram, and were confirmed in the area. That’s a small group, but massive in terms of kickstarting things politically, should they all be interested.

I reached out to them and asked them to show up to a dinner organized by some parents who had their kids being put through the tranny wringer in the schools. They were even getting free and delicious food.

I got no responses. I ended up DMing a bunch of them, and got one response. The guy explained that he didn’t really do IRL stuff, but that he might have a friend who would be interested. That was that. 

I don’t mean to say that everyone on the internet is a Weird Internet Person. Again, I’ve met plenty of great people, some eventually IRL, through the course of this site. It’s just unfortunate that all these online groups have these weird, entitled, do-nothing E-People in them. It’s even worse, because they don’t have the decency to announce that they’re just here for content up front. You have to learn, disappointment by disappointment. 

Johnson McDougle and Co’s snark about “muh viewcount,” reveals something about their psychology. I’ve always viewed the internet as a tool, not a place to live in. I don’t care about my e-clout, except for as it leads to real world action. But Weird, Do-Nothing Internet People, who are the least important demographic to preach do, seem to think that I haven’t even considered their precious infotainment tastes.

Like, does Timothy Coish not understand that us Weird Internet People aren’t going to give him his heckin viewcount unless he gives us our infotainment!?

I can’t stress enough what an investment of time and effort writing is. I’ve estimated in the past that my creating writing output is fewer than 250 words per hour. My non-fiction writing output is fewer than 500 words per hour. When you read some 11k word piece, understand that I’ve spend close to two dozen hours producing that. 

For free.

Then some Internet Person comes around and whines, because it’s very important for them to consoooom their infotainment and then do absolutely nothing other than continue consooming infotainment. I don’t think I have the writing ability to express how little I care about satisfying that demand. I hope this article gets the message across.  

The Weird Internet People wanted to read about moobment drama. I felt like writing about Brandon Sanderson’s The Way Of Kings. So what happened was I wrote about Brandon Sanderson’s The Way Of Kings. That’s going to keep happening for the entire month of February. No amount of online whining from the freefags is going to change that. If that’s not your cup of tea, no one is forcing you read the site. I can assure you that I’ll somehow survive the earth shattering blow that is a reduced viewcount in the meantime. 

This is very much not a case of “if you see it, it’s for you.” If you don’t think this behaviour applies to you, it probably doesn’t. If you’re one of the normal people who has appreciated my work in the past, then don’t feel put off. I very much value your input, whatever it may be, and it’s fine to express the desire that I write about certain topics. 

Fingers crossed, I’ll be starting my new job in about ten days, and won’t have nearly as much time to write as I used to. I’ll be more productive than I have been for the past month or so, since writing is mostly about having the will to spend an inordinate amount of time and effort, but far less than days past. I have to be more judicial with my time, and am perfectly happy to balance my personal interests with those of the general audience. 

What I’m not happy with is entitled Internet People demanding that I spend hundreds of hours being their personal entertainment. I would very much enjoy them leaving forever. There are other sites, such as KiwiFarms, that can cater to their needs just fine. 

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  1. The focus on “infotainment” is juvenile, and attracts juvenile minds. Think about that. Research and a journalistic approach to very serious matters with some humor thrown in, is something else. We live in dire times and we need as much information as we can get regarding what is happening to Canada, and who exactly is responsible. We need as many capable info soldiers as we can get. Focusing on “moobment drama” is pure bullshit for retards, and a total waste of time. The hour is late and we are all in very big fucking trouble, and worse is on the way. Use your talent wisely, we need it.

    1. I think the hour of reckoning for this ZOG empire is coming due soon enough, no matter what else happens. Signs are all over the place, ZOG is spiting its nose hard and dragging it’s stolen empire down with it. Best thing I can think of is to build your personal support sphere with good hearted bros and gals, take care of your family and your girl, kids if you got em and prepare for Weimar style hard times in the not too distant future.

  2. Blah blah blah Steak Knives 16 now.

  3. This is what capturing lightning in bottle and then letting it slide out of your ass looks like.

    Who is disappointing whom, again?

    Total victory imminent.

  4. Yes, I expect better.

    YOU literally taught me to expect better.

    1. L I T E R A L L Y

      1. Empty words if you haven’t done jack shit. Bro is just a guy like all of us. Have you written hundreds of articles for free and paid hosting fees? If you aren’t in this because you feel like it’s the morally right thing to do then why the fuck are you even here?

  5. Yeah, pretty disappointing that the njp blow up just resulted In some more slightly different racist podcast product to consoom.

    Total Aryan victory after just one more hot take about how niggers stink and jews suck

    All the best to you rake

    1. Well, it’s still better to have WarStrike than not. There’s always a fresh crop of young men ready for their political awakening and I’d rather have them get it from Striker than Fuentes, Kirk, Pool, Jones, BronzeAgePervert, Tate, Shapiro, Peterson, etc. Sometimes not shit is the best you can hope for, not that I’m sticking around to see how it plays out either. 6-hour long podcasts is too much content even for me.

  6. It’s funny that these people think they are doing you a favor simply by consoooming your content for free, while you foot the bill to host this site. If podcast nationalism proved anything it’s that right wing content by itself doesn’t translate into real-world changes.

  7. I for one appreciate your long form, free articles. They remind me a lot of James A’s rants on telegram. Thanks for the content.

  8. Well stated. As for some of the responses, I feel like the internet was some kind of mass psychological test to bring out narcissism. And it worked.

  9. Good read! Thank you for the article!

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