Originally posted December 22nd, 2023.

Part 1: Meet Judd Blevins

Enid News (February 14th, 2023):

ENID, Okla. — The next mayor of Enid will be David Mason.

According to unofficial results from Oklahoma State Election Board, Mason received 2,483, or 78.11%, votes out of the total 3,179 to win the mayoral office over Jayme Wright Latta, who ended the night with 696, or 21.89%, votes.

In Ward 1, challenger Judd Blevins won the seat with 422, or 52.23%, votes over incumbent Jerry Allen, who received 386, or 47.77%, votes.

Blevins thanked the voters of Ward 1.

“This was a close race,” he said. “I’m really encouraged that so many Ward 1 voters got out and participated in this election.”

He also thanked his family, friends and supporters he met along the way.

“The credit really goes to them tonight,” Blevins said. “They got me across the finish line.”

Blevins said he’s been watching Enid City Commission meetings for several months and will be prepared to start his term strong in May.

On February 14th of this year, Judd Blevins became one of six city councilors for Enid, Oklahoma, population 51k. He’ll hold this position until May, 2027. While I can’t find his exact pay, you can expect him to be fetching a high five figure salary to spend his entire day doing politics. Most of that will be mundane work, but not all.

There are a lot of city councilors for middle sized cities in America. If you’re wondering why you should care about this on in particular, I’ll let Jared Holt of “Right Wing Watch” explain.

Right Wing Watch (2019):

Today, Right Wing Watch is identifying a man who was working on behalf of [Identity Evropa] in Oklahoma.

His name is Judson Gannon Blevins. He was Identity Evropa’s Oklahoma state coordinator.

Judd Blevins is a great guy. Enid, Oklahoma, is lucky to have him as a councilor, and all it took was 422 people voting for him.

He didn’t sneak his way into this position, either. Holt wrote his hitpiece on Blevins four years ago. This “scandal” resurfaced a full five weeks before the election.

Enid News Jan 7th 2023:

ENID, Okla. — A candidate for Enid City Commission was accused nearly four years ago by a progressive advocacy group of being a member of a white nationalist organization that has since disbanded.

The candidate, Judson Blevins, said the accusations were part of hit piece by what he called a “leftist outlet.” Blevins is running for the Ward 1 seat on Enid City Commission.

An article written in March 2019 for Right Wing Watch, a research project of People for the American Way, accused Blevins of being the Oklahoma state coordinator for Identity Evropa — identified as a white nationalist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center — formed in 2016, renamed to American Identity Movement in 2019 and disbanded in 2020.

Blevins announced his candidacy for the Ward 1 position in November 2022 and officially filed as a candidate in December, but he declined an interview with the News & Eagle regarding the article and his involvement with Identity Evropa.

After Blevins declined an interview with the News & Eagle, he did provide a statement in an email on Friday, Dec. 30.

“I think we can all see this for what it is, a hit piece posted four years ago by a George Soros funded leftist outlet,” Blevins said in the statement. “This is the same outlet that has attacked Governor Kevin Stitt for expressing his Christian faith. They were smears then and they are smears now. The labels applied to me are the same applied to any American who speaks out against the ruling liberal establishment. I am proud to have served this country honorably and defended our rights in the United States Marine Corps. I am absolutely opposed to the erasure of America’s history and heritage.”

Judd Blevins

Blevins was “outed” as someone with a good head on his shoulders over a month before the election. This, along with his excellent and attacking response, seen above, undoubtedly helped him unseat the incumbent, Jerry Allen. It didn’t hurt that this Jerry Allen character is exactly the kind of sanctimonious soyim that everyone hates so much.

Ward 1 Commissioner Jerry Allen who is being challenged for the seat by Blevins said he was “shocked” when he became aware of the Right Wing Watch article.

“There is no place in Enid for those kind of attitudes he’s shown to lead and participate in,” Allen said. “Certainly not on the city commission. Commission races in Enid are nonpartisan and need to remain that way. Commissioners are elected to represent the entire community, not special interest groups.”

Turns out there’s no place for Jerry Ward in the Enid city commission.

Bye, Felicia!

Actually, there’s no place on earth for Jerry Allen. He passed away a few months after getting holocausted by Blevins in the election. The obituary didn’t make it clear, but I choose to believe that he died of a broken heart after the people chose Blevins.

KFOR-TV Oklahoma City (1 month ago):

ENID, Okla. (KFOR) — One Enid group is collecting signatures in an effort to recall Ward 1 City Commissioner Judd Blevins, after he refused to denounce white supremacy groups at a meeting held at City Hall on Tuesday.

KFOR was at the meeting for immediate reaction.

“What would it say if we as a community were welcoming and doubling down on a white nationalist in office?,” said a meeting attendee on Tuesday.

The Enid Social Justice Committee said Judson “Judd” Blevins was the Oklahoma coordinator for the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, as reported by Right Wing Watch in 2019.

However, the call to denounce white supremacy in Enid was met with a smirk from Blevins, as efforts to remove him permanently from the office were underway.


I can’t pretend that I’m above enjoying the sight of antifas seething and dilating. Their pain is my pleasure. Their despair, my bliss. Somehow, someway, Judd Blevins has managed to do more to upset these people than the NJP has in three and a half years of existence, after raking in at least half a million in donations, and a hundred thousand man-hours of your sweat. Maybe Blevins should throw an adult playdate in a barn. That’d really get them mad.

From their site.

You’ll never guess the kind of person behind the “Enid Social Justice Committee.”

The Patriot Sentinel:

Judd Blevins, Ward I City Commissioner for Enid, is currently under fire again by a few angry local misfits who identify as and appear to be unhinged transgender radicals in the local community. This group of miscreants failed in preventing Blevins from being elected last May and are still bitter from their loss and are now trying again to push their radical gender dysphoria, mental illness and in some cases pedophiliac based agenda upon kids and others.

Judge a man by his enemies.

Because they have no self-awareness, the spiteful mutants put out a video attacking Blevins that ends up serving as an advertisement for him better than anything money could buy. I found this video on an antifa-adjacent “journalists” twitter. Imagine watching this and thinking that Blevins looks bad when being attacked by these losers.

These are the courageous antifa commandos who want Blevin gone. A half dozen overweight, purple haired sadsacks, who couldn’t even fill up a tiny room.

The people chose Blevin. They chose him not in spite of his beliefs, but because of them. For one of the first times in American history, the people are actually represented by their elected representative. Enraged by actual democracy, the antifas have launched a petition to recall Mr. Blevins.

The Lost Ogle (November 10th, 2023):

Earlier this week, a group of brave Enid residents –

It is literally impossible for these people to stop referring to themselves as brave or courageous, no matter how self-embarrassing.

gathered to prove that not everyone in town is okay with a neo-nazi working in local government and demanded a recall election for the city’s lone white supremacist on the city council – Judd Blevins.

In case you didn’t know, Blevins won a city council seat earlier this year despite the fact he attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, was in a leadership position for Identity Evropa, and spent a lot of time on neo-nazi websites where he praised Hitler.

Here are details from the Enid News Eagle:

Enid Social Justice Committee has renewed its attempt to initiate a recall election of Ward 1 Commissioner Judd Blevins.

Two quick thoughts before we continue…

2. Can the group of brave Enid residents call themselves something other than the Enid Social Justice Committee?!

There’s nothing wrong with challenging white supremacists and advocating for equal rights and opportunities for all people, but the phrase “Social Justice” is way more terrifying to Enid conservatives than “White Supremacist” or even “Nazi.” If anything, The Enid Social Justice Committee is making it easier for Blevins to fight the recall efforts…

For the record, I could not agree more with the propagandist who wrote this. Antifa is undeniably the best advertisement we have for our beliefs. I’ll talk about this a lot more when it comes to effective propaganda, especially stickering.

If you ask me, The Enid Social Justice committee should take a page from the conservative playbook and call themselves “Moms for Super Liberty” or “Farmers for Christ.”

Also, instead of sharing photos of Blevins at the “Unite the Right” rally, they should instead pass around doctored photos of him holding an “I’m with HER” sign or Trans flag. That may seem disingenuous, but those are the sad lengths and efforts you have to go to get a white supremacist booted off the city council in a morally lost place like Enid.

The strategy the antifa comes up with is to poorly photoshop Blevins supporting Hillary Clinton.

I include this so you understand that our opposition is basically retarded. Fighting against them is like taking candy from a baby. That’s why you should actually do that, instead of throwing adult playdates in random barns across the country.

I guess the Social Justice Committee wanted Blevins to admit at the City Council meeting that he belonged to white supremacist groups, apologize for it, and renounce them. Instead, he went on a long rambling soliloquy where he vowed to never apologize and always fight for his right to free speech.

That was about six weeks ago. How’s that recall going?

KFOR-TV Oklahoma City (December 1st):

ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – Ward 1 City Commissioner Judd Blevins will face a recall election, following months of speculation and community unrest over his alleged ties to white nationalist groups.

More than 200 signatures were required, yet nearly 350 were collected and provided to the city clerk prior to the last city council meeting, according to Ben Ezzell, a member of the Enid Social Justice Committee.

“It was not a tough sell…we had a few people knocking doors [and] walking blocks and we got what we needed,” said Ezzell prior to the last council meeting.

First of all, this is Ben Ezzel. Yeah, I know.

As for the recall, it’s nothing to be overly concerned with. Blevins won with 422 votes, versus 386. The antifas just got a fraction of the soyim who already voted against him to sign their petition so that they can lose to him a second time.

Again, this “scandal,” broke long before he was elected. It’s probably what pushed him over the edge, beating out the incumbent. People want (a non-fraudulent) Donald Trump, not Jeb Bush.

In a statement to the station Wednesday, Blevins said he is confident that the voters of Ward 1 will vote to keep him in office:

“I am absolutely confident that the voters of Ward 1 will re-affirm the decision they made on February 14, that I am the best candidate to represent them, and that I share their values, concerns, and their hopes for the future of Enid.

“I am eager to see who, if anyone, is willing to attach themselves to the so called “Enid Social Justice Squad” a small group of antifa-adjacent leftists, who seek to bring “family friendly” drag shows to our community, promote a gospel contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and whose rhetoric and behavior is actively dividing and destroying our nation. It is unfortunate that Enid is being held hostage by a group of people who harbor so much hate against those with different views that they cannot control themselves in our public meetings. The attacks against me are inspired by the same antifa radicals that rioted and burned cities across this country in 2020. Despite the best efforts of this fringe group, great things are coming to Enid in the years ahead, and I look forward to be a part of that process.

Judd Blevins

Very well said, Mr. Blevins.

Blevins wisely refuses to defend himself, instead going on the offensive. He stays focused, hammering home the truth that the scum who hate him also hate you, and they hate him because he represents you.

Ben Ezzell, Enid Social Justice Committee

In response, there’s more whining from the antifas.

In a response from the Enid Social Justice Committee – collectively one of Blevins’s loudest critics and the group that submitted the recall petition – vice chair Father James Neal said he believes the community will support a recall:

Here’s “Father” James Neal.

Father James Neal

I’m not cherry picking.

UPDATE: A reader gave me more information on “Father” James Neal.

In short, he’s a run of the mill antifa, even down to the anti-capitalist LARP. He is a “priest,” for a “church,” called the “Orthodox Catholic Church of America.” This is an antifa front masquerading as a Catholic Church. It has no communion with Rome.

Back to the article.

“White nationalist commissioner Judson Blevins is trying to paint the recall effort as a radical leftist cabal out to get him. The people aren’t buying it. Out of the folks who came to the door to visit with us when we were canvassing for signatures, roughly 3 out of 4 signed. Most of those who didn’t sign, said they just didn’t know enough yet. That’s Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Old and young. Black and white.

Note how they’re so anti-White that they refuse to capitalize the W in White People. Judd, if you’re reading this, please point this out to your constituents.

EDIT: I misread the above “Old and young. Black and white,” as being one sentence separated by a comma. My mistake.

Veterans. Every demographic of our beautiful community. We had Republicans and veterans volunteering in the effort as well. It turns out, regardless of other differences, most folks just don’t want white nationalists and neo-Nazis representing them. I look forward to the people of Enid sending a clear message to the hate groups: you have no home here.”

“It’s important for hate groups that are watching Enid right now to know that there will be opposition if you try to take root in these communities,” Neal said.

The recall election is expected to be held on February 13, 2024.

The mostly likely outcome from all this is these people losing again, and Blevins retaining his seat. That would certainly be nice, but doesn’t it feel like they got off the hook? Doesn’t it feel like these people don’t just deserve a humiliating defeat, but have blundered into one? Doesn’t it feel like this could and should be used to springboard our guys into a permanent takeover of Enid, Oklahoma?

“Takeover” may be the wrong word. Unlike the judeo-antifa footsoldiers of ZOG, our “takeovers” are really just returning control to the people, but the point stands. Every position in the Enid, Oklahoma municipality should be occupied by our guys. Unfortunately, Judd Blevins can’t do all of that for us. He can’t hold all of the elected offices at the same time. He’s done his part, and it’s time we did ours.

Imagine we had some political party with long established networks of activists who could support Blevins in his re-election bid, and turn this into a humiliating show of power for our side. And why stop there? The antifas exploited the recall rules, why can’t we?

The rules for a recall are simple and automatic. Get 30% of the vote count to sign your petition, and it’s on. A few of the other councillors bashed Mr. Blevins, and even considered censuring him for his activism on behalf of our people. If only there was some political party that could go knocking on doors for signatures to force recall elections for them – this time against our guys – exploiting them siding with the absolute scum of the earth.

If only there was some political organization that had the resources to do investigative work into the “Enid Social Justice Committee.” Considering that they’re partnered with the “Enid LGBT Coalition,” and are filled to the brim with trannies, is there nothing embarrassing, or viscerally repulsive to the public that we could uncover? Are you telling me that actual investigative journalism couldn’t uncover things that would make the good people of Enid, Oklahoma want to drive them out of their town?

Why stop with investigative journalism? These people are groomers. How hard is it to set up our own To Catch A Predator, with some underage male volunteers? It’s not like the NJP had a shortage of young men with time on their hands, and it costs you nothing if it falls through. At the very least, get some guys to infiltrate their organizations.

There are so many things that a political party could do in this situation. It’s a real shame that we don’t have one, because for the past three and a half years a bunch of egotistical podcasters have stolen our money and time and wasted it on adult playdates and shitposting in Telegram side chats. It’s a real shame that there will be absolutely no punishment for these disgusting anti-White perverts – except probably watching Blevins win twice – because the NJP is a fake political party full of LOLcows who want to LARP like getting ten guys to hold up signs “puts pressure” on the system, when the actual way to “put pressure” on anything is organized electoral campaigns, where you win, because then you actually have institutional power, instead of “protest power,” which is a meme.

I’ve been told time and time again that the NJP just can’t run candidates, because they have to build up to some arbitrary membership number. Yet here we have Judd Blevins, who literally just ran for local office and won. He didn’t have one member of a political party, let alone six hundred. He had himself and a few friends to help put up some signs, and he won. All you need to win local elections is to run.

Above is a picture of Barry Neufeld. He’s probably the best school trustee in British Columbia. I have had the privilege of meeting him in person, and can confirm that he’s a great guy. Do you know how Barry Neufeld became a school board trustee from 1993-2022? He ran for office and won. Yes, it’s really that simple. The organized effort of a (real) political party undoubtedly makes this easier, and more effective. The point is that you don’t even need a political party.

The same types who want to remove Judd Blevins have been doing everything they can to remove Barry Neufeld for decades. Finally, in late October 2022, they succeeded. In fairness, they succeeded once before, in 2008, and he won re-election by 2011. However, he’s very old. I don’t think he’ll run again.

I never mentioned it before, but another reason why I aborted my local political electoral ambitions is for exactly this reason. It’s not trivial, but it’s also not that difficult to win an election for local office. The downside is that you now have to actually do the job, and are massively restricted in the other things that you can do.

This is a complete non-issue if you have the backing of a political party. But if it’s just you, then you won’t be able to properly respond to all the attacks from bureaucrats, capitalists, police, propagandists, etcetera, that will inevitably come your way for daring to represent the people. Pretty much all you can do is what Neufeld and Blevins have done, chirp these people and hope that someone else takes the ball and runs with it.

Judd Blevins is like a hockey player who has stolen the puck from the other team. He skates down the ice, deftly weaving around the defenders. Actually, it’s not that hard, since they’re a bunch of trannies and can’t skate, but there are a lot of them. Eventually they manage to swarm him.

Side Note: Remember the NHL’s all-troon game?

“No problem,” he thinks, as he turns around to pass the puck back to his teammates. It is then that he realizes that they’re all still sitting in the stands, refusing to participate. He raises his hands in dismay and shock, and after the trannies have stolen the puck from him he screams at these dolts, demanding to know why they left him all alone. To his surprise, the response is immediate, like an army of clones all programmed to speak with one voice, and it is with this voice they say:

We need to grow before we can get in there and join you. It took the natzees ten years before they started winning elections. Learn some history.

Or maybe they’re not in the arena, because they’re too busy impotently whining at Mike DeWine from outside his house while he enjoys chardonnay scallops with his lovely friends from Israel. Whatever the case, I’m sure it’s all a very productive use of three and a half years, a half million (at least) in donations, and a hundred thousand volunteer hours. You guys did a great job faking it ’till you made it collapsed.  I’m thrilled you were self-aggrandizing instead of getting people to run for office, winning dozens of local elections all over the country, and building credibility and a base of political power.

But hey, you held up some signs instead, and I think that’s pretty much just as good.

Part 2: Political Theory For Non-Retards

One of the most damaging cult beliefs inculcated by the National Justice LLC was this notion that winning elected office is a Herculean task that requires billions of dollars and millions of party members. This is obviously true for presidential campaigns. Even then, an inexpensive activist campaign could be considered to raise awareness for the main thrust of your early political efforts, local elections.

Municipal offices are not powerless positions, nor are they unpaid. Actually, one consistent criticism I’ve made of school board trustees, mayors, and city councilours is the absurd salaries they get for working seven hours a week shoving Globo Homo down our throats. On top of the politics, they’re robbing you.

Above is the pay for some Toronto District School Board cunt who banned an autobiography from an ISIS rape survivor for “Islamophobia.” Don’t think she’s an anomoly. Below we see the pay for the Hamilton (pop: 570k) mayor, and a bunch of Hamilton school board trustees. In case you can’t see the graphic, their pay ranges from $154k – $241k, and benefits are not included.

The above groomers initially came to my attention by pushing some child tranny garbage. After that, I found them denying an internship to a seventeen year old White Woman named Megan Breeze for holding up the “okay” symbol. That was just an excuse for them to bully a White child, and in the course of looking into that I found them pushing Blacks-Only after school programs, as part of their “commitment to Equity.”

The pushing of anti-White poz is not a phenomenon isolated to Hamilton or Toronto municipalities. Nor is the absurd compensation that these cretins give themselves.


The average salary for School Board Member is $147,310 per year in the Canada. The average additional cash compensation for a School Board Member in the Canada is $38,942, with a range from $13,537 – $112,030. Salaries estimates are based on 289 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by School Board Member employees in Canada.
The salaried theft of your tax dollars is not limited to school board members. Job bank claims that the median salary for city councillors in Canada is $84k, with Glassdoor claiming a slightly lower figure of $75k. The CBC compiled a list of the pay of various BC mayors and city councillors, which you can see below.

These numbers are lowball estimations, where they do not include additional allowances or regional board stipends, and lump in part-time councilors with the rest. Despite the gaudy theft of your tax dollars, BC is probably on the lower side when it comes to mayoral and councilor pay.

I’ve written about the anti-White child tranny supporting nutcase mayor of Calgary, Jyoti Gondek, before. According to the CBC, she gets paid $208k in salary, plus benefits. Her fellow councillors take home $118k, plus benefits. She gets paid all that money to do this.

To be clear, no one is rolling in dough from being the mayor of a small town. Likewise, councilors in those areas are compensated appropriately for the part-time work they do. Every town on the list below has a population of less than 10,000, and the pay is representative of that. Still, someone has to fill these positions, and it should be our guys.

Having our guys receive this financial compensation is undoubtedly good. Having our guys in these positions of moderate, but non-zero power, is also undoubtedly good. However, there is one reason to focus on local elections over state and federal elections that is vastly more important than financial remuneration or any particular legislative/operative power.

When you start a populist political party, you have no victories. In a first past the post system, or “representative” democratic system, you need not just a popular platform, but a credible belief in the eyes of the public that you have a serious shot at winning. People vote strategically, because they know that some random guy, no matter how much of an improvement over the (((establishment))) candidate, has no chance at winning.

Because of this, political parties are oligopolies. They collude with each other to entirely remove popular issues such as immigration restriction, opposition to wars for Israel, doing literally anything to billionaires/big corporations, stopping child sterilization/trannies, and many others, from the discourse. They get away with this only because they can credibly claim that you’re stuck with them, since outside candidates have no chance at winning. What are you going to do, throw your vote away?

The most important attack that needs to be done on the (((Donor approved parties))) is not that they don’t really represent the people. People are already aware that Congress does not represent them. That’s why Donald Trump ran on “draining the swamp.” That’s why there exists a cottage industry of politicians pretending to be outsiders. Congress’ approval ratings are trash, and it’s not because people really feel that Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell speak on their behalf.

This is the frustration I get when people talk about “redpilling da normies.” It’s not that every single person has the absolute right take on everything. I’ve talked about chaffing before, and I said that almost everyone in the general public suffers from some form of misdirection from the (((Democracy Class))). The issue is that it doesn’t matter one bit what people think until there exists a political vehicle that advocates on their behalf. You don’t live in a democracy, you live under a dictatorship that pretends to be a democracy, and doesn’t really care that much about being exposed for the sham that it is.

It is true that municipal offices are less powerful. It is also true that there are an enormous amount of them. There is one election for President that happens every four years. In that same time period, there are 50 elections for state Governor, and tens of thousands of municipal elections. You don’t get to pick the electorate for the presidential campaign. You do get to choose which towns you run for office in.

These are low stakes, inexpensive elections that serve to legitimize your political party, because it shows that you are winners. Yes, winners in a small sense, but winners nonetheless. The general public does not expect a populist party to soar into contention for Presidential elections in the first few months of its existence. What people can expect is for you to win some municipal elections. After all, these are so easy to win that random guys without any real political experience do it all the time. If your party can’t manage to win any of these, then you have no electoral credibility.

For the record, David Duke managed to win elections. The British National Party managed to win elections. The AfD guys have finally managed to win local offices in medium sized cities. It’s not that difficult. You start small and build from there.

Speaking of German political parties…

Part 3: Hitler Thinks You’re a Moron

One common excuse for the NJP winning fewer elections than Judd Blevins, was the NSDAP not winning elections until five years after their formation. Before we get there, let’s talk about growth.

Wikipedia (Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power):

In 1920, a small “hall protection” squad was organised around Emil Maurice.[33] The group was first named the “Order troops” (Ordnertruppen). Later in August 1921, Hitler redefined the group, which became known as the “Gymnastic and Sports Division” of the party (Turn- und Sportabteilung).[34] By the autumn of 1921 the group was being called the Sturmabteilung (“Storm Detachment”) or SA, and by November 1921 the group was officially known by that name.[35] Also in 1920, Hitler began to lecture in Munich beer halls, particularly the HofbräuhausSterneckerbräu and Bürgerbräukeller. Only Hitler was able to bring in the crowds for the party speeches and meetings. By this time, the police were already monitoring the speeches, and their own surviving records reveal that Hitler delivered lectures with titles such as Political Phenomenon, Jews and the Treaty of VersaillesAt the end of the year, party membership was recorded at 2,000.[36]

The NSDAP was founded in September, 1919. By January 1921, they had 2,000 members. The NJP started with a large organization of pro-White activists, and after 3.5 years had less than 600 members.


The NSDAP could only grow membership through Hitler putting out speeches that no one could ever hear except the people in attendance, combined with a small army of party members spreading the word however they could. Meanwhile, the NJP is too lazy to clip episodes of TRS and upload them to the internet, where they could potentially be seen by millions.

As for physical activism, I have a great excerpt from chapter 1 of R.H.S. Stolfi’s “Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny.” It’s long, but very much worth reading.

One of the more important political actions carried out by Hitler in the 1920s was the Coburg incursion in October 1922. In Coburg, a medium-sized German town only recently included in Bavaria in 1920 as a result of postwar political trauma, the small nationalist political element had decided to organize a German Day celebration for October 14 and 15. Given Hitler’s growing reputation as a nationalist political figure in Munich, the organizing committee of the celebration invited him to attend and “to bring some company”—or, in Hitler’s words, “an escort.” In the ensuing adventure, Hitler acted with the imagination, the lack of any sense of proportion, and the all-consuming energy characteristic of most self-imposed tasks in his life.

Probably the two main circumstances that impelled Hitler to launch the daring political raid on Coburg were the following. Benito Mussolini and the black-shirted, street-fighting elements of his fascist movement—the squadrists or combat squads—had regained control, in 1922, of the streets and town halls of Bologna and Milan in May and early October, respectively. These areas had been formerly dominated by Marxist socialist, street-fighting bands and sympathizers. Coincidentally, Hitler had just put together an athletic street-fighting element under former naval lieutenant Hans Ulrich Klintzsch; the group was renamed in September 1921 as the Sturmabteilung (SA). The Marxists dominated Coburg at that time, although not to the outlandish degree as in the Italian cities where the Communists removed the Italian flag from the city halls and replaced it with red international banners. The Coburg invitation presented Hitler with a fleeting opportunity for political action similar to that in Italy using the newly formed Nazi street-fighting “storm squads” under Klintzsch.

The raid characterizes his nonpolitical style and could be generalized as theater in the form of grand opera. Hitler can be seen as composing and directing a modestly scaled, heroic political opera using Coburg as the opera house, using its streets as the stage setting, and acting in the lead role. Kurt Ludecke, the successful young investment manager who carried a spear in the drama, noted that “opportunity presented itself—or rather was manufactured by Hitler out of the slimmest materials.” Immediately and without any regard for normal sense of proportion, Hitler determined to produce a masterpiece of opportunistic action. Notwithstanding the words “bring some company” in his invitation, he called up six hundred SA men in Munich and two hundred more along the way as his escort. With no immediately available means to transport them, Hitler ordered the hiring of an entire Reichsbahn train—locomotive and third-class coaches for the large force—and without sufficient party funds to pay for the hire, convinced his followers to contribute out-of-pocket to cover costs.

May I briefly remind you that the NJP was too incompetent or greedy to pay their own supporters travel costs to go to their impotent protests? Meanwhile, Hitler hires an entire train to bring the boys to town.

Upon arrival for the celebration, Hitler and his party were confronted by a Coburg police captain who ordered them not to march into town in an organized column or to unfurl any banners or to employ the large marching band that they had brought. With the same boundless, intense excess that had characterized the mobile Reichs orchestra project of his youth, Hitler ordered Klintzsch to form an SA column, positioned himself close to the front, and, with flags unfurled and band playing, marched into the menacing terrain of Communist-dominated Coburg.

Adolf Hitler told the cops to go fuck themselves. Meanwhile, NJP nerds whine when Canadian bloggers post their images online.

Preceded only by a point element and flag bearers, Hitler advanced into an entire day and evening of street battles on October 14, 1922, in which the SA smashed the Communist street-fighting apparatus. The following day at noon, Hitler and the SA conducted another march on “the great square” where the Communists had announced that they would gather ten thousand workers to throw Hitler and his party out. Hitler remarked about this Red revival in terms that characterized his determined style of political action: “Therefore, firmly resolved to dispose of the Red terror for good, I ordered the SA to line up, and set out with them on the march.” But few Reds appeared in the square. The Communists and Social Democrats had lost Coburg, which would become the first German city with a National Socialist mayor and city council. One thoughtful participant in the action generalized that “what seemed to others merely an insolent junket proved for us [Nazis] to be a decisive event.”

The above is from 1922, yet the NSDAP did not win elections in Coburg until 1929. That’s because they didn’t contest those elections, in part because they didn’t need to. The other nationalist groups, such as the ones who had invited them out there, won most of those elections anyway.

The original NSDAP strategy was explicitly focused on gathering enough men to overthrow the Government through more direct means, culminating in the failed Beer Hall Putsch. The strategy made some sense, since Benito Mussolini had done pretty much that exact thing himself in his March on Rome, it just didn’t work.

Here’s the very sentence from chapter 5 of Stolfi’s work.

In 1929 the Nazis would achieve numerous modest successes in elections to city councils and state Landtage (parliaments) and national exposure on the international issue of the finalization of German World War I reparation.

In 1929, the NSDAP was winning city council elections, and a few state parliament elections. Nationally, they were winning “exposure.”

In 1929 and 1930, Hitler and his indefatigable Nazi core activists secured gains in local elections, achieved national prominence in the attempt to defeat the Owen D. Young Plan to secure long-term reparation from Germany, and then won breakthrough gains in the Reichstag election of September 1930.

Hitler based his policy of [revolution through legal means] on the winning of Reichstag and Landtage elections and those to more important city councils. Success in these elections would translate into government positions and the capability to effect a nationalist awakening.

Remember Coburg, 1922? The NSDAP didn’t contest elections there until 1929. When they did, they ran away with them. They could have won these elections in 1924, but they were too pre-occupied with directly overthrowing the Federal Government to bother, and then their party got banned. Them not winning these elections when they could have, due to a failed strategy of direct armed confrontation, does not excuse podcasters being too lazy to accomplish what a random ex-Identity Evropa guy did in his spare time.

We can debate the meaning of this, but it is just objectively true that the NSDAP first started winning local and state elections, then broke through federally. It is also objectively true that they went from a doomed strategy of Mussolini style armed confrontation with the Government, to a winning strategy of contesting elections at all three levels of Government. I’m pretty sure if Adolf Hitler were alive today he’d probably tell you to skip ahead to the things they did that actually worked, and that draping the flag of your party over a small city that you totally conquered is pretty sweet.

Part 4: Vanguardism is for Morons

“Vanguardism,” is a pretentious term for self-indulgent twats who don’t want to contest elections, but do want to pretend that they are simultaneously better than everyone else, yet also graciously leading the flock. It’s never really been defined, so I decided to consult the expert.

Borzoi Telegram Channel (March 8th, 2022)l:

Nothing has driven home the pointlessness of talking about action on the local level than going to a small town library. I admit I fell for and pushed that cope meme myself until I experienced the impossibility of it in a town that has a population of less than 5000 and overwhelmingly votes Republican. This town has virtually no black people and all I saw in this library was black stuff and other boutique luxury issues on display. CRT adjacent stuff too. Libtards, demographically, should not be able to establish a Cultural stronghold here if you still follow your political priors, and yet the reality is they have total domination over the library, a power center for community organizing.


Do the antifas have “total domination” over the local library because they’re organized like the antifas in Enid, Oklahoma? Or is there some sort of vague explanation that only Borzoi can give us that references the last historical book that he read?

It’s just the museum and arts problem. People who identify as conservative have completely ceded the Culture ground while pretending they’re fighting a Culture War in the guise of national electoral politics. However they self-style themselves, conservatives overwhelmingly have no interest in the arts, don’t go to museums, or have any actual interest in their historical Culture unless it’s packaged in television or film media–or increasingly bitesized YouTube and TikTok meme formats that are much more easily digestible. How can you expect people who aren’t interested in their own communities, Culture, or history pre-WWII (outside of using it to try and own a political rival) to have the capacity to hold ground as small as a local library? Unless you yourself are some charismatic figure with a preternatural aura that can move masses you are not going to organize a force capable of even infiltrating your local library.

It just drives home to me the importance of two things. The first is the ability to master the crowd, which was written about by Gustave Le Bon and was influential on several 20th century leaders. The second is the importance of a political and Cultural vanguard. You cannot post Return to Tradition until spontaneous revolution occurs. It will be, rhetorically and metaphorically, brutal hand-to-hand combat by what will be very few with a Culture-mission to recapture even the local library from the total Culture-distortion that infects it. You are simply not going to elect conservatives you “redpilled” that are going to take up that mission. It will require an emerging vanguard, not functionaries you are desperately pleading with.

There are a lot of words to say something stupid and objectively false. There are plenty of ways to control the books that are shown in the public library, depending on your jurisdiction. This isn’t an independent branch of the Government, like the judiciary. There is oversight here. There are Library Boards in America, and you can shut down the funding for libraries entirely if you control the municipal Government.

As for local organization being “impossible,” here is a story I wrote in August, 2022 featuring a small town in Michigan escalating a fight over a library – that started because they were shoving some “Gender Queer” garbage in there – into the shutdown of the library. This was organized entirely by the locals. No constantly online “vanguardists,” were required to render this impossibility a possibility.

To be clear, this is exactly the kind of thing that a real political party would be organizing. I just want to point out that the “vanguardists” didn’t shut down the AIDS at the local library, a bunch of concerned Moms did. That’s because “vanguardism,” doesn’t mean anything other than weird nerds self-congratulating themselves for not accomplishing anything tangible in the real world. If you bothered running for elections, you wouldn’t need to call yourself a “vanguardist,” you’d just call yourself a political party.

Part 5: Conclusion

It’s dismaying to think of what could have been. Three and a half years into the NJP, they could have won hundreds of local elections, maybe even thousands. That would have established many local bases of power, and also provided them with credibility that they could have used to make serious inroads into state and federal elections. They might have even picked off a weak Governor, such as Republican Governor Kristi “child trannies” Noem in South Dakota.

I’ve ragged on the protest outside of Mike DeWine’s house, but imagine if it had been done by 1,000 people, all holding up the banner of a political party that had a long track record of success. Imagine if the message being sent to Mike DeWine was “you fucked up, and now we’re going to take your job, and install an NJP guy as Governor of Ohio.” Instead the message was “we’re 20 impotent guys with signs and we’re maaaaaad.” Or maybe it was “the vanguard has arrived.”

Political parties run for office. Excuses for why they can’t run for office are not based in reality, the leaders just don’t feel like doing it. Maybe they don’t want to because they’re unpopular weirdos. Maybe they just don’t want to spend the effort. Maybe they’re morons or schizophrenics who don’t understand how politics works. Maybe they’re pocketing your donations, and don’t want to spend even the tiny amount of money to contest local elections. Who knows?

The only thing that can be certain of is that the Vanguardists have spent three years, gobs of money, tens of thousands of volunteer man-hours, and came away with fewer political victories than this one guy.

That’s just pathetic.

UPDATE: Original article and comments archived here. Many of the comments were lost, as the snapshot was from just a few hours after the piece was finished. My apologies.

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  1. Comment by “Kldzr85”.
    I began to have serious misgivings about Enoch’s leadership capabilities during the run-up to “Unite the Right”. After getting encouraging reports from “Eli Mosely” and others about meetings with local police to coordinate the demonstration Mike, more than once on TDS, referred to Charlottesville’s BLACK Chief of Police, Al Thomas, as “our guy”. This was reckless and stupid, cuz:
    1) Even if Chief Thomas WAS our guy, Mike was likely bringing the guy’s career to a premature end by publicly complementing him, because the shitlibs controlling C’ville wouldn’t stand for it.
    2) HE WAS NEVER OUR GUY & had to resign after the Heaphy report detailed the “stand down” orders he gave his men when things got violent. His motive? To more quickly be in position to declare an “unlawful assembly” & shut down the legally permitted rally before anyone from the Alt-Right got to speak.

    1. Mike “The Kike” Enoch Eh? When you consider who both the police chief and the mayor were at the time,anyone who showed up for Charlottesville is either a certified fucking retard, or mentally ill.

  2. Comment by “Jim Beamer.” Others have said similar things, but they’re all relevant to the piece on the future of TRS.
    Now it’s clear why they kicked Striker out. After 3.5 years he was tired of their inaction and wanted to have a far more direct approach, I’m sure similar to what you prescribe. In any event, whatever Joe wanted to do obviously interfered with the sweet deal the grifters of TRS aka NJP CC were doing and he had to go.

    I don’t see how TRS can survive this; how can they be taken “seriously” anymore, even as “entertainers”? Fighting ZOG? One subscription at a time. But then you read the comments below the shows and man, the cult vibe there is overwhelming. Total sycophancy. Talk about ball fanning.

    It’s ironic that the TRS catchphrase is “Your rational world is a circle jerk” when in fact their site is a COMPLETE circle jerk. With “Borzoi” in the middle. Loving it. Gross.

  3. Thank God this article was republished, as this comment I feel that it must not be buried. Onto the point, as it was well pointed out in this article, I also find the idea of an organization to avoid and not consider running for office to be completely ridiculous. It’s understandable that electoral politics can be extremely tedious and unromantic, pouring many resources for something that is seemingly useless, but to be obstinate about it is not. To have a municipality as a stronghold, even if it’s so tiny, is primordial if you want radical change. It can aid immensely in your pursuit for victory, and even further as more and more municipalities are added.

    Even if it was a complete revolution in the end, Italian Fascism had to start little at Piazza San Sepolcro in Milan and get popular there. National Socialism was more effective when they put themselves in the electoral candidacies, even at the cost of being labeled parlamentarian. In the end both movements found victory considering their small beginnings when they first organized as parties. For Hitler and National Socialism, it was insistance and raising their arms up, even if it mean to partake in the boredom of elections.

    The NJP were extremely retarded and ambition lacking, they didn’t seem extremely alienated or deranged on the surface so partaking in elections was possible and not too hard. With enough victories, they could’ve put themselves as governors of Ohio, as the article suggests. But no, they were lazy and unambitious, they preferred podcasting over rallying, protesting small over mass movilizing. They were so dumb and so disappointing.

    To you, North Americans and Canadians aiming for a change, please form up parties and run for elections. Here in Argentina I have a much harder time, I cannot start my party, due to the current laws. I require 4 thousand documented electors in a municipality. You may say, well they need a measurable base that is authentic and you might be right, but in 2017 due to a (((crecent gender ideology wave))), our honorary Jewish elites and their Shabbos Goyim in government, decided that our parties require GENDER PARITY or your party is considered “in formation”, not to offend you, ladies, but I know that at the start there’s the chance that you probably won’t be there. AND BECAUSE OF THAT I’M RELEGATED TO EITHER SUPPORT NETWORKS OR VANGUARDISM, WHICH SUCKS BECAUSE I CANNOT HAVE POLITICIANS IN PLACE UNLESS I CONVINCE PEOPLE FROM A PARTY THAT ARE SYMPATHETIC TO MY CAUSE. We need a change here or we’ll perish as Argentinians.

    So please, if you have the chance in the ballots, do yourself a favor and go for it. You won’t regret it.

  4. Sort of spoke too soon there mmmmbud: https://odysee.com/@WarStrike:a/Episode25:a00

    1. The jewish system pushed Belvins out just 6 months after he was voted into office by an electorate that knew he was at Charlottesville. The link provided in previous comment, assuming you wont delete it, is proof of how and why the “just run for office” take wont workand it comes straight from the mouth of Judd Blevins himself.

      Political solutions barely work as stopgaps if at all. This system has to be dealt with head on if/when it becomes distracted with other fires it has to put out. Sad but thats the truth, short of getting lucky and just waiting for the state to collapse on its own like the ussr did, its untenable, we wont be able to fix anything.

      1. Le sigh.

        No, the fight around Blevins could have been won, and turned into a larger victory, had there been a competent political party backing him. It would be more accurate to say “one guy by himself can’t fight ZOG,” but that would require a reality based outlook from the Aryan Compound LARPers.

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