The critique of the now defunct NJP’s idiotic political “strategy,” has been a long time coming. So long that, in the time since I first wrote this article – sadly unpublished and therefore lost to the archiving – the NJP’s official website has ceased to exist.

I find this highly annoying as, for all their “real world” pretenses otherwise, the NJP’s online journalism was the only part of their fake political party that had any real value. There were numerous articles of theirs – really just Striker’s – that I referenced in various works of mine. Their articles documenting Israel’s role in the so-called “refugee crisis,” flooding our countries with foreigners, or covering former Fuentes supporter, Christian Secor, rotting away in jail after a Trump appointed judge decided that the maximum legally available punishment wasn’t enough for going to the Capitol and walking around for a while, were fantastic.

However, journalism is to electoral politics what logistics is to an army, or what marketing is to a product. You don’t store artillery shells just to store them. You need artillerymen to eventually actually fire them. You would say an army that only ever stockpiled bullets, but had no soldiers to shoot them was a bizarre joke. You should say the same about a journalist/propagandist without a political party, and that goes for all activism. Under fake democracy, you need a political vehicle, or you might as well go play video games.

The NJP was supposed to be that political vehicle. It failed, because Aloof Hipster Mike Peinovich was too busy watching YouTube and reading Dune to ever do real politics. There is no better example of this failure through inaction than Waukesha.

On November 19th, 2021 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of killing three antifas in self-defense. Antifas/BLMers were mad, extremely mad. Two days later, they got revenge.

Darrell Brooks

On November 21st, 2021, BLM supporter and aspiring rapper Darrell Brooks took his red suv thirty minutes away from where he lived and intentionally drove into a Christmas parade full of White People in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He murdered seven, including one child, and injured at least fourty seven others.

Among the murdered was eight year old Jackson Sparks.

Jackson Sparks, 8.

Darrell Brooks, posting on social media under his rap pseudonym “MathBoi Fly,” had made his anti-White animus entirely clear.

…we start bakk nokkkin white ppl TF out ion wanna hear it… the old white ppl 2, :emoji: KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD.. *MiddleFingerEmoji* *AngryFaceEmoji*

– Darrell Brooks

The same anti-White animus was present in his rap music.

Throw a bomb
Kenny Stills
That’s for all the coppers
Time to teach it in the schools
It’s that Black Power
Teach em how we built the country

Teach em black authors


Just another day in Babylon
They ain’t got another victim like its Eric Garner
They ain’t gonna make it hard to breath like its George Floyd
Middle finger to police, dont get me started
Try and use deadly force we gonna go harder
Fuck a price, burn it down, this ain’t Bob Barker
Had his knee on his neck wouldn’t get off him
We ain’t doin’ no more marchin, it’s time to get retarded

– Darrell Brooks

After Brooks’ terrorist attack, I spent almost every waking hour for the next week working on the site, with most of that time spent writing about this story. I updated the original article a half dozen times. I covered the antifas/BLMers gloating about the murdered White People, and the Alt-Republicans joining in with them. Produced three videos on the subject. Documented the mainstream media coverup. Detailed the victims of Darrell Brooks. And of course, covered the NJP protest on November 27th, 2021, six days after the attack.

I covered Senator Ron Johnson’s attack on them, and another article showing people how to email him. Then there was a viciously anti-White BLMer seething about Rittenhouse even after Waukesha. Fox News called Darrell Brooks a “Black Supremacist Terrorist,” and also informed us that he was “feeling dehumanized,” in his jail cell. His momma claimed that Brooks dindu nuffin and was a victim of mental health institutions. The Waukesha courts somehow lost the recording of Brooks’ prior bail hearing. Tangentially related, Waukesha’s Black Police Chief partially covered up a Black 14 year old carjacking an 87 year old White Woman, and had kneeled for BLM protests the previous year.

Then there was the Knife Incident Hoax which was debunked by Media2Rise. Some antifa whined about NJP flyers. Eleven year old Jessalyn Torres, hit by Darrell Brooks, lost a kidney, but started to recover. The ADL lied about Waukesha. There was a possible copycat

Above was all from 2021. My reporting slowed in 2022, although I still covered Brooks getting 71 new charges. Then I poked fun at the Waukesha Doc’s late arrival, before reviewing it positively, including the deleted scenes. A BANG user got some gloating antifa’s shitty music removed from Court updates, with Brooks trying to change his plea to insanity. More on the insanity plea. Brooks represented himself. The NJP impotently whined about Darrell Brooks’ kid gloves treatment by the court. Finally, the Dancing Grannies came back that next year. 

I’m quite certain that wasn’t all of the articles that I wrote on this subject, not even close. It’s just what I could find by searching “Waukesha,” and “Brooks,” on the site. Whatever the case, that was a lot of reporting, but for a worthy cause.

*UPDATE: Indeed, I didn’t find them all. Articles such as this one, showing that Wisconsin already has hate crime laws, and the standing Attorney General Josh Kaul had vowed to increase hate crime charges but apparently not for White People, had slipped through the cracks with such a crude search.*

As Machiavellian as it sounds, Waukesha was a political gift. We had a clear and obvious anti-White terrorist attack done by a BLM supporter, with plenty of gloating done by the usual suspects. We had the WMD Liars trying to cover up the event. We had the court system in Waukesha, and of course the FBI, refusing to give him terrorism or hate crime charges, despite both applying. We even had Republican senators with a history of advocating for hate crimes suddenly not believing in the abstract principle of hate crimes when it’s Whitey’s turn. And of course, the ADL shoved their hooked noses into the fray. 

This was obviously going to be a very long, very protracted battle, where we had all the moral authority, and needed to convert that into political power. Mike Peinovich and maybe twenty guys in the NJP went to Waukesha one time and held up signs for a while. Okay, that’s it.

Yes, I am aware that ended abruptly. An anti-White BLM terrorist drove an SUV into a crowd of White People, murdering seven, and the NJP’s response was to hold up signs for a few hours one time. They never ran for any kind of office, nor did they even manage any sort of protracted activism. Mike Peinovich “put pressure,” on the Waukesha court system, or something. It’s over now. 

It’s even more embarrassing than it first appears, because about a year before the official collapse of the NJP, the Wisconsin chapter had gone from 30+ strong, down to just one guy. Tony Hovater, the guy Mike “aloof” Peinovich put in charge, had pissed off the original crew so much that they all just left. For the past entire year they’ve just had one guy who travels around to various cities and puts up stickers by himself, because everyone else quit.

Waukesha could have been the NJP’s Coburg. Instead, they once again failed to even get to the point of failure. The NJP, like always, didn’t even try hard enough at being a political party to fail at being one. There’s barely anything here to criticize. 

Yes, this is all the same guy.

I’m going to be extremely harsh towards protesting in the next entry, but their Waukesha protest, poorly done though it was, could have still been somewhat productive if they had been serious enough to get someone to run for office. Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL had whined about their protest, and Republican Senator Ron Johnson hadn’t named them specifically, but had whined in their general direction. That could have provided the hooks for future action. Spoiler warning: it didn’t. 

Although it was months late, the Will2Rise documentary was pretty solid, and had featured the mayor of Waukesha, Shaun Reilly, giving them the cold shoulder. You can see him slamming the door in Trey Garrison’s face around 15 minutes into their documentary, “Terror in Waukesha.” 

Waukesha mayor Shawn Reilly

Let’s see what Mayor Shawn Reilly’s been up to.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (April 5th, 2022):

WAUKESHA – The city’s mayoral race, in which both candidates avoided seeking party involvement in their campaigns, went to the incumbent who had previously disavowed his allegiance with the Republican Party.

Shawn Reilly won his third four-year term, gaining nearly 64% of the votes to Lisa Salb’s 33%, in Tuesday’s general election. Write-in candidate Keith Best, a late entry endorsed by the Republican Party of Waukesha County, got about 3% of the votes.

Mayor Shawn Reilly

Just five months after slamming the door in Trey Garrison’s face, mayor Shawn Reilly was cruising to re-election. Before we go any further, let’s learn why Mr. Reilly disavowed his past allegiance with the Republican Party.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Jan 7th, 2021):

In a Facebook post on Wednesday night, Waukesha’s mayor Shawn Reilly said that he was ashamed to have been a member of the Republican Party.

“This will possibly be the cause of the end of my political career but I have to put this out because I am so upset,” Reilly wrote. “I am ashamed that I was a member of the Republican Party and I do not know how I can ever be a member again.”

The statement came on the heels of riots in Washington, D.C., during which the Capitol was stormed by insurrectionists hoping to stop the count of electoral votes to confirm President-elect Joe Biden.

Mayor Shawn Reilly, folks. The kind of career politician who makes you realize that you retired the “cuckservative” label too early.

To reiterate, his re-election came five months after the Darrell Brooks’ anti-White murderous terrorist act that killed seven. The NJP had five months to prepare someone to run for mayor against a fruitcake having a freakout over January 6th, in a very “conservative” town with a population of 71k, very similar to Enid, Oklahoma, where Judd Blevins won a councilor seat.

Not only was an electoral campaign against this creature an opportunity to raise the profile of the party, in addition to keeping Darrell Brooks in the news, this was a very winnable election for a group of competent non-jackasses. Not only is he probably not particularly popular, but this is a mayoral election. Not a lot of people vote in these things. 

The Waukesha County Freeman (April 5th, 2022):

WAUKESHA — Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly will serve the city of Waukesha for another four years since he won 63.9% of the vote on Election Night against challenger Lisa Salb.

Reilly received 8,172 votes and Salb received 4,214 votes, or 33%. There were 395 writeins, or 3.1% of the vote.

Out of a population of 70k, Reilly received just 8k votes. The voters tend to be roughly 85% the size of the general population. That means that, of roughly 59.5k potential voters, Reilly got just 8.1k, or 13% of the total available vote. All in all, only about 21% of the voters bothered voting. These are the kind of low turnout elections that even Mike Metzger was winning.

Mayor Shawn Reilly

Okay, what about Republican Senator Ron Johnson? He was up for re-election on November 9th, 2022, less than a full year after the anti-White Waukesha terrorist attacks that he had tried to downplay. It would be unrealistic to expect the NJP to win a senate seat. It would not be unrealistic for them to pull off an activist campaign intentionally stealing votes from Ron Johnson, ending his political career while raising their own profile. I remember hearing Warren Balogh talk about the potential benefits of such a campaign. Then, stop me if this sounds familiar, the NJP decided to do nothing instead.

In Senator Ron Johnson’s 2022 re-election campaign, he got 1% more of the vote than his opposition, and won by less than 27k votes in an election where almost three million people voted.

Well Warren, I hate to break it to you, but you kind of missed your golden opportunity, no? 

Again, I hate to sound so Machiavellian, but Waukesha’s don’t come around every day. The NJP was gifted a golden opportunity, and they did nothing with it. Actually, they did less than nothing, because they ended up with just one single guy in the state remaining in the party. 

Mainstream propagandists tried shuttling Darrell Brooks out of the news as quickly as possible, but he kept coming back, like herpes. Even normie-tier content creators covered his trial. I remember one in particular, “Rekieta Law,” whose livestreams occasionally got over a hundred thousand views.

Here’s a video from “Law&Crime Network” that got almost six million views.

Darrell Brooks seemed determined to keep himself in the national spotlight by behaving as bizarrely as possible. Here’s another video, this time with 3.2 million views, documenting just some of his bizarre antics.

Where was the NJP? Oh, right. Too busy being “aloof,” to capitalize on the moment. 

For a long time I was in denial with the NJP. It helped that their failures were not spectacular Nick Fuentes-tier fuckups involving catbois or brown homosexual pedophiles. Instead, their failures were invisible. They simply did nothing, and let golden opportunities slip away through gross inaction time and time again. However, although I never had any serious fuckups to point to, the mindboggling failure to capitalize on Waukesha stuck somewhere in my subconscious.

I was very involved with the Jupiter Paulsen case, and that was the last event where I bothered putting in any real, sustained effort. I figured that perhaps the NJP had simply decided that they needed to first get bigger, before taking real political action.

Their strong, courageous, and very productive action in Fargo, North Dakota, was to get a few guys to hold up signs and then never bother running for office and doing anything else. That’s it. They held up signs for a while. The Supreme Aloof Leader of the Podcasting Race is very tired now. Please send donations into the NJP moneyhole.

I covered their protest about Ethan Liming in Akron, and then never bothered covering any more of these impotent little sign fiestas. After all, what was the point? Their protests didn’t go anywhere, as they were poorly executed, and they refused to do any followup.

Then Mike Peinovich, a guy who used to be an anti-war leftist and went to Charlottseville and therefore has tons of personal experience seeing firsthand how impotent protests are, started pretending that protests in and of themselves “put pressure,” on “the system,” to do what ten guys on random corner want. I’ll cover that in the next piece, but I struggled to even pretend to take that nonsense seriously. 

I had seen enough by late 2022 to stop spending any effort trying to push in the same direction as these guys. I hoped for the best through the entirety of 2023, but it had become like that old Soviet joke. The NJP pretends to do politics, and I pretend to support them. Frankly, neither of us pretended with any amount of vigour.  

Even that ended in February, when they did their impotent DeWine protest and then, stop me if you’ve heard this one, did literally nothing else and pretended that their shitty little protest had “put pressure,” on Mike DeWine to do something. I don’t even know what, since he didn’t resign, which was the explicit purpose of their rally. He can currently be seen vetoing the one and only decent thing that Republicans occasionally do, stopping child mutilation surgeries. Meanwhile the “political party,” that demanded his resignation didn’t even make it to the end of his term. 

More on this in the next installment.

Getting back to Waukesha, Joseph Jordan, aka “Eric Striker,” had written a great article on Darrell Brooks. It received over one hundred thousand views. If you click on the link to the article all you will see is the screencap below. He let his site, with all that great journalism, expire, and it’s not hard to see why. Who cares about his excellent work exposing the FBI, when no one is actually fighting against the FBI? Who cares that he wrote that great piece exposing the Israeli porn talent agency to Republican Congresscritter pipeline, when no one is actually fighting against Republicans? Who cares that he wrote a great piece on Darrell Brooks, when the best the NJP can manage is ten guys holding signs for an hour?

I guess they also got the one guy remaining in the Wisconsin NJP to put up stickers that say things like “A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN.” So ten guys with signs, and one guy with stickers. That’s the entirety of the NJP’s work in Wisconsin. 

When I transferred this site from Hyphen Report to The Daily Rake, there were weird formatting issues with every piece. I went in and changed most of them. However, I noticed that at least one of the Waukesha articles, specifically the one where Darrell Brooks’ mother informs us that he Dindu Nuffin, the formatting was still messed up, and the header image got changed randomly to a picture of Richard Spencer. It would take five minutes for me to fix this, but why bother? That’s time I could spend doing literally anything else. 

Note the text runoff.

Why did I bother writing about Mike DeWine if these fags weren’t going to do anything to him? Who cares what Ron Johnson thought about their Waukesha protest, when they’re not even going to do an activist campaign against him to get him out of office? Why does it matter that the Waukesha mayor slammed the door shut in their face, when Mike Peinovich is too aloof to organize a guy to run against him, despite only needing ~8k votes out of a population of 70k to outright win?

There’s no point in doing opposition research if you’re not actually opposing anything.

A girl I knew in high school once told me about a show called Degrassie High. She said that the premise of the show was to focus on high schoolers and their lives, but the hack writers figured out that getting thirteen year old girls pregnant brought some cheap, easy to milk drama for a long time. So basically the show devolved into a succession of thirteen year olds getting pregnant constantly, instead of exploring any other aspect of adolescence, and eventually it got old. 

I’ll never know if her description was done for my amusement, of if that was her real opinion of the show. I bring it up only because of the parallels to the NJP. There are so many interesting and productive things that involve a political party. Lawfare, antifas trying to cause problems ala Judd Blevins, opposition research on enemy politicians, infiltration of enemy organizations, practical advice written by NJP members who have become mayors, etcetera. I wanted to spend my time working on that. 

Instead, years after the founding of the NJP, I found myself looking at yet another totally impotent protest that no one, myself and Mike Peinovich included, cared about. It got old fast, especially since we live in such unjust times, where real political action has never been more needed. 

Six of the seven murdered victims of Darrell Brooks.

Next time we debunk the protest meme once and for all, and explain the actual role of activism in electoral politics. 

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  1. Great article and great to have you back!

  2. Boggles my mind how the USA is just a state which fosters grifting even in people who start off meaning well. If anyone is looking at them as the ones to kick anything off because muh gunz and they have all the arms, they’re better of looking at the sun until their corneas are scrambled.

  3. I’m bemused on why they didn’t further the party with the protests. By itself alone, a protest should have an objective to raise a message to the witnesses, but there’s more to that. If you master the art, it’s an extremely valuable tool that can let your party grow up in one location or many if it gets diffused. Protesting can be a good mean to disseminate your party and its propaganda.

    Let’s say that you have a branch of your party based in a state or province, for instance Montpelier, Vermont, and a event like the mentioned Christmas massacre happens in Randolph, roughly 30km or 18.6mi south. If you happen to be preparing candidates for local mayors as you should be, and you start protesting while putting at the front your candidate and bombarding propaganda in every direction you are going to leave an impact in your witnesses far greater than some mere hand holded signs. You need to attract the attention of your target. If you can deliver a speech, then do so while you have your mayor and possibly another party figure exposing the situation. If you need to do this for days then do so, the payoff will be worth it.

    Another example would be those drag events aimed at children, although a protest against this could be shorter initially, if you disrupt the event by showing its uninformed attendants that it’s not any good idea to participate in it, and then later in the day or the next one, you protest again in front of the house or office of the mayor, all while actively promoting your candidate, then you’ll see the fruit of your labor, you’ll have a greater chance in the following elections, letting you stablish a sweet stronghold in a district and possibly many nearby.

    Propaganda are means to an end. If you see it as only an end then you’re going to fail spectacularly.

  4. Isn’t one supposed to be at least a citizen of the town he’s running for mayor in? Finding someone to run would have been a big undertaking, even for a serious, organized, political party of the size and baggage of the NJP. Most likely, the NJP would have failed even finding an independent to accept their support.

    You seem to like stretching facts just to add to your point, regardless if it makes sense or not, or if it’s a fair criticism or not. I like your work for the most part, but many examples of this on the site.

    1. No, I don’t stretch facts. There are 70k people in Waukesha. If the NJP couldn’t find a single one to support them and run for office, then it’s time call it quits. I agree that the NJP would have failed at this, but only because they failed at everything.

    2. You’re simply in denial. The NJP didn’t even try. That’s the point. I supported NJP at first, but I realized it was just another ‘club’ where conformity was more important than effectiveness. What pro-Whites need are normal, decent people without police records and who have decent social skills. If you’re pro-White *stay away from pro-White organizations and White ‘activism’*. In the long history of them, not a single one can show a single success for Whites in general. Not one. Right now – and for the foreseeable future – having an association with ‘White Nationalist organizations’ is the Toxic Tarbaby of Politics. We see this with the Judd Blevins situation where he’s *already* had to imply his pro-White politics was ‘foolish’.

      It’s painfully easy to win local elections if that’s what you really want to do. In a town of 50K, five really dedicated people reaching out to all their friends and associates would get someone elected (or at least deny the GOP or DNC an office that they consider ‘safe’).

  5. I’ve accepted my contempt for NJP and TRS (other than Striker, Conte,and Baloghs) is going to be life long.

    They are relegated to LOLcow status and they deserve it. I wish they didn’t have to waste so much of our time, money, and energy first.

    There were two moments during their collapse that clarified just how worthless they were: the refusal of mainstream media to bother doing a victory dance over their humiliating and pathetic collapse, and my self-proclaimed edgy conservative dad having no idea who they were or about the news (despite me talking about them for years).

    I take solace in knowing that Mike and Sven will likely have to sell their new houses. Good riddance.

    1. What can you say, a not unexpected implosion over infighting and the resultant finger pointing and bitchy online posts doesn’t just doesn’t demand attention the way The Night of the Broken Cuckbox did.

  6. Great article, glad you’re up and running again.

  7. I think the biggest take away from the TRS & NJP drama is just how insanely secretive and disingenuous everyone involved has been.

    It’s not even possible that Mike isn’t lying by claiming he was aloof or it was a side project, just by virtue of the 100s of statements of long term NJP goals they had.
    And the near psychopathic devotion to addressing nothing online about the purpose of TRS at all, nevermind supporter groups when there is no political aim at all now.

    And it’s not even possible that Sven isn’t a pathological liar that NEVER says what he means on air when he goes scorched earth on every ex TRS host, every NJP member was a douche bag and White Nationalism itself? “Fuck you, I had a good life with a fake job and now it’s ruined”….- Sven.

    I don’t think it’s possible these guys aren’t clearly agreed that the only reason to exist as TRS or anything else is because they know they have a grift they want to keep living off. For fuck sakes TDS is literally the WN Seinfeld show about nothing where there’s less then 1 page of prep between every host collectively for every 20 hrs of content.
    They deliver 1% content they did a year ago, for exactly the same price…

    1. It’s 33% more expensive now.

  8. Typo about halfway down: “Mike” Metzger. You meant Tom.

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