I’ve covered “looksmaxxing,” on this site before. At best, it’s self-care for men. At worst, it follows the rest of the modern internet in being toxic, harmful, and entirely idiotic. For an overview of this scene we’ll use Brett Maverick, a bleach blonde male model, who has been giving “looksmaxxing” tips for more than half a decade. In the video below, he breaks down which “looksmax” methods give the most bang for the buck.

Brett doesn’t want you wasting your time on “thumb pulling,” or “carrot maxxing.” Instead, young man, you should be curling your eyelashes. This is S tier, or “SuperMog.”

This isn’t me taking anything out of context. This really is the kind of advice that these guys will give you. Buy an eyelash curler before you hit up Tinder, but make sure not to forget your makeup.

Yeah, really.

Brett Maverick (3:25): Imma rock your world a little bit. Imma shake your mindset a little bit. What if I told you that all these big male models that you see trending *names a few* all of these memes and pictures you see floating around? They’re all caked with makeup in these pictures and in these videos. And when these male models are walking on the runway they’ve all had like at least 20 minutes of makeup done on them, right?

Every commercial that they do, every print ad that they’re in they are caked with makeup. This is one of the things that makes them look so good. And I always think back to my modeling days, back when I was 18/19 or whatever, you never feel so good and look so good as when you have that makeup done.

I’m really glad that Brett Maverick is making it clear to his presumably young audience that they simply cannot look like male models, especially with pictures taken on a smartphone. The term “unrealistic beauty standards,” was ruined by feminists and the hideous lagoon creatures known as Body Positive Activists, but there was nothing wrong with telling young girls to stop comparing themselves to professional models. Ten years later, Brett Maverick is bringing this healthy, positive message to young men.

You know these professional makeup artists they can not make you look feminine. They can just even out your skintone, you know make your cheekbones pop a little bit. Get rid of these eyebags and stuff like this. I’ve never felt so good as when I had my face makeup done.

Wait, hold on a second. Brett, this almost sounds like an advertisement for these guys to –

Now that’s not to say you have to cake on a full makeup mask, but even just trying a little bit. You know a little concealer on an acne mark. I used to do this before I filmed videos. Cover up the little unevenness. A little bit of foundation just to smooth out, you know, your skin tone. A little bit of this can go a long way, and if you get good at it no one will ever know you have makeup on.

Now, this isn’t a whole makeup tutorial, but there are plenty of other videos out there [for men] on how to achieve it, so consider trying it out man.

Mr. Maverick isn’t lying when he claims there are plenty of makeup tutorials for men on YouTube. He includes a screencap of just a small sample of them in his video.

Here’s what I found after searching for “Makeup tutorials for men.”

I scrolled down half a page and found this particularly horrifying one, explaining how you can go from Boy to Girl with just makeup.

Which leads me to the main reason why you as a man should never wear makeup: it’s gay, and you’re gay for doing it. Yes, you should take pride in your appearance as a man. Yes, you should try doing something with your hair. Yes, you should at least try wearing clothes that fit you. No, you shouldn’t wear makeup. Society has decided that makeup is for women for a good reason. Don’t ever do this, and don’t curl your eyelashes either.

When the Looksmaxxing Peddlers aren’t telling young, impressionable men to wear makeup and curl their eyelashes, they’re telling them to get surgery. This is called “hard looksmaxxing.” Some of them even recommend a procedure to lengthen your femur, giving you the appearance of being taller and also having freakish body proportions.

I didn’t know limb lengthening was possible, and I’m sure the side effects have a good chance of being literally crippling. Even if successful, your legs are going to look super weird, since the extra six inches all comes from your upper thighs.

It also trades one traditionally feminine trait, a lack of height, for another, long legs. There is a reason why women tend to do all sorts of things to make their legs appear longer and their torso appear shorter. It makes them look more feminine. But now, with a surgery both crippling to your physique and also your wallet, you too can achieve the same look!

It might seem like looksmaxxing doesn’t have anything to offer the wahmens. After all, they’re already telling men to wear makeup, curl their eyelashes, get plastic surgery, and even lengthen their legs. However, a market opportunity was spotted, and is in the process of being exploited by many.

I start with “QOVES Studio,” since they strive for the most professional and ostensibly scientific presentation of all the looksmaxxers. Qoves achieves this by casually dropping jargon throughout their videos, much of which is never explained. They/he also confidently spouts some of the stupidest assertions I’ve ever heard.


Models like Zendaya, Madison Beer, and Megan Fox are considered hot because they have more masculine jawlines with larger bigonial widths. Almost all runway models have prominent jaws, regardless of their nationality, or ethnicity.

Female models are hot because they have masculine jawlines.

I’ve been critical of Megan Fox’s looks before, and the same was true for Denise Richards. Both of them are Hollywood Starlets who long since aged out of the “I have nothing to offer but my pussy,” roles, yet decided to stick around. However, that doesn’t mean that these girls weren’t absolute smokeshows back in the day. 

Starship Troopers Denise, ****ing unreal.

I think the reason is clear. They both have EXTREMELY masculine jawlines. Jaime, can we pull up a picture of Megan’s jawline please?

Personally, I like the view of Megan Fox’s sexy masculine jawline from the back. It really gets me rock hard from that position, and it’s not just her. I’ve long appreciated hot girls showing off their masculine jawlines in this particular manner.

Some cuties, like the one below, take this to a whole new level. It’s so damn erotic when hotties partially cover their masculine jawlines with their hair. It’s like, come on babe, I need to see that sexy man’s jaw before I die. 


Look, it’s just science, bro. These girls are only hot because of their masculine jawlines, which they totally have. Hot girls are basically identical looking to the GigaChad meme.

Back to reality, how do you look at Megan Fox and say that she’s hot because of a masculine jawline that she obviously doesn’t even have? She has perfect teeth, beautiful lips, gorgeous eyes, luscious hair, perfectly shaped and sized eyebrows, flawless glowing skin. Or at least 2007 Transformers Megan Fox did, which is when I totally never jerked off to her. 

Qoves claims that female models are hot because of their masculine jawlines. Then he brings up three models who don’t even have masculine jawlines. 

Also, that looks like Angelina Jolie, not Megan Fox.

We’ve already seen Megan Fox’s traditionally feminine face. Let’s inspect Madison Beer’s “masculine” jawline.

Wow that’s so… traditionally feminine.

So the reason why she’s hot “because of her masculine jawline,” is because she does not in fact have a masculine jawline.

It’s possible that Zendaya’s jawline is a touch more masculine than the others. If true, that’s saved by the rest of her face being more obviously feminine. Also, she’s part Black, so it’s sort of expected, just like her nose shape.

Almost all runway models have prominent jaws, regardless of their nationality or ethnicity. The main feature that separates men from women in these circles is the width of their chin and the submental region

QOVES Studio continues by simply assuming the premise that runway models are selected for their facial beauty, when everyone knows that runway models are just selected by the fags who run that industry for reasons entirely orthogonal to their appeal to heterosexual men. That they have a fetish for emaciated women with big jaws doesn’t mean that I or the rest of society does.

So what’s the purpose of QOVES Studio? Why do they feel the need to put out this kind of garbage? For fun and profit, of course!

These assessments aren’t exactly cheap.

This decently handsome man spent $300 to learn that he needed a nose job, botox, dermal filler injections, a silicone implant in the cheek, etcetera. I didn’t think he needed anything, but apparently I was wrong.

I’ve also learned from their sister channel, “FXRM studio by LP,” that this 22 year old woman is a 3/10. We know this, because someone on the internet told us. 

She’s 20kg overweight. You’d think that she should just lose that 50lbs, and enjoy her naturally beautiful face. However, her face fat doesn’t make her look less hot, for some reason. 

Instead, she needs multiple nose procedures, jaw reduction surgery, almond eye surgery (canthoplasty), upper eyelid ptosis (whatever that is), laser depigmentation, microbalding her eyebrows, a whole new wardrobe, and a hair, skin, and makeup routine. After all that, she can hope one day to almost look as good as the CGI recreation of Golem from the Lord of the Rings that you see on the left. 

If turning yourself into a stereotype of a plastic surgery bimbo seems like a good idea to you, FXRM Studio offers a few low cost services. You too can learn that you need to mangle your face in order to get some dick. 

Thus far Female Looksmaxxing has just been Male Looksmaxxing, but with even more plastic surgery and general absurdity. However, it also has this.

This is a genre called “subliminal looksmaxxing,” which is why there is this weird murmering in the background. In case you were wondering what the benefits were, video creator “schneeengel ♱ 2005” explains in a pinned comment.

Benefits 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Have low set, thick eyebrows 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Positive canthal tilt, hunter eyes 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Long, thick eyelashes 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Hydrated, glowy skin 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Humpless, straight & small nose 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Sharp jawline, perfect side profile 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 High set cheekbones 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Big plump & red lips 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Slim face, zero face fat 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Clear skin 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 White and straight teeth 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Male magnet, extremely popular 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Long, silky healthy hair 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Pretty privilege 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Symmetrical face 𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪 Golden face ratio

That video was at least a somewhat high effort. Most of these just have gibberish set to a song and static image. 

Top comment on this one wasn’t from the video creator, but rather a happy customer.

I have an hourglass body
I have amazing style
People stop and stare at me in public
People would do anything just to get close to me
I get constantly asked if I model
Everything looks good on me I am drop dead gorgeous I am confident

Good luck you guys xx

Here’s another. This one actually uses the same song, and maybe even the same subliminal audio.

The creator, “Maeve-ly,” pinned her comment to the top of the video.

i dunno but i just love when i can hear the affs (if they bother you feel free to turn down the volume) ~ you are noticeably becoming more beautiful right now ~ you are noticeably becoming more beautiful by the second ~ you radiate beauty and confidence ~ your confidence grows stronger every second ~ your beauty is noticeably enhanced every second ~ you are so out of everyone’s league ~ you are the true embodiment of beauty ~ you are so effortlessly beautiful ~ even without makeup and filters, you are still the most beautiful girl on this planet ~ even without makeup and filters, your beauty still outshines everyone and everything ~ your beauty is defined as every synonym for the word “beautiful” ~ everyone looks so ordinary when compared to you ~ everyone looks so ordinary when standing next to you ~ the rest of the world pales in comparison to your beauty ~ everyone goes crazy over your beauty ~ everyone wishes they could look like you ~ everyone is so obsessed with your beauty ~ you are completely free of any mental issues ~ you are completely free of jealousy, envy, overthinking, and anger issues ~ anyone who tries to harm you always receives bad karma immediately ~ you always receive good karma no matter what happens ~ everything works out in your favor i luv u <3

Want to be pretty and popular? We’ve got the video for you!

Feel like having Madelyn Clines’ nose? It’s yours!

Creator “Cassie,” gives us the instructions in the video header. 

notes (read)! ❦ -listen at a comfortable volume eg 50-60% – listen 5-10 times a day for best results – Drink a lot of water and even meditating can help a lot with results – My subliminals are safe and I use most of them for myself! – I am taking suggestions atm

Benefits in comments!!

I was looking for some facial harmony, so I watched this twice. Problem solved. 

I have now successfully mogged them. Lol.

It was at this point that I felt a game of memetic telephone was being played. The Looksmaxxers took female self-care and created Looksmaxxing. Then the female Looksmaxxers took that and added horoscopes. I think we’re just about in time to see the boys –

I really hate the modern internet.

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  1. alex jones is cool

    1. Alex Jones is a truly sad, gatekeeper for jew supremacists. The site of the obese white trash scammer pushing health supplements is almost too funny. The fat fuck, used-car salesman Alex Jones sucks ritually mutilated jew bigot penis so hard, it dangles out of his obese flabby asshole. Alex has consistently blamed white people for what jews do, for decades. Yep, the trailer park televangelist fraudster Alex Jones a psychopathic liar and one sad fucking excuse for a white man. With all the people who despise the criminal conman, it would not be surprising at all, if someone were to stab or shoot the kike shill to death in the street. Now THAT would be true entertainment, as well as a service to the world!

  2. Looks like jazz hands got doxxed by the $PLC. He amassed a small fortune from his work with TRS. Boats, luxury vehicles and a very nice house in Florida. They did very well. At least jazz hands produced a good show for his take of the funds.

    1. I made the same comment one one of the steak knives articles and leaf deleted it. I dont know what his problem is.

  3. My one objection is that longer legs isn’t really feminine. It’s something men value in women, but women have proportionally shorter legs and longer torsos than men.

    Other than that, I agree wholeheartedly that everything about modern, social media-era male grooming advice is gay-adjacent voodoo. There’s a decent enough amount of science that we can agree on what makes a man’s face masculine, but a lot of male models get picked because they look androgynous and twinkish. Part of it is because the people in modeling agencies are gay predators, part of it is because women’s tastes have become more influential in shaping consumer trends, ranging from the benign all the way to Germaine Greer’s The Beautiful Boy which basically has a 100% overlap in taste with the aforementioned gay predators. A lot of this obsession with looks is also men having a more feminine obsession with their own youth, which in the absence of traditional sources of meaning in life is really all that men have left. Maybe the breakdown of traditional monogamy makes men think that having S-tier looks is the only sure way to know women will love you and not cheat on you, but I can’t imagine that attracting women is the primary motivation for obsessing this much over your face. It reminds me of the beautiful ones from the Rat Utopia experiment.

    In the end, there’s only so much a man can and should do to improve his appearance (which basically sum up to living a healthy lifestyle) and we used to be able to accept that you were either born with a handsome face or not. Your face was one of the last things you’d associate with your masculinity, except to demonstrate your courage by bearing scars from battle, and coming-of-age tattoos if you were from a more primitive society.

  4. If you are having trouble with women there are things you can do that will help you a lot. None of them are buying product though, unless that product is a gym membership or workout equipment.

    Women are not attracted to guys who wear makeup. Makeup is for girls and these assholes are preying on struggling men.

    The only you thing you can do to improve your attractiveness is working out. Weight training works the best and being at a healthy body fat percentage will sharpen your jawline by getting rid of the fat that makes it look soft. Also, chicks love muscles. Not PED gorilla muscles though.

    About 5 years ago I was pretty chubby. Still got some female attention due to a good face and blue eyes but not much. Then I started going to the gym regularly. In about 6 months I went from a borderline fat person to a guy with an almost 6 pack. Getting dates after I put in the effort to get fit was pretty much as easy as ordering off a menu, especially when using dating apps. Still took a little flirting and talking but definitely went from hardcore to easy mode.

    Do weight training. You can’t change your face but it will take 90% of guys up from a 4 or 5 to a 7 or 8. You’ll feel better in general too. Not to mention live a longer and healthier life if you keep up the habit.

    Everyone’s different but for most I suggest:

    -Core lifts like deads, squats, bench, rows, overhead press are great but not necessary. Do what you enjoy most but hit all the major muscle groups and don’t neglect your stabilizer muscles. If you like the lat pulldown and hammerstrength machines more than barbell rows do that. If you don’t want to go to the gym (I do suggest going though, I find that I get a much better workout when I actually go rather than do a home workout.) You can buy a set of adjustable dumbells for under a100$. You can hit pretty much everything with just dumbbells and a bench. Also would suggest a pullup bar, very cheap, can buy for 20$.

    -Go to failure for at least one set. Your body adapts and gets stronger in response to the pressure you put on it. If you have 3 reps left in the tank you are just spinning your wheels.

    -3-5 reps for strength, 8-12 for hypertrophy(muscle growth). Both do both, but if you want to maximize one or the other, do primarily that range and lift as heavy as you can without injuring yourself.

    1. Good advice, although I will add that you can change your face just by growing and shaping facial hair, which has traditionally been considered the makeup for men, and for good reason. Getting leaner will also change your face for the better, and having just got a new haircut – 6 on top 0 on sides, for those curious – I can safely say that can also boost your facial/head attractiveness. None of that is wearing makeup though.

      1. True, facial hair is an attractive trait. Even if you have relatively weak beard. When I was younger my beard was patchy af, still kinda is, but every gf I’ve had has told me they like the stubble and the short ish beard growth. Depends on your jawline and chin but non-soyboy beards are masculine and add to your aesthetic.

        Personally, I use the dgaf style. Shave once a week or so and don’t worry about it otherwise. Girls like that, it’s a part of confidence. That’s the main thing, in girls and in life in general. Confidence is always key. Our ancestors lifted humanity out of the dark ages, never forget that, it’s true and no amount of jew lies will make it untrue.

        Fuck every nigger and kike who whines about the silver spoon in their mouth. It’s time to take it away, well past time. We just need to wake up.

        We will. It’s already begun.

  5. I do not date but can catch the parsing glances from thirsty wenches.
    My looxxmaxxing recipe:
    – 46″ chest, 34″ waist (did not come naturally, lots of weight training ). Wimmens are almost without exception attracted to male buttocks. VERY weird.
    – makeup? Yes. A mixture of sun and wind will give you all the make up you’d want. Some “inverse raccoon” effect from wearing Oakleys does not hurt. Big believer in Clinique moisturizer, yellowish creamy cream, wondrous stuff.
    – impeccable grooming, very well fitting clothes (no more Brooks Brothers, now Kühl, Sitka, Simms, Duckworth, etc. ) 40% of what I want to know about any man I meet I learn from the condition of his shoes.
    – Have some spring in your step. Move with a purpose. Do NOT be a pushover.
    – Speak with the economy of words, not too loud, a hint of accent is a catnip. It gets back to me that wenches try to figure out who my friends are, for indecent purposes.

    It is of course true that some males look way better than others. (as compared to say, Rodney Dangerfield or Seth Rogen). It’s about a combination of factors, even if you don’t start out as Hemsworth or Eastwood.
    It is way easier to catch a fimmel than it is to catch a bluegill or a brook trout, in my experience. I have always been more intrigued about how to persuade a fimmel to swim away! (without cheating that is, such as loudly farting while in bed)

    1. The butt thing has always annoyed me but it’ true. It does make sense when you think about it, hip thrusts are basically sex practice.

      Well fitted clothes are also very important. We live in a feminism gay clownworld so it’s adapt to the environment or fail. Sad but true. Chivalry is dead, it’s all about what gives them the tingles now.

      On that note, some may hate me for saying this but read any female romance novel ever written… it’s all light BDSM so take that into account. Don’t be rapey and learn to read signals before you do this but… a few great moves are grabbing them by the back of the head when you kiss them, firm grabbing and kneading of of the ass (it’s connected to their fun bits), carrying them if you have a decent excuse to pick them up (small drops perhaps, which is why I usually do activity dates like bowling, bouldering, mini golf, hiking, etc.) Physical stuff is probably more important than the talk in my experience. Start light and increase in intensity based on how receptive she is. I live in socal so I’ve never gone past a third date without sex. Might be different where you are but I think most girls expect it now so get used to that reality if you have any illusions of 2024 women being “pure”. I’m sure it exists but it’s a small percentage.

      But keep in mind to start slow and work your way up in intensity. Pay attention to their body language and understand the difference between real and feigned resistance. It takes some experience to get used to it so start slow, get a feel for it before you start taking risks, and remember that it is a numbers game.

      I’m gonna have to start again soon ugh… dating is kinda fun but finding a good girl to keep is a lot better. Thought I had that just a few months ago but… unfortunately I gotta keep looking :/

      Anyway, be bold and cast a wide net. Dating is tough in clownworld, but there are good ones still left out there. Keep in mind that females are 90 % NPC mindset though. By and large, they aren’t seekers, they are reactive in nature and follow the herd. Do not talk about politics until you been inside them a few times and they get bonded to you.

      1. Meh, I’ll do neither. If my environment is antagonistic and my choices are adapt or do without, I pick neither. I’ll step outside of that false dialectic by changing my environment, ie go somewhere else. Which is exactly what I did and now I thrive.

        1. Will Mr. Jonesberg’s supplements also save me from the “chi-coms” that Alex tells me actually run Hollywood and Wall Street? I hope so, because those Chinese bankers and Chinese Hollywood producers and directors really anger and scare me! We need to fight for humanity and save mankind from the evil N.W.O. and restore mankind’s rightful place in the universe! I’ll take an entire pallet of super alpha male genitals vitality juice!

        2. White flight huh? Well, that’s solved our problems so far. Very brave and smart. *Fedora tip*

          Unfortunately for me, I have friends and family who I would miss so I guess I’ll just be a cuck and put in the effort to adapt.

          You know, people have been known to become stronger by overcoming obstacles in a challenging environment. Other times… people retreat and then just get conquered 10 years later anyway, alone, deracinated and without putting up a fight.

          Come to think of it, I believe I read somewhere that that might be how white people lost control of our cities in the first place… by being whiney bitches who run away rather than fight their enemies off and then come up with copes as to why retreat and acquiescence was virtuous.. hmm… yeah… sounds irritatingly familiar actually.

          1. Let me know how that pans out for you. If you think building up the agency to start over somewhere else AND thrive on is as big a bed of roses u make it out to be then ok, so long as it makes you sleep well I guess.

            We all have one life (1) and therefore a finite amount of time. The meaning of life is to produce more life, without loss, and cumulative gain. End of story. Some of us got shitty starts where the only chance at upward mobility and progress is to change your antagonistic environment to one less antagonistic. There’s running from challenge and there’s knowing how and when to fight. Any fool can be courageous, the wise know how to pick their battles.

            Should one dedicate their resources and time to a greater cause than themselves? Sure, absolutely. But it’s imperative they sort out themselves and their inner circle first, start from inside then work outward.

            Maybe you were born with a bigger spoon in your mouth than I was, maybe you like adversity and struggle for the sake of it. Maybe you have a clan backing you so u can talk such a game of staying and fight. Whatever it is, u work the system from your end, I’ll work it from mine, all with the same end game in mind. I sense we’re not enemies, we don’t have to be.

  6. Jesus Christ, the comments section is a schizo convention. And that’s despite there being no Steak Knives content for months.

    1. Cleanup was applied.

      1. It’s super effective!

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