(JTA) — It seemed a slam dunk: The popular conservative cause of banning “critical race theory” in schools, being taken up for a vote in one of the country’s most lopsidedly conservative legislatures.

I have no idea why anyone would expect conservatives to fight back against some anti-White hate speech. These people exist to get out in front of Whitey’s response to this stuff and make sure that we get absolutely nothing.

Then a Democrat, one of just seven in the 60-member Wyoming legislature, stood up Thursday and said he could not support the bill because he was Jewish.

Hold on a minute. I’m constantly told by weirdos online that we need to fight really hard against the Democrat agenda. Shouldn’t these based and redpilled cuckservatives all been more likely to pass the legislation. After all, Kosher-Left and Kosher-Right politicians are totally in opposition with each other and fighting super hard against each other, right?

“In this bill, page 9, line 19 states, ‘The teaching of history must be neutral, without judgment’,” state Rep. Andy Schwartz said during debate. “Now, how can that be possible? If I were a Native American, I doubt I could accept the neutral, judgment-free approach about the relocation, the decimation of the Indigenous population. If I were a Black American, I doubt I could accept a neutral, judgment-free approach on the enslavement of millions of Americans.

Something tells me he feels otherwise about the Jew Ethnostate of Occupied Palestine. But more to the point, read between the lines and you’ll see how retarded the (((conservatives))) pushback against CRT really is. Critical Race Theory is anti-White hate propaganda. The way you push back on it is by calling it anti-White propaganda. The way you deal with their objections is you call it anti-White hate propaganda. The way you pass legislation against it is by calling it anti-White hate propaganda. 

But of course, conservatives are there to make sure that Whitey always loses, no matter how unpopular said legislation, or lack of legislation truly is. So only a small portion of the blame can go to this jew. The Republicans still had the votes. They just wanted an excuse to do nothing for Whitey, once again.

“But I’m Jewish, and I cannot accept a neutral judgment-free approach on the murder of six million Jews in World War II.”

Ah yes, who could forget the lampshadocaust. Where six million hooked nosed Harvey Weinstein lookalikes got sent to summer camps. Then got given food, water, shelter, and even medical treatment when they got sick, all so that, after working up a sweat kicking around the jew fetus soccer balls, they could be lured into the gas chamber. And then the gay natzees would all yell out “surpriiiiise,” as they made giggled with evil glee as the jews were murdered with the mildly toxic insecticide.

Schwartz, whose Teton County district includes the city of Jackson, said that, to understand the depth of depraved actions, one must be discomfited by them.

“Going to page 8, lines 19 and 20, it says ‘no one should feel discomfort or distress’,” he said. “But in learning about the Holocaust, I have suffered a lifetime of discomfort and distress, and it’s essential that as students learn about this dark time in our history, they, too, feel discomfort and distress.”

Sometimes I wish I was still writing under the Notorious Dr. Shekelstein. The “my hebrew trans-vagina,” jokes wrote themselves.

“It can be taught in a complete and accurate perspective,” he said of the Holocaust. “So clearly, the Holocaust is something that we totally disapprove of and condemn totally.”

This jew feels like he personally experienced trauma because he believes a retarded slander about jews getting hooked up to masturbation machines before being turned into lampshades and cleaning products.

The bill garnered a majority of the chamber’s votes, 35, but not the two-thirds needed to advance the bill. The 24 lawmakers who voted against advancing the bill included a significant number of the chamber’s 51 Republicans.

Anyone who ever tells you that you need to vote Republican is anti-White. I’ve made that point before, but it needs to be said again. The above anti-White jew has infinitely more sway with Republicans than you ever will. 

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