NOTE: The original version of this story didn’t make this clear. Adam Kinzinger R-IL, actually retweeted the above image. Unfortunately the auto formatting cut that off. So here’s the image again.

He actually fell for this ridiculous photoshop of Samuel Hyderson. That’s not one of our goys shopping him retweeting that. He really did it.

I haven’t written much on the Russia-Ukraine War. For the best take, you can go here to NJP’s website. However, I heard some vague talk about the Ghost of Kiev. Being someone who isn’t a complete retard, I thought that sounded pretty fake. Well just in case you were on the fence, yes, it most certainly was.


It is a story that gives courage and hope to the people of Ukraine in these dark daysThe military has put up a fierce fight against the Russian invasion, and one very exceptional fighter pilot has become a folk hero. Known only as the “Ghost of Kyiv,” he is said to have single-handedly brought down six Russian planes since the invasion began.

The story has mostly spread via social media, with videos and photos that appear to show the pilot in action posted by Kyiv residents, former President Petro Poroshenko and the Defense Ministry.

In one widely shared video, the Ghost of Kyiv chases down a Russian plane and then shoots it out of the sky. In Ukrainian, a voice says: “There’s a plane. There’s another one. It’s about to crash.”

This is a sequence from the video game Digital Combat Simulator World. 

“This footage is from DCS, but is nevertheless made out of respect for the ‘Ghost of Kiev,'” the person who uploaded the video to YouTube on February 24 writes, using an alternate transliteration for Ukraine’s capital. “If he is real, may God be with him; if he is fake, I pray for more like ‘him.'”

Look, I get that video games have realistic graphics these days, but come on now. How do these propagandists mess up this badly?

Poroshenko, the president from 2014 to 2019, posted a photo of a helmeted pilot in a cockpit on Twitter, identifying the person as the Ghost of Kyiv. “With such strong defenders,” Poroshenko wrote, “Ukraine will definitely win!”

That photo was posted almost three years ago by the Defense Ministry. The pilot in the picture is doing a test flight with a new helmet. So, even if that is in fact the mysterious pilot, the photo is an old one.

The former president of Ukraine is fighting back on twatter, by spreading the most retarded disinformation propaganda I have ever seen. Maybe they should have, you know, built up multiple redundant airbases so they could actually have fighters in the skies, instead of having them all destroyed on the ground.

That photo was posted almost three years ago by the Defense Ministry. The pilot in the picture is doing a test flight with a new helmet. So, even if that is in fact the mysterious pilot, the photo is an old one.


The same tools can be used to show that a head has been swapped in this photo. The original image was distributed by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It shows the fallen marine Vitaliy Skakun, who was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Ukraine by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Skakun is said to have blown up a bridge at the risk of his life to stop the advance of a Russian tank column.

What the… that’s not even remotely good. What retard photoshopped this garbage in there? Imagine if Russia had propaganda this retarded. These very same people would be laughing about it online. 

It is the face of a lawyer from Buenos Aires, who is now amused about his new hero status and has posted about it on Twitter.

How fucking retarded is this propaganda? I know that I just said it, but I’m blown away here. And make no mistake, none of this will get censored for “disinformation,” by the trillion dollar multinational corporations who censored me for uploading an innocuous video showing rocket artillery.

How capable is Ukraine’s air defense?

As of now, the existence of a Ukrainian fighter pilot who shot down six Russian planes cannot be confirmed.

On Thursday, the first day of the invasion, Ukraine’s military announced that five Russian planes and one helicopter had been shot down. On the same day, Russia declared that it had disabled air defenses and air bases in Ukraine.

What is certain is that many of the videos and photos that claim to show the mysterious pilot are fakes.

The Defense Ministry weighed in on Twitter on Friday: “Dozens of experienced military pilots, from captain to general, previously released from the reserve, are returning to the Air Force. Who knows, maybe one of them is the pilot of the MiG-29, which is so often seen by the people of Kyiv!”

Look, I know there are some Ukrainians who read this. Don’t take this to mean you, but the sheer cartoonish incompetence of the Ukrainian government here is staggering. After getting their airbases destroyed on the first day of the war, they’ve been reduced to pretending that they’re being saved by some imaginary fighter pilot. And BTW, the Su-35 and the Mig-29 look almost identical. It’s probably civilians just seeing a whole bunch of Russian Su-35’s and pretending they’re Ukrainian fighters.

Hold on let me check that bio.

Here we see a Heeb “disinfo” expert telling you that honesty and truth doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that the lies serve his racial interests as a jew. And you may remember him as the jew who got utterly rekt by Patriot Front’s fake twitter account earlier this year. He’s now been reduced to coping about how everyone knowing that you’re a lying heeb is great and it doesn’t bother him.

Meanwhile fat pedo “anti-imperialists,” have been reduced to thinkpieces defending NATO.

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