Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault today released the government’s plan to dramatically curb greenhouse gas emissions over the next eight years to meet ambitious 2030 reduction targets.

It’s a plan that leans heavily on deep cuts in the electricity, oil and gas and transportation sectors.

In an effort to slash emissions by 40 to 45 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, the federal government has announced some $9.1 billion in new investments that will, among other things, boost incentives for zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), sweeten tax breaks for companies in the fossil fuels sector that embrace carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology, and work to make Canada’s electricity grid cleaner.

40-50%. You have got to be fucking kidding me with these numbers. Although really I should have highlighted the $9.1B part of that, which is the real goal. Never forget that Global Warming Catastrophism exists to do nothing more than justify random grifts that do nothing to solve the imaginary problem.

The report, titled 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan: Canada’s Next Steps for Clean Air and a Strong Economy, states that the current carbon pricing regime will remain the cornerstone of the federal climate plan. The carbon price is set to rise steeply from its current level of $50 per tonne of emissions to $170 by 2030 in order to push consumers to cleaner energy sources.

To preserve this carbon levy after the next change in government, the report said Ottawa is “exploring legislative approaches to support a durable price on carbon pollution.” Ottawa may also soon adopt a “border carbon adjustment,” which would slap tariffs on imports from jurisdictions that don’t have a price of carbon, the report said.

Hey, let me show you the picture from the press conference where he announced that.

Also LOL at the dipshits wearing masks behind Joffrey.

I happen to recognize exactly where this is in Vancouver, because I’ve been there many times before. It’s the Convention Centre in Vancouver. You may be wondering why I brought this up.

How do you think Joffrey got from Ottawa to Vancouver? Do you think he biked there? Do you think he went on a Terry Fox-esque cross country running tour? No, of course not, he hopped in a private jet and flew across the country, burning as much carbon as he pleased. He could have stayed in Ottawa. I mean, nobody really knew he was in Vancouver. It’s not like he had some location specific events to attend to, and even if he did, none that you peasants are invited to. But instead he consumed another couple hundred thousand pounds of aviation fuel to fly there and back.

It’s even worse than that. When these faggots fly, do you think they fill the planes to maximum capacity? Do you think they’re all sitting there, enjoying the same cramped seating that we all “enjoy,” on our flights?

Of course not. Instead they use an entire 747, with its 400 seating capacity, and put 40, 50 people on there. They do this so they can have couches, lounges, chefs, and whatever else they feel like for their perfect leisure. Don’t worry about cost, you’re the one paying for it. But wait, it gets worse.


The Conservatives are calling Justin Trudeau a “carbon hypocrite” for flying two planes during the 40-day election campaign, emitting double the carbon emissions of other campaigns.

“Despite marching in climate strikes, lecturing everybody else on lowering emissions and imposing a carbon tax on hard-working Canadians, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are secretly using two aircraft to campaign in this election,” the release says.

Of course, it gets worse.


According to an initial assessment report for the UK government the carbon emissions for COP26 are expected to reach the equivalent of 102,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

That is similar to the annual emissions from about 10,000 UK households.

The figure for COP26 is double the emissions from the last climate summit in Madrid in 2019.

Actually I do, because our privileged class is a parasitical and entitled institution. Also, in case you thought they gave a shit about Covid-19 restrictions.

The UK government says that, despite the Covid pandemic, the Glasgow COP attracted more than 39,000 participants as opposed to 27,000 in Madrid in 2019.

Our privileged class needs to go fly all around the world to and congregate in one place to lecture us all about how we need to cut back our carbon emissions and not go celebrate Christmas with our extended families. 

According to the report, about 60% of the COP26 emissions are estimated to have come from international flights.

In order to avoid emissions from flights, attendees were urged to travel by land where possible.

However many world leaders flew in by private jet, plus there were cargo aircraft which carried helicopters and vehicles for motorcades.

Our parasite class flies around the world on rented out 757’s at literally 10% full capacity. They also send giant C5 Globemaster’s there with helicopters inside, so they can fly over the . They do this in the middle of Covid-19, after telling us that we need can’t go spend thanksgiving with our families. The purpose of all of this is to lecture us on how naughty we are for using less than one onethousandth of the fuel that they use. And oh BTW, a simple zoom call would have sufficed.

But I just had to cover one last little bit from the original article.

Beyond the forthcoming tax credit, the government is urging oil and gas companies — many of them newly flush with cash thanks to rising fossil fuels prices — to plow more money into emissions reduction projects.

To further limit growth in the sector, the federal government said it would eliminate all “inefficient” fossil fuel subsidies and develop a plan to “phase-out financing for the fossil fuel sector, including by federal Crown corporations.” That would effectively eliminate a source of financing for companies looking to expand.

For those of you who don’t understand how ridiculous this is, Trudeau campaigned in 2015 on totally ending fossil fuel subsidies. This was tied up with “muh Global Warming catastrophism,” bullshit, but in this case it doesn’t matter. I also support ending tax subsidies to oil corporations, just because why should we give them our tax dollars?

So did he end the process of stealing your tax dollars and giving them to multinational oil conglomerates? Of course not.


The federal government is also adding new support for the fossil fuel sector, including:

They kept all the old subsidies, and threw in some new grifts on top of that. And make no mistake, this garbage is grift all the way down. But of course, we already knew that, based on the fact that he promised to end oil subsidies when campaigning in 2015, and yet, 7 years later, he’s promising to, at some unspecified point in the future, consider maybe ending oil subsidies.

So there are multiple layers of being full of shit here.

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