The Canadian Press:

Holocaust denial is to be outlawed in Canada, in a further effort to stamp out antisemitism.

Making statements denying, condoning or downplaying the Holocaust, except in a private conversation, is to be made a criminal offence.

The federal government is set to use a bill enacting the budget to change the Criminal Code this year, building on existing laws outlawing the incitement of hatred.

Canada will join a number of European countries including Germany, Greece, France, Belgium and the Czech Republic, which have already prohibited Holocaust denial.

I mean it arguably already was illegal to question the totally real six million masturbation machine-o-caust, where jews were put on rollercoasters that went directly into ovens before being insecticided into lampshades. But the Centre for Yidsrael and Heeb Activism, CIJA, just wants to make it official.

Saskatoon Tory MP Kevin Waugh earlier this year introduced a private member’s bill prohibiting Holocaust denial that is currently making its way through Parliament.

I covered this a few weeks ago. This is what conservatives exist to do. Make it illegal for the goyim to talk back to jews. 

Get excited for new cuckservative politician, goyim.

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  1. Waugh mad that the Liberals “stole” his idea, by placing a “watered down” holo-lol denial provision in the budget Bill.

    1. Dude, WTF? I just can’t even.

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