Conservative interim leader Candice Bergen says leadership contenders should avoid calling those they disagree with on policy “not Conservative.”

Bergen, who was first elected in 2008 and has led the party since early February, says Conservatives shouldn’t play “identity politics” by pitting one group against another — for instance, social conservatives versus Red Tories.

You hear that Liberals? The only identity politics that cuckservatives support if jew nationalism and the jew ethnostate. We absolutely love those identity politics. Also, identity politics is evil leftist nonsense and is bad in the abstract.

The Manitoba MP and former deputy leader took over the party’s top job after a majority of MPs voted to oust Erin O’Toole following weeks of anger and tension that built behind closed doors.

Get a load of this identity politics –

Oh sorry, forgot that we support jew identity politics, and pretending to be against them is just some talking points we do to trip up the goyim.

Also, I find O’Toole hilarious. The guy was something of a parody of a pronoun warrior. He also tried running on a sort of Trump-esque cult of charisma, and the guy just literally has zero charisma. I mean like negative levels of charisma. I remember something about him “taunting,” Trudeau by telling him to go to the toilet store or something.

Yeah it was embarrassing.

At least eight candidates have entered the race, including former Quebec premier Jean Charest, Brampton, Ont., Mayor Patrick Brown and Ottawa-area MP Pierre Poilievre.

Two more have launched campaign-style websites, but haven’t officially announced a bid, including former Conservative deputy leader Leona Alleslev, who in 2018 crossed the floor from the Liberals and was defeated in last year’s general election.

Leona Alleslev

I’m slowly building a dossier on all these cucks. Let me see what this Alleslev biatch is all about.

Huffington Post:

Ontario MP Leona Alleslev has left the Liberal caucus to sit with the federal Conservatives.

Okay I’m running through all the possibilities. I think the most likely reason is that she’s whining about the Liberals not supporting Israel enough.

I mean this is laughable, but that’s part of the Finklethink.

A retired captain with the Royal Canadian Air Force and former senior manager in the Department of National Defence, Alleslev will serve as Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s critic for global security.

I’m starting to like the sound of this. I mean, only as far as my clout goes. Obviously fuck these people.

At a press conference in the House of Commons foyer with Scheer, the MP said Canada faces a “perfect storm” of challenges at home and abroad.

“This is not a strong economy and our country needs strong leadership,” she said.

We’re almost there, honey. My dick is rock hard right now as I casually glance at all the clout I’ve wagered here.

Alleslev told reporters that the government needs to recognize that foreign policy, trade, defence and the economy “all depend on each other.” She said she raised with her former Liberal colleagues about those files were “met with silence,” but she did not specify which issues she flagged or with whom she spoke

Honey, you’re just twiddling it around my hole right now. The foreplay is killing me. Get to the point.

Scheer said his newest MP brings years of experience to the Tory caucus. Past Liberal voters who feel disappointed with the direction under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should follow her lead, Scheer said.

Look I’ll save you the trouble. Israel isn’t mentioned by name, nor is jew, or “semiti,” when I ctrl + f’d the article. But I’m calling this a clout draw, because instead it’s all this pompous garbage nothing-speak instead. 

Back to the Cucks.

Poilievre’s campaign has dismissed Charest as being a Liberal for having led the federalist Quebec Liberal party after his time as leader of the former Progressive Conservative party in Ottawa.

The guy literally led the Liberal Party in Quebec. And was the head of the “Progressive Cuckservatives.” LMFAO, fuck this guy. He’s making Pierre Pollievre look good by comparison.

Bergen says she believes leadership candidates must account for their past actions and honestly tell members where they believe the party needs to go in the future.

“That’s all fair game,” she said. “I would very much encourage the leadership candidates and the people with them to challenge each other on those things.”

But she said that need not involve questioning whether they are really Conservatives.

“I think that we should not be calling people not Conservative, if they have policy that might be different than my particular one or someone else’s particular one.”

LMFAO bitch you retarded.

Look, sometimes the simplest analysis is the best.

On Thursday, she said every action carries consequences.

“Do I make decisions based on what the media tells me? Is (that) going to get me the most points publicly? Or what the polls are saying? No.”

I don’t do it so the polls show popularity or not, I do something because I think it’s the right thing to do.”

Sorry, I feel like this quote wasn’t quite honest enough.

“Do I make decisions based on what my donors tell me? Absolutely. Hundred percent. Couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Is that going to be popular with the little peasants? LOL, as if I care. Does it look like I give a fuck about what the peasants care about?

“I don’t do anything so the polls show popularity or not, I do something because my big money donors tell me to do it while I’m on my knees pleasing them.”

Refreshing to see such honestly from a politician. It is rare, that they speak their minds like this, and I have to say, I like it.

And yes, she is literally the tard wearing this mask in the above picture. The perfect image of the cuckservative party. LARPing like they’re fighting against random Covid bullshit while they proudly wear their meaaaaasks.

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