Conservative leadership contender Pierre Poilievre promised Thursday he’d spike the Bank of Canada’s proposal to offer a digital currency, saying this sort of financial instrument should be left to the private sector.


Who cares about any of this? 

Poilievre has emerged as a fierce critic of Canada’s central bank. He’s tried to link decades-high inflation to its COVID-era policy of quantitative easing and recently slammed the institution as “financially illiterate.”

Oh for fuck sakes. 

Poilievre said that a government led by him would extend the auditor general’s authority to include the Bank of Canada and push for a review of its pandemic policies.

“Justin Trudeau has threatened the Bank of Canada’s independence with a half-trillion dollars of deficits that required the central bank to print money and cause inflation,” Poilievre said.

What is that even supposed to mean? So he’s not against the central bank, he’s just doing this weird conspiracy theory where he pretends that the Liberal government having deficits somehow threatens the independence of the Bank of Canada.

“That’s ‘Justinflation,'” he said, using his gag name for inflation rates under the Liberal government. “I will end it, by restoring central bank independence, mandating an independent audit of all the money printing and stopping the risky central bank digital currency.”

Why should the money control be independent? Does everyone see how retarded this is. It makes absolutely no sense at all.

Speaking to reporters outside the Bank of Canada headquarters in Ottawa Thursday, Poilievre said a digital currency would put the central bank in competition with commercial banks as Canadians could park their deposits with the government-run institution.

So he’s not against the Central Bank, he just thinks it should be run by private, totally anti-democratic interests. And he dislikes them offering a digital currency, because he thinks that private banks should do that instead. For some reason.

According to a policy backgrounder supplied to reporters, the Poilievre campaign is concerned that a push to “nationalize” deposits would lead to “politicized banking.

Wow, good thing that we don’t have any politicized private banks. Good thing that never happens.

Poilievre also raised the spectre of the Bank of Canada tracking the financial history of its would-be depositors. “It can surveil what you’re doing, what you’re spending and potentially abuse your civil liberties,” Poilievre said.

We saw this just several months ago when the prime minister involved the Emergencies Act in order to freeze the bank accounts of his political opponents,” he said, referring to actions taken against the organizers of the truck convoy protest in Ottawa.

So if its already happened with normal banking why are we supposed to care about digital currencies? Once again, does everyone see how retarded and stupid this is?

Kevin Page, the former parliamentary budget officer, said it’s not clear what the AG could accomplish with these new powers.

“What’s the public policy imperative and rational for the AG to conduct audits? What is broken? The Bank of Canada is very transparent organization,” Page told CBC News.

This is actually true, and Pierre Poilievre is just exploiting his audience’s lack of knowledge here. The Bank of Canada is already well audited, and that’s not how Corporate power works anyway.

All of this LOLbertarian LARPing about central banking is just that, LARPing. Central banks don’t actually matter. That’s just a tactic that these disingenuous faggots use to divert your attention from private corporations. Central banks, being pretty much the only government part of big business, serves to reinforce idiotic and designed to be worthless libertarian free market garbage.

What does the central bank have to do with the above image? It has absolutely nothing to do with anything. On the other hand, Larry Fink’s BlackRock managing $12 trillion worth of assets is absolutely relevant to Corporate Power.

And the same is true of Jonathan Greenblatt’s (((ADL))).

All of this central bank nonsense is just there to distract people, and make them think that something might be done to the vague people who they are aware rule over them, and are angry about that.

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