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As Parliament resumed Monday after a two-week break, politicians jumped straight into debating the recently revealed annual budget. Tucked inside the Liberals’ hefty document, on page 275, is a proposal that would ban Holocaust denial. This might normally be welcome news across the aisle, except that the Conservatives already presented a nearly identical bill back in February.

At this point I’m not even mad. This entire country belongs in the satire section.

Kevin Waugh, the MP for Saskatoon–Grasswood, is now furious at the federal government, claiming they stole his idea in drafting their own legislation—except they made it worse.

I’m not sure it’s possible to be a bigger and more disgusting faggot than Kevin Waugh. I’m trying to think how it could be possible, but I’m at a loss. If I find out that he’s literally been raping small boys he will not be a single shred gayer than he already is.

Now, as Yom ha-Shoah approaches Thursday, the House of Commons finds itself in the unusual position of having to debate duelling bills targeting Holocaust denial.

I feel like we’ve reached some sort of Finklethink Singularity. This is it, the ultimate final form of Finklethink, where “your” side argues over whose lampshadocaust fact-checking criminalization bill is better. 

Waugh joins to lay out his argument—and afterwards, we’ll hear from Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks, who defends her party’s decision because she believes it will be approved faster.

I’m just baffled. And the youtube video is even titled “Conservative MP Kevin Waugh reacts to the Liberals ‘stealing’ his Holocause denial bill.'” See for yourself.

I said Kevin Waugh could not be gayer if he raped small boys, I mean, assuming he doesn’t already, but seeing him in motion is just…

Here you go.

I might have to transcribe that entire video, because it is the perfect combination of hilarious and absolutely infuriating.

My bill did not have money, although it had consequences on Holocaust Denial, you know, up to 2 years in prison. Where uh, the Liberals I don’t think have any penalty in uh, their bill.

I simply cannot say this enough what a disgusting little faggot Kevin Waugh is. He is like a parody of a conservative creep. And take a look at Ellin Bessner, the CIJN propagandist who is interviewing him, who looks like something out of Der Sturmer.

And I really can’t get over how assmad this faggot is that his bill is “being stolen.” 

You know and I know that the anti-semitism is certainly, the rise of it, is uh certainly prevalent during Covid. It always has been, but maybe more so during Covid.

Oh yeah, let’s take a look at all that Uppity Goyism…

I. Don’t. Ever. Want. To. Hear. Some. Faggots. Going. Off. About. The. Left. Ever. Again.

If you are a conservative, you’re just anti-White. Anyone who ever tells you to support conservatives, or republicans, is just anti-White, and they need to be relentlessly attacked as anti-White shills.

The UN dealt with this in January. And Canada is taking a leadership role.

Literally appealing to the UN as a positive thing.

This is the debate. The servatives make the bill far more punishing for the goyim. But the Liberals sneak the bill in on page 275, and argue that not making it explicit how privileged jews are is the better strategy, and the faster one.

Get excited for Fake Democracy, goy.

And I can’t stress enough how fake this “democracy,” is. The video linked got 21 views. Nobody is watching this stuff. And yet, despite not only Canadians not supporting this bill, but not even being aware of it, those Schlomos at the CJN will get the policy they want, and you will get nothing.

Or at least, until we do something about it.

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