In Part 1, I gave you the backstory behind Caylan Ford. To sum it all up, she was a rising star in the United Conservative Party, who got shitcanned by Jason Kenney of the United Conservative Party after she was attacked by PressProgress, the NDP and the CBC. Yes, Jason Kenney responded to an attack piece by not just “left-wing,” but outright partisan rags like Press Progress to remove a promising young White Candidate, throwing a competitive seat in the election. 

That was in early 2019. In late 2020 she filed a lawsuit against those that had wronged her. I’m going to be covering this both from a legal perspective, at least to the best extent I can, and a political perspective.

Caylan Ford:

A year and a half ago, I was on my way to winning a seat in the Alberta legislature. Today, thanks to a concerted campaign of defamation by the New Democratic Party and its allies, I am borderline unemployable.

In Alberta’s 2019 provincial election, I was one of the faces of my party. I was a young mother, a former advisor at the Canadian foreign ministry, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, and an Oxford-educated international human rights advocate. I was featured prominently in campaign ads and was described as part of the next generation of conservative leadership. Although I was running in a swing seat—my main opponent was the NDP’s then-justice minister—our polling showed that I was on track to win.

Young Mother Caylan Ford

It would be easy to say “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Caylan Ford isn’t really one of us. I do not have a masters degree in history, like Mrs. Ford. I am not an award-winning documentary filmmaker, nor do I think any documentaries I would be interested in making would win any awards, at least not from the awards crowd. I am not Oxford-educated, nor am I an “international human rights advocate.” I do not have an in with the United Conservative Party, or any other Kosh-Certified political party.

So why am I defending Caylan Ford? Well, in part because she serves as a lesson to any who think there is anything to be gained with “good optics,” or “infiltrating Kosh-Servative Party,” or any other cowardly idiocy promoted in many cases by outright grifters, or well-meaning dupes. Caylan Ford was targeted because she is a good-hearted White Woman, who would ultimately, when in the legislature, act how she felt best for the people of the province of Alberta. It was for this that she was viciously attacked by Jason Kenney and others.

Then, less than a month before election day, an NDP-affiliated website published an anonymous claim that I had “echoed white nationalist rhetoric” in a private conversation years earlier. Before I could respond, the NDP issued a press release demanding that I be removed from the ballot.

Less than a month before the election is actually a crucially important detail. In Canadian Federal elections, parties are not legally allowed to field a replacement candidate within thirty days of the election. So when they demand that a candidate drop out, they are explicitly throwing the seat. This actually isn’t true for this provincial election, but it’ll be more relevant when we move to the exact same thing being done to federal CPC candidates, like Heather Leung.

Prominent politicians and journalists didn’t hesitate before piling on. They denounced me as “vile” and “abhorrent,” and demanded that I confess and apologize for beliefs I have never held. They wrote that I had “promoted white supremacy,” made “hateful” social media posts, and had complained about supposed unfairness towards white supremacist terrorists. I hadn’t actually done any of these things, but the force and endless repetition of the accusations almost convinced me that I had.

Caylan shows the limitations of working within the system. Those who are promoted by the propagandists, will be destroyed by the propagandists. If the local media calls you on for an interview, I am not saying that you shouldn’t take it, because you have the opportunity to speak. As the purpose is to spread your message, there is nothing wrong with this.

But understands who writes their cheques. If it’s not you, then you should know that if their owners decide that you need to be slandered and destroyed, the dutiful mouthpieces will snap into line, and any personal relationship you might have once thought you had will be destroyed.

It’s what these people are paid to do.

A “trial by media” is a misnomer: it is not a search for truth or justice, and there is no semblance of due process. The crimes are never clearly defined. There is no presumption of innocence, no rules of evidence, no concern for fairness or proportionality. If a person is condemned on the basis of allegations that turn out to be false, incomplete, or misleading, there is no authority to whom they can appeal for redress.

Within four hours, my candidacy was over. The NDP would go on to win the seat. My life, meanwhile, was irrevocably changed.

Once again, this is the problem with “working within the system.” Said system can kick you out without a moments notice, by making up slander of you, and that’s that. As Striker says, lazy men do twice the work, and attacking and delegitimizing the media is simply necessary. The only real appropriate response to an attack by these propagandists is some variation on the following.

“Hey everyone, the people who lied us into Iraq and Afghanistan are lying about me again. You should take this VERY seriously. LMFAO.”

“And then they said that Epstein killed himself.”

Back to Caylan.

Friends faced pressure to denounce me, or else risk being judged guilty to association. Some who stood by me were harassed and accused of “supporting a white supremacist.” The one radio show that gave me a platform to defend myself faced a boycott campaign. Several journalists and editors told me that they knew narrative about me was false, but they were afraid to say anything, lest they be targeted too.

Of course, in many cases that’s an excuse given by those who support what’s being done to you, yet want plausible deniability. But even still, I feel for Caylan. After all, why did Caylan Ford get into politics? Do you think she ran for MP because she had no other employment opportunities? That’s absurd, she had a degree from Oxford and was an award-winning documentarian. Do you think she got in this because of some financial scheme, or run of the mill corruption? If that were true, she would have been a lot less naive, and a lot less trusting of the snakes around her.

Caylan Ford with Jason Kenney

Attacks by enemy propagandists should be framed as proof of your moral righteousness. And this is in fact simply correct, as many of those attacking you are in league with, or possibly the exact same people who lie us into wars, who cover up for the murders of organized crime, and how pass off the sterilization of children as “protecting the rights of trans kids.”

Think of David Frum’s smirking face before you respond to any attack from these people as genuine.

You simply cannot make change through existing political parties, as they are run by people who understand full well that their job is to prevent you from getting policy. Anyone who is genuine will be rooted out and made an example of, and these parties will happily lose seats in order to send a message.

Caylan doesn’t have the personality to go full nuclear on these cretins, but she did fight back in her own way.

I also believe in consequences and accountability.

I think there should be consequences for people who wield career- and potentially life-destroying accusations frivolously and dishonestly for their own advantage. There should be consequences for deepening ideological polarization, and for eroding our capacity for openness and honest dialogue.

I am sometimes asked what we can do to fight back against cancel culture. One answer is that we can each try to uphold human virtues—real virtues, not the performative ones. We can commit ourselves to seeking truth, and refuse to give in to anger or assent to lies. We can be courageous in the defence of our friends. We can be slow to judge, and generous and humble when we do.

We can also impose costs on those who use these tactics—not by playing their socially destructive game, subjecting them to retributive humiliation, or unleashing a mob against them—but by holding them accountable for their actions under the law.

That is what I’m doing by filing a $7-million defamation claim against the NDP, Press Progress, the CBC, the Toronto Star, and others. I am not asking for sympathy or looking for revenge: unlike my accusers, I am simply interested in the truth.

This is a mixed bag, without question. The Conservative Temperment is in full effect, but she did at least sue the people who defamed her. I could go without the “I’m above cancel culture,” nonsense, but the lawsuit itself intrigues me. 


CALGARY — A former UCP candidate in the 2019 provincial election has filed a $7 million defamation lawsuit against the NDP, along with several individuals and media companies.

Caylan Ford was a United Conservative Party (UCP) candidate in the riding of Calgary-Mountain View before dropping out of the race days into the campaign after private messages she had previously made on social media on the issue of race were released.

The amended lawsuit, filed Nov. 12, names a number of people and companies as defendants, including:

– Kiram A. Jivraj, an individual;

– The Broadbent Institute, which operates PressProgress;

– The New Democrats of Canada Association (NDP);

– Progress Alberta;

– Duncan Kinney, who published work on the Progress Alberta website;

– Avnish Nanda, an individual

– Luke LeBrun, whose work was published on PressProgress;

– Stephen Magusiak, whose work was published on PressProgress;

– Jeremy Nolais, who was chief of staff to then-premier Rachel Notley;

– Rakhi Pancholi, then the NDP MLA for Edmonton-Whitemud;

– David Khan, leader of the Alberta Liberal Party;

– Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC);

– Toronto Star Newspapers, and;

– Emma McIntosh, whose work was published by the Toronto Star.

Jason Kenney, Kiram Jivraj, Stephen Harper

The suit claims Jivraj made untruthful allegations about Ford a number of times, including in a March 3, 2018 text message and an Oct. 1, 2018 letter.

It also claims statements published on Oct. 13, 2018 and Dec. 13, 2018 by PressProgress were defamatory.

Other allegedly defamatory statements were published on social media and in blog posts by individuals named in the suit.

The suit also claims stories published by CBC and the Toronto Star were false and defamatory.

Ford is seeking $5 million for defamation and $2 million in punitive damages along with $150,000 from PressProgress, CBC and Jivraj for “intrusion upon Ford’s seclusion.”

The suit is also seeking $500,000 from Jivraj for “intentional infliction of mental suffering.”

None of the allegations have been proven in court and no statements of defence have been filed.

This is a clear and obvious example of how the Propaganda doesn’t simply misinform the reader, but in fact does not inform the reader whatsoever. There are some questions that any reader must have after reading this article. Was Caylan defamed? Did Jivraj “make untruthful allegations about Ford”? If so, what were they? Was Caylan Ford defamed by PressProgress? If so, what were the defamatory statements?

The lawsuit itself, which is theoretically public, contains the information. CTV lacks the desire, and possibly even the competence, to go out and look for the actual factual claims being made in this lawsuit. Claims as in “they say I said x, but I did not say x,” or “Clearly I was playing a devil’s advocate argument, and this statement, y, is clearly and maliciously taken out of context.” Those statements. The closest that I could find myself was something like this.

The above quote from her was her playing Devil’s Advocate, and explicitly so. I wish she was as based as that quote makes her out to be, but, sadly, she is not. More interesting to me is who the other people involved in this slander of Caylan are.

Broadbent Institute:

Canada’s leading progressive, independent organization championing change through the promotion of democracy, equality, and sustainability and the training of a new generation of leaders.

A casual glance at Wikipedia finds this organization to have been founded by Ed Broadbent, the former leader of the NDP from 1975 to 1989. Broadbent Institute is the owner of Press Progress. So, before we even get into any particular details of this case, Jason Kenney of the Kosher-Right, explicitly caved to a hit piece written by an organization created and funded by his “enemies.”

Of course, they aren’t really his enemies. You are his enemies. Or rather, you are his donors enemies, and he is their faithful servant.

I am amazed at how much I hate this creep.

As far as the actual Broadbent Institute goes, it’s almost like a Donor-Left organization stuck in the 80’s. In fact I find it outright quaint. On their website, you’ll find many policies that I almost agree with, and would argue are a step in the correct direction. Many perhaps was an overstatement, but here’s their “Wealth Tax,” policy:

Indeed, 75% of respondents favoured a tax of 1-2% on large fortunes, (44% strongly support and 31% support) including 69% of even Conservative voters. Today, only a handful of advanced economies levy an annual tax on wealth. Though inheritance taxes are still quite commonly levied on large fortunes being passed from one generation to another, the tax “burden” in most advanced economies has shifted from taxation of capital and the affluent to taxes on labour and ordinary working families over the past three decades or so.

I could write an article on just this one line, because it shows how utterly fake kosher-politics really is. Let me quote the important part again.

Indeed, 75% of respondents favoured a tax of 1-2% on large fortunes, (44% strongly support and 31% support) including 69% of even Conservative voters.

Great, so why do you guys always lose on that?

It can be easy for people fighting against child trannies and anti-Whiteness to forget that the Kosher-Left exists to lose on this issue, just like the Kosher-Right exists to lose on Racial/Social/Cultural issues. I take absolutely no issue with the above statement, other than that it simply does not go nearly far enough. The real purpose of this is to channel the violent hatred that normal everyday have for Jeff Bezos, into “support the NDP,” ensuring that their rage goes absolutely nowhere.

Remember, the kosher-left has a 0% win rate on fighting against War, Israel, and Corporate Power. The kosher-right has a 0% win rate fighting against anti-Whiteness, and pervertism. This is true, despite the fact that those are the only popular parts of their respective agendas. And of course, that’s not really a part of their agenda, getting out in front of the peasants and making sure you don’t get representation is their real agenda.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at this statement from their page on Income Inequality:

Concerns about cost of living, wages, and affordability have been an important part of Canada’s political discourse for many years. But we felt something was happening. Canadians seem to be more anxious about the future and their ability to maintain a standard of living they expect.

We also felt that many populist movements, both in Canada and abroad, have effectively tapped into this anxiousness and leveraged it for political gain often with a regressive, anti-immigration and anti-government tone.

Our objective is to offer progressives in Canada insight into the broader issue and how to offer a progressive solution to the growing affordability crisis.

The goal is transparent. Get out in front of an actual populist movement that focuses on how people are getting poorer and poorer as time goes on, and make it about faggot tranny immigrant garbage. Get anybody who is angry about this to vote for the NDP, and then never give them any real policy on economics. But do push child trannies and anti-White stuff of course. 

Cool, when are these people going to do a single thing to a single billionaire?

I would say that there are four reasons why we have a massive decline in living standards amongst young people. Migrants driving wages down, outsourcing, corporate consolidation (such as Amazon destroying small businesses), and an education system that does not teach young people anything of practical value. Those are the reasons, everything else is bullshit.

It’s also interesting the parallel here, where Kosh-Servatives attack the Kosher-Left as being “socialist.” They’re not, they’re corporate whores. Attacking them as “socialist,” gives them some legitimacy on economic issues, just like cuckservatives being attacked for being “racist trannyphobes,” gives them unearned credibility on social issues.

Progress Alberta’s site does not appear to be well updated. Their last update was from 2018, so this seems like a really low energy, dead Globo Homo Schlomo outfit. However, this Duncan Kinney guy. Well, I really don’t think I can describe this better than his self-given description.

Duncan Kinney has lived and worked in amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta) for the past nine years, was raised and went to school in Calgary, was in utero in Drayton Valley during the Lodgepole Blowout and his family’s Earthship is in Lethbridge County in southern Alberta.

Before Progress Alberta, Duncan worked in non-profit communications and in journalism. Duncan is a committed community volunteer and organizer, a dad to an amazing daughter and an enthusiastic walker of Bruce.

You can check out the rest of Duncan’s professional and educational background here.

TRULY A MAN OF THE PEOPLE, IF EVER THERE WAS ONE! Yes, this is the man who will take on Billionaires and bring the axe to the parasites in our bureaucracy. This is the man who will raise the wages of regular everyday people, and bring back hope to the future for others. This is the man who will destroy the usurers who have crippled us under Student Load Debt, and put their heads on sticks. This is it. This man. Him. A bugcreature with a soybeard who talks like a fucking weirdo and would get beaten to death by working class people if they knew the cops weren’t watching.

And he works at an NGO.

Next up we have Avnish Nanda. CTV of course doesn’t explain who he is, nor why he’s listed in this lawsuit. Caylan Ford doesn’t do much better. What we know is that he is “a litigator who practices law in Alberta and British Columbia,” at least according to his website. In case you don’t get the wrong idea, let me quote him for you:

Avnish was drawn to the law out of his interest and involvement in social justice activism, which he has continued through his legal practice. Avnish frequently acts for parties advancing civil liberties, human rights, and Indigenous self-determination. Outside of the law, Avnish serves on a number of non-profit and community boards, and works on a range of social justice and public interest causes.

Avnish Nanda

I’m going to blitz through the next few. Luke Lebrun is a partisan hack for Press Progress.

Luke Lebrun

Stephen Magusiak is more of the same, although he appears to be both more successful, and more of a bug creature. Sort of like the Canadian Michael Hayden, or whatever that loser that was interviewing Mike Enoch was named.

Stephen Magusiak

And yes, his twitter profile pic is him and his cat, presumably watching TV.

Then we have Jeremy Nolais, Chief of Staff to Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley.

Jeremy Nolais. A true chad.

Rakhi Pancholi, an NDP MLA from South Edmonton.

Rankhi Pancholi

The old leader of the Liberal Party of Alberta, David Khan. He stepped down on November 22nd, 2020, and into a “new opportunity in law.” Ah, lawyers, such good people.

David Khan, former Alberta Liberal Party Leader

And finally we have Emma McIntosh, a typical obedient mouthpiece who works for a few different organizations, such as the Toronto Star, and National Observer.

Quoting from her bio, found here:

“We’re seeing the effects of disinformation, on issues like the anti-vaccination campaigns to and the worsening of Islamophobia,” she said. “If we don’t want to see more of these impacts coming into our reality we have to start reporting on this like it was any other beat and aggressively go after disinformation when we see it.”

Okay, honey.

I wrote all of this out, not so much to inform you of the legal minutia, but to show you how “left wing,” these people are, as much as I hate that term. Remember, conservatives tolerate this.

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner

But if some “far-left,” organizations that are explicitly there to serve their supposed rivals makes up a slander of you, the Jason Kenney’s of the world will rub their hands together with glee and stab in the back with a knife. Because that’s their real job, simply to get out in front of White People’s response to, say, BLMers saying “whiteness isn’t humxness,” and make sure that goes nowhere. In the same way that the Broadbent Institute is purely trying to get out in front of people angry at declining economic conditions, and make sure that goes nowhere.

There is nothing genuine or organic about conservatism, let alone the specific conservative parties that we have here in Canada. 

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