I’m still waiting for little fag Andrew Anglin’s fed honeypot promoting site to get back online with some new domain. I need this, because I need some direct quotes from articles I don’t have access to right now. In the meantime, let’s take a look at this trashfire.

Credit to Jimmy Tarleton for this find.

I condemn Andrew Anglin’s despicable, foul-mouthed attacks against my family as morally evil. I demand a full apology including the demonstration of understanding of why he went after someone’s family and a commitment to not do it again.

I will no longer offer AA criticism in any venue, public or private. I own that I have provoked him some but he’s gone a bridge too far. I’ve said my piece and have no interest in an ongoing drama or vendetta or whatever.

For those who don’t know who Steve Franssen is, good for you. That’s a mark in your favour. Personally I only know him from seeing him briefly in various places I’ve been doing research on Fuentes. He’s basically an incredibly weird mid 40’s loser who washes Fuentes’ balls, and is part of the AF grift. 

How did he become a part of the Manlet Cult? Well he… washes Fuentes’ balls. I mean there really is not any more to it than that. I don’t have any video of the guy onhand, but he’s so embarrassing I’m half convinced he has a low grade mental illness.


Nevertheless, he managed to piss of the spiteful little loser Andy by saying that you should probably not beat your children. No really, that was it.

Well I wish him luck dealing with his unhinged tranny faggot children.

I can’t even imagine saying “don’t spank children.” This is really beyond the pale.

Not spanking children isn’t just something the guy who once tried to have sex with me disagrees with. No, it’s simply “beyond the pale.” As in, the childless, loveless, pushing 40’s incel can’t even imagine not slapping those sweet sweet toddler buttcheeks. That any father would refrain from using this method of punishment on their child is simply inexplicable.

And by the way, this is not me siding with Franssen here. I never thought much about spanking before these e-weirdos decided to infight over it. My position, having thought for 5 seconds, is that I’ll probably never spank my children, but you never know. I’ll also never be promoting garbage like this.

I guess I feel vindicated that the guy who shit-talks me and says I am an incel because I don’t have experience with women is promoting kook hippy lunacy, but I’m thinking this is not super great for the community.

I’m sorry, let’s take a look at his own article yet again.

“I’m thinking about getting an incel pride tattoo.” – Andrew Anglin

Also, little Andy makes it a big point of emphasis that he doesn’t get any pussy. He’s a self-admitted incel, but he takes offense at Franssen saying that he is an incel.

Imagine someone with young children taking that seriously and raising a brood of cocksuckers?

Apparently if you don’t spank your children, they will grow up to be cocksuckers. Luckily, Anglin’s children will never grow up to be cocksuckers, because he will never have any in the first place because he is a biological failure incapable of breeding.

I don’t feel like screencapping everything, but later on in the thread he says the following.

Literally everything I know about him is from people in this thread. I know that he talks shit about me and promotes feminism, and now that he condemns corporal punishment of children.

If someone doesn’t hit their kids, they are going to grow up to be twisted faggots. That is just a matter of fact. It’s in the Bible.

Saying “it’s wrong to hit your kids” is like saying “the Bible is wrong about homosexuality and really God just loves everyone.” Your issue is with God, not me. I didn’t come up with the idea – I just repeated what God said.

I’m pretty sure that the bible also tells us that the World is 6,000 years old. So maybe “some book written by jews told me to beat my children,” isn’t the foolproof argument that this e-boy wants us to believe it is. But even beyond that, I mean, this is Andrew Anglin we’re talking about. Does the bible approve of this?

I’m glad I pulled the ejection shoot on reading the DS after Weinsteingate. According to those who didn’t, the site devolved into this slimy fake Christian bullshit routine, where he’s even more of a weirdo sexpest pervert incel freak, but he cloakes himself in this highfalutin fake bible thumping language. It’s gross to read.

It is about breaking the rebellious spirit and teaching the child (or puppy) to submit to authority. If you don’t do this, the child will develop a God complex. This is 100% necessary with very small children. If you raised them right, by the time they’re getting into the 5-6 range, they should already submit to your authority and not need to be beaten. However, they may need beaten again during their teenage years – and much more severely, particularly if they are female sluts or pot-smoking boys.

I suspect that all of his rage at me is coming from the feminism thing, and probably the fact that his wife is getting ready to divorce him because he’s the kind of pussy who won’t even beat his kids.

Beat your kids for Jesus. It’s the only way.

Not him nor anyone else on the internet knows how many kids I do or don’t have, because I don’t use my private life as an internet shitshow, nor do I claim that something about my private life somehow makes me more capable of speaking on any issue.

No Andrew, we do know how many kids you have, and that number is zero. That’s because you’re an admitted incel who can’t get pussy. Maybe you should read the bible some more, because I’m pretty sure somewhere in there they explain that you actually need to put some p in some v if you want a baby.

I am all about the ideas. That’s all. And I am always happy to defend them to anyone.

For all the “debate me bro,” energy of the methed up manlet, he bitched out of a scheduled debate with Randbot of all people back in 2019 regarding the Jayoh smear. I’d debate the little queer pretty much any day of the week. This is a guy who lost a debate to Sargon. We could probably switch positions and I’d give him a good felting.

Claiming that your alleged successful marriage or alleged healthy children are an argument is just strange lunacy. What matters are facts, not claims of personal experience.

Don’t ever confuse what I’m about to say with some “how I left the bigotphobia of the alt-right,” type spiel. Having said that, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I ever read this fags site. And not just every once in a while, I read it every day and even posted on the forums way back when. It wasn’t so bad back up until 2020, but even in its heyday Anglin had this incel rage bubble up from time to time. Internet communities, especially with mass censorship from tech corporations, tend to be chock full of toxic individuals who are disinterested in real world action. 

As for what he just said , personal experiences are indeed facts. For example, if his son wasn’t beaten as a child, and grew up to be a drug addict antifa member, that’s just a fact. If the opposite happened, that would also be a fact. I feel a bit silly for even explaining this.

I will say this: if I ever was going to use my kids as an argument on the internet, I would just upload videos of me beating them into submissiveness to my authority.

I believe that if Anglin was ever given a small, defenseless child, that he would in fact find an excuse to beat them and upload that to the internet. Say what you want about the Hetero Lanklet crowd, referred to as “wignats,” by the Manlet Cult, but who would you rather have in charge of your children, these guys?

Or these guys?

There is a reason for this meme.

But don’t let me lowering my hand to slap Andrew Anglin’s face distract you from Steve Franssen being a total weirdo loser himself. 

That’s the thing about tard fights, they’re retards. I already feel like my life is being wasted even dunking on these fags. I hope that Anglin and his recently e-felted jew manager weevil get the site up and running again so I can finish writing about the Tanya Gersh case and be done with these e-boys once and for all.

Notice, they still had a search function. We’ll get to this in the next piece.

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