CTV Toronto:

Doug Ford has been re-elected as premier of Ontario with a majority government, CTV News declares.

Polls closed across the province at 9 p.m. on Thursday and shortly after CTV News declared the Progressive Conservative leader the winner of the 2022 election.

At Toronto Congress Centre in Etobicoke, Ford celebrated his second mandate to wild applause and shouts of “four more years.”

“Tonight’s victory, it isn’t about me, it isn’t about the party,” Ford told the crowd about an hour after the results poured in. “This victory belongs to every worker who knows that they deserve better. Every family knows that they can dream bigger.”

Doug Ford is a complete and utter shill, but he’s running against the same, so it doesn’t matter. In reality, the true story of this election was how little anyone cared. Here was a comment on the Daily Rake telegram channel from May 20th.

Ontario provincial election is on June 2nd
I’ve only seen 3 signs up around [Southern Ontario].

I didn’t want to give their exact location away, although it doesn’t matter.

In an affluent part of southern Ontario there are few election signs, few campaign volunteers
I think we’ll see record low voter turnout.

Well, let’s go and see how well that prediction held up.

Boy did that guy ever nail it. 

CTV Toronto:

While the Progressive Conservatives may have won a sweeping victory Thursday night, a large majority of Ontarians decided not to bother heading to the polls.

The province recorded the lowest voter turnout in history during the 2022 election, with just about 43.5 per cent of eligible voters casting a ballot according to preliminary Elections Ontario results.

Of the just over 10.7 million registered voters in the province, this equals just over 4.6 million votes cast.

That’s about 13.5 percentage points lower than the 2018 provincial election turnout.


Once again, congrats to that commenter. I don’t live in Ontario, but this mirrors what I’ve noticed myself. Normal people have checked out of politics, not because their lives are going well, but just the opposite. The more serious issues that people have, the less they want to tolerate these puppets bloviating about nothing.

According to the preliminary results, Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives won with just over 1.9 million votes, leading to 83 seats in the legislature.

The New Democratic Party, who formed Ontario’s Official Opposition Thursday night, held onto 23.7 per cent of the votes (31 seats) while the liberals gained a bit of ground with 23.6 per cent of the votes (eight seats).

The Green Party obtained about six per cent of votes, resulting in one seat in the legislature.

The complete and utter fraudulence of existing political parties benefits us in two ways. First, it means they have abandoned any serious issues that actually face people. This allows us to run on a more naturally popular message. Second, any political party we form needs to get just 10% of the population willing to vote for us, in order to become a serious contender. We need even less of the vote in order to exercise serious power politically.

Speaking to reporters in Etobicoke on Friday morning, Ford didn’t seem concerned by the low turnout, reittering[sic] that Ontarians made a strong choice on election day.

No privileged class that is this unpopular and parasitical can last forever. At least, not if we get our act together and fight them politically.

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  1. I’ve been reading through a collection of Goebbels speeches and articles and he talks extensively about what a joke the parties in parliament are, always promising shit and never delivering and how that has lead to an attitude amongst people that politics don’t matter.
    He observes that that attitude just allows the jews to control politics.
    We can see the effects of that as clearly today as he could in Germany in the 20s.

    Fortunately that strategy leaves us an opening to build parties that actually address the people.

    I’m reminded of Christopher Cantwell saying at length that the republican should vocally oppose trannies and it would be such a popular position that they could win every single race.
    Of course the Republican Party did the exact opposite of that, but that just goes to show that the opening is there for us to take popular issues and actually deliver on them.

  2. Another factor in the low voter turnout was the (deliberate?) failure by Elections Ontario to send voter cards out to a large number of voters. They only sent out a general leaflet with the election date, a month before the election. I didn’t receive a voter card with any details on where to vote, neither did several other tenants I spoke to in my Etobicoke highrise. Nobody knew where to go to vote, nobody cared enough to try to find out where to vote, and everyone knew the result of the election was a foregone conclusion thanks to lamestream media propaganda “polls”, so they didn’t bother voting.

    Here’s an article from Democracy Watch that explains in part why Dough’s win was a foregone conclusion:
    With all that money from his wealthy friends, no wonder Ford could afford to carpet bomb voters with an endless stream of attack ads against the other parties.

    A full list of Ford’s unethical actions since 2018:

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