I am amazed at how beyond repulsive everybody in this story is. First, we have some guy called The Fascifist. He’s an Indian guy with a Dutch wife, who goes on about being fascist or something. Here’s what he looks like.

His telegram channel, which you can find here, paints him as some sort of weird semi-third positionist doofus. Most of it is just this incredibly tedious navel gazing about random stuff that has nothing to do with anything. As one of many examples, here’s a random post of his from yesterday.

I had to pick this one because it was one of the shortest. A brief scroll up shows him going on a multiple screen rant about “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.” It’s tedious stuff, and mostly unobjectionable, but occasionally he does put up some vaguely anti-White stuff.

I don’t appreciate this kind of content. Nor do I appreciate this kind of retarded cuckservative posting.

Since you can’t click on those images, it’s literally just “hur durr, natzees against capitalism, marxists (pretend) against capitalism, horseshoe theory.” I have no idea how this guy amassed a follower count of 3k, but I’m happy I never heard of him before.

His channel is also pro-Putin to a retarded degree from what I could tell, which made another channel, the Eternal Muscovite, eternally assblasted. That channel is anti-Russian, also to a retarded degree, and are posting content like this.

Right, because Western Cities are so nice and pleasant and White.

Anyway, I said this was a tardfight, and I wasn’t lying. They found a few anti-White posts by The Fascifist. Apparently he was being attacked by Hindu Waffen, who are actual Hindus, as well as these guys, and responded as follows. 

So they decided to dox him and his wife’s place of work.

Not content with this one post, they followed up on this.

And this got the attention of the AZOV fangirls.

I received news of this at the same time I was told of Raging Dissident trooning out. At the time I thought the two things might be tangentially related, and we were in for some e-tard epic battle. Unfortunately these are totally separate incidents. The only common denominator is internet stupidity.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will anyway. Fascifist is an annoying retarded fascist LARPer. But we don’t ever report people to antifa. 

Lot of tards on the interwebs.

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  1. [quote]Right, because Western Cities are so nice and pleasant and White.[/quote]

    Sorry, bro, but this is typical ignoratio elenchi.

    As far as I can see, this particular meme says nothing about Western cities being safe. However, trolling of the idealization of Russia by Western White nationalists was quite accurate.

    Even RT themselve denounces pro-Putin Westerners trying to frame him as a White Christian Savior https://www.rt.com/op-ed/416804-anti-semitic-russian-insider/

    Just sayin’

  2. I get that you’re just posting screencaps of other people’s posts, but in my opinion it’s bad form to be posting someone’s dox anywhere. You should consider censoring your screenshots. Don’t host the info on someone else’s behalf.

    1. Doxxing an anti-white nonwhite is a public service.

    2. Yeah, there’s something to be said for this. I think this story has largely passed anyway, but I should have censored this.

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