The video Jordan Peterson made to take a firm stance against “woke moralists” and Twitter has become a viral meme in itself.

The Canadian psychologist was suspended from Twitter recently for a tweet he posted about actor Elliot Page, in which Peterson deadnamed Page. Soon after, he posted a passionate video reply on his Instagram and YouTube channel where he said he’d “rather die” than delete the tweet to get himself back on the platform.

I managed to get my hands on the video of Jordan Peterson’s ritual humiliation of himself. It’s five seconds long and incredibly embarrassing. 

Up yours Woke Moralists! We’ll see who cancels who!

Well Juden, it’s probably them who will be canceling you, since this all stems from them holocausting your account because you talked back to a tranny.

Except that actually his account never got oven’d in the first place. He just made a big deal out of his very first censorship on twatter, a site where everyone semi-interesting had been holocausted years ago. So he’s not even being “cancelled.” He’d like to be, but he isn’t. This is a gatekeeper so pathetic that he can’t even get himself cancelled when he tries.

The Twitter user @BradenIsBased appears to have been the first person to cut out the short clip and share it. After two days it has had over 5.9 million views and more than 142,000 likes. @BradenIsBased wrote in all caps: “I can’t breathe this is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard,” alongside the video.

Thousands of people retweeted it too, with some adding their own spin on it.

“He really does sound like it Kermit the Frog got radicalized by divorce court,” @BradenIsBased wrote, which seemed to inspire many others. @Uncle_authority overlayed the audio of Peterson onto a video of Kermit talking, which gained over 100,000 views.

Journalist Taylor Lorenz also reshared the video, adding the caption: “After posting for the 40th time about keeping the thermostat at 87 degrees.”

The Hill Reporter Zack Budryk also found the humor in the video. “This is the exact energy of a kid who tries to use an anime attack on a bully,” he wrote.

The faux situations kept on rolling in, using the same video clip. “Me after people find out I microwave my milk before I put it on my cereal,” wrote @GrantOB and “Me when the IKEA employee tells me “Ma’am, the toilet is for display purpose only” wrote @LilithLovett.

Taylor Lorenz and that hill propagandist are some of the shittiest people in existence, and yet they’re dunking on Peterson. And they’re not doing an “I’m not mad you’re mad,” they’re actually just laughing at the guy. Because this is Peterson’s response to mass censorship on behalf of misanthropic perverts carried out by trillion dollar multinationals. “Up yours Woke Moralists! We’ll see who cancels who,” might as well be printed on a shirt as the perfect encapsulation of the deliberate impotence of koshervatism.

After my last article someone sent me this parody video of our favourite Kermit the Frog impersonator. It’s good stuff, and gave me the impetus to turn the collection of Peterson videos I had into one long Petersonian Extravaganza.

Jordan Peterson is the worst advocate you could possibly have. But that’s because Peterson isn’t really your advocate. His job is simply to get in front of Whitey on racial issues, or normies on social issues, and make sure that you get nothing.

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  1. And now he’s working for Daily Wire+ and pumping out terrible content. Truly terrible content. One of his more recent videos is “Message to Muslims” which just berates the audience as secret monsters. He states “It time for those of you in the Muslim world to stop fighting amongst yourselves, you Shiite’s and Sunni’s, and also time to stop regarding the Christians, and even more SPECIFICALLY, the Jews, as your enemies.” I’m sure Ben Shapiro gave him a nice pat on the head for that one. He further states “If you think the true enemy is in someone elses heart, then you haven’t thought nearly long enough about the darkness within.”

    Interestingly, and very much on topic, Peterson reveals some pertinant information regarding both his ban and his merger with Daily Wire+. At 2:52, Peterson says “I was just banned from Twitter, syncronistically so to speak, the same day I partnered with the Daily Wire.”
    Dare I get conspiratorial, but I suspect that the timing of Petersons ban and his partnership with the Daily Wire were not a coincidence. It sounds deliberate, almost as if his ban was planned to give Peterson publicity, and some legitimacy, as he launches his new Conservative Religious grift with Shapiro.

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